Ryan Tannehill hasn’t sparked surge of ticket sales yet


Dolphins fans have been waiting for a franchise quarterback since the day Dan Marino retired.

But just because the team’s ordained first-round pick Ryan Tannehill the starter, doesn’t mean that the fan base is head-over-heels yet.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that ticket sales are “steady” but have seen “no appreciable surge,” since Tannehill was named starter.

Perhaps, after years of A.J. Feeleys, Joey Harringtons and Cleo Lemons, Dolphins fans are a jaded bunch, and have no faith in their front office finding a savior for them.

So as much as Tannehill improving on the field tonight against the Falcons is important to his development, it could also help them at the box office.

“A 70-yard bomb on the first series would be nice,” one team source told Salguero.

No pressure, kid.

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  1. Well also consider how impossibly uncomfortable it is to watch a game in Sun Life Stadium. With DirecTV HD NFL packages and 3D TVs and cheaper beer and burgers at home, why wouldn’t you want to stay at home?

    The Dolphin fans love Tannehill and have a lot of faith in him to help resurrect the franchise, but the stadium atmosphere is curtailing the season ticket sales more than anything else.

  2. Total bust. Terrible throwing motion. Too low. Every other throw gets batted down at the line. Miami is better off digging up Ray Lucas.

  3. Put a picture of his wife in a bikini on every ticket and i’d guarantee you they’d sell a lot more tickets. I’d even buy one and i’m
    a niners fan from California with no intentions of attending a game in Miami.

  4. He hasn’t done anything yet. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just that he has yet to stir up the fans.
    We had this in Chad Henne. He had the size, arm strength, and smarts…Well that failed.
    I think us Fin fans want to see something first.
    With winning comes ticket sales.

  5. 3 of the best college QBs to play the game are Bradford, Tebow, and McCoy. There is no argument there they are proven winners at the college level. What makes everyone think that a Ryan Tannehill or Branden Weeden are going to miraculously just be good at the NFL level when these other 3 guys are yet to establish themselves? Cam Newton wasn’t suprising with his skill set but we are talking about QBs that aren’t even close to that caliber of talent. Why put the worlds pressure on them?

  6. Ireland picked him so most people assume he’ll be a bust…..

    No one hates Ireland more than me, but I think he got it right with Tannehill.

  7. 3 of the best college QBs to play the game are Bradford, Tebow, and McCoy. There is no argument there they are proven winners at the college level…………..ETC,,,,,,,,,
    Nothing any one else has ever done (or not done) has any bearing whatsoever on what Tannehill will or will not do.

  8. It is way easier to sell Luck or Griffin tickets. Did Tannehill wow you at all in the last college season? Luck made Stanford relevant and Griffin was exciting. Did you even think about A&M before the draft last year?

  9. I laugh when I hear people label Thill a bust but thats another topic for another discussion board. The problem is that old terrible stadium. Sitting in those seats is like sitting in a car with no A/C and the windows can not go down and its 1pm….it is dangerously hot and those sodas seem to be getting more expensive. The only people who have home field advantage at that stadium is the concession stands and their expensive drinks. The seats are farther away from the field than any other stadium in the league and if your over 5’7, forget about it…..just leave your legs at home because they wont fit in that tight little space of a seat they give you. Two years ago Ross asked Goddell to have some games moved to 4pm to help fans with the heat, Goddell’s response was “no”. Renovate that stadium and you might have something.

  10. @ whatchutalkinabouthillis

    Colts aren’t exactly blazing a trail when it comes to ticket sales either. One of the reasons the Skins went after RGIII is his marketability to sell items (subway, adidas, gatorade). Luck on the other hand can only be seen at Colts events. No knock on Luck though, he seems great thus far. Most teams are battling tv not the fans and their wallets.

  11. Having attended a game on a beautiful crisp, clear and comfortable day in December I found the temp and humidity in the stadium to be almost unbearable compared to the climate outside of it. There is no way for a breeze to enter and clear the air. A redesign would not be a bad idea. Winning would also help.

  12. Fin fans in So. Fla are not representative of the rest of us fans in the country…..we have money and would LOVE to attend home games….look at the support the team gets on the road…there’s more passion for our team in other cities…..I will fly from Vegas to the Dec. 16th game to celebrate the Perfect Teams anniversary….who cares if the locals stay home…Go Finz!!

  13. Its not just the QB position that gets fans down, the Miami Dolphins loves to tease their fans by showing promise and potential and right when they have the fans excited about the near future they pull the rug right out under our feet. That has been going on since 1999. Maybe my team was not Y2K compliant or something, who knows.

  14. Ha! Dolphins fans are now blaming the stadium for low ticket sales because people would rather eat/drink cheaper at home, lol. Nice try. Man up. Your team sucks, that’s why people aren’t going.

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