Ryan Tannehill struggling in Miami


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is starting his second consecutive preseason game tonight, and for the second consecutive week he’s failed to complete 50 percent of his passes.

At halftime, Tannehill has completed 11 of 25 passes for 112 yards, with no touchdowns, one interception, one fumble and a passer rating of 40.8. Tannehill’s best play was a 15-yard run.

Tannehill’s accuracy has been a problem, although he hasn’t had a lot of help, either from his offensive line or from his receivers. Davone Bess has been solid, with four catches for 59 yards, but Tannehill hasn’t had many open wide receivers other than Bess, and tight end Anthony Fasano has dropped three passes.

The Falcons, who lead 9-3 at halftime, have gotten more going in their passing game, with Matt Ryan completing 12 of 18 passes for 162 yards, and Julio Jones catching four passes for 90 yards. Tannehill may be looking at Jones and wondering why he doesn’t have any receivers with that kind of talent.

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  1. When Fasano dropped that sure TD pass I thought Brandon Marshall had found his way back onto the field.

  2. Well I cant watch the game, but from what I have read on the phinsider website there have been a lot of dropped passes. And you say Fasano has dropped 3 passes. So it sounds more like a reciever problem than a Tannehill problem to me

  3. Tannehill isn’t ready to start. I hope he does well but this is going to be a real painful season for the Dolphins offense.

  4. Matt Moore. For crying out loud, the team loves him and he actually lead Miami to some wins last season. Give him the chance to start. Just because he isn’t as high a draft pick, doesn’t mean he isn’t starter quality. He is. If for no other reason, than because the team trusts in him.

  5. I don’t thing the phines should rush him out there just yet, at least give him a year to learn. I don’t know why teams try rushing a rookie QB in the the game when its clearly that they have a long way to go to improve. If tannehill is gonna be your future, let him learn the right way from a veteran first.

  6. Philbin must be waiting until the regular season to use Bush at WR more so teams wouldn’t know what to expect and how to defend it and not get him unnecessarily banged up too early. That would explain Tannehill’s struggles a bit because Bush would draw a lot of attention from defenders and open the passing game for the other WR’s. I think a ’95 Eric Metcalf type season is in the works for him.

  7. Matt Moore is pretty much the gold standard in QB’s you use while your highly-drafted rookie does a year of pine-time. He was born to play the part. He is perfectly adequate and can fill the job on an interim basis, plus he will likely “go south” right around the time throwing Tannehill in there would maximize fan interest. Starting Moore to begin the season is basically a no-brainer.

    So naturally the Dolphins will choose to do the complete opposite. Just like when they drafted a “Wildcat” QB in the second round, right before they stopped using the formation regularly. Or when they spent the 9th pick in the draft on a punt returner. Or when they broke the bank to acquire AJ Feeley when they already had bad QB’s on the roster. Starting Tannehill now is just stupid. In all likelihood he’ll be awful, he’ll end up being run out of town then will end up salvaging his career with a well-run franchise that will beat Miami regularly.

  8. Paging Ocho Cinco, paging Ocho Cinco and to think these guys passed on Braylon Edwards, he definately has more talent than those pass-catchers they have masquerading over there.

  9. let’s see….no receivers and the left side of the O line is as bad as there is in nfl. and tanneyhill is the starter? poor decision by the rookie coach. this may come back to haunt him…

  10. Tannehill is a rookie and is doing fine. His reads are good and his decisions are quick and correct. His accuracy could be a bit better but he isnt missing that much. The running game looks good. The defense has played very well. There have been a bunch of drops on routine balls. Some were bad concentration and some were more like timing issues (ball gets there quicker than expected. RT #s should be better.

  11. Tannehill’s passes were off. While they were catchable only Fasanos hit him right in the hands…twice. Bess just adjusted and caught some bad balls.

  12. “They didnt really give Moore a good look. He is a good player…let Tannehill sit and learn for a year.”

    Tannehill is dealing with receivers who can’t separate from a snail, let alone an NFL defensive back.

    The Dolphins WR corps is the worst I can remember in a long time. They really, really need to make a move for a legitimate target for him.

  13. RT is fine. Some of it is chemistry but these guys need to catch the ball. They are even dropping Moore’s passes. It has been a huge topic of which Wr Miami should keep. To me it does not matter who they keep. Hell, they could cut them all outside of Bess. Though I would give Gates starting snaps next week. He did a nice job of breaking up an INT and he also did have a nice 17 yard grab.

  14. Just one day closer to Jeff Ireland getting fired.

    Three games now and not only has not one running back, tight end or receiver shown anything whatsoever, I defy anyone to find enough of them worthy of keeping on an NFL roster.

    This team is absolute garbage. I can’t believe Ross is this stupid or stubborn. His blind faith loyalty to Ireland is not justified and it continues to keep this team in the sewer.

  15. I told you he can’t play. Don’t worry though Fin Fans. We’ll be seasoning and preparing Kirk Cousins for you and you guys can have him in two years, of course by giving us several high draft picks.

  16. People saying he can’t play or is going to be a bust are clueless. The only reason he’s starting is he’s been way ahead of where they expected him to be, and he hasn’t let anyone down with his performance so far. It’s the rest of the offense that’s been horrendous.

  17. Dont blame the rookie quarterback when his offensive line, wide receivers and tight ends dont help him do his job properly. How can the quarterback throw the ball or run from the rush when o-line doesnt block and the wide receivers and tight end are constantly dropping balls.

  18. GM Jeff Ireland calls the Dolphin receivers a group of 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 6’s. Well Jeff is the one who recruited or brought most of the current group of receivers to Miami.

  19. I hope we start Moore. Tanny could be great but he needs a lil time. Moore is in a contract year, it’s motivation to play well (and for the staff not to start him) and land somewhere that needs him next year. Crazy I know but the wolves appear hungry and he looks a bit like a deer in their headlights.

  20. Tannehill is doing fine all things considered. Our receivers are HORRIBLE. Our best receiver is Bess, and he’s a career #3, a slot receiver. Our OL will be excellent in time, but right now, the right side is a turnstile.

    To say Tannehill is struggling is loaded.

  21. Moore got beat. That’s plain and simple. He did even worse than Tannehill against the Falcons 2nd and 3rd string. Moore is going to get traded.

  22. Starting Tannehill makes sense. He doesn’t look mentally over-matched.

    Starting Moore WOULD make the team better. They might even go 8-8. Big deal.

    Let RT take his lumps, and use that early first rounder for a go-to receiver.

  23. its not all Ryan’s fault. most of his passes are on target and he actually looks comfortable in the pocket, even when it breaks down. the problem are all of the dropped passes. Roberto Wallace alone is enough to kill the kids confidence. itd be nice to start THill all season but its only going to kill his head. let moore play, let ryan learn. next year hopefully they can use their 1st rounder on a real #1 receiver.

  24. I was one of the main people saying Thill should sit behind a veteran for a year or so, only problem is where is the veteran he is supposed to sit behind. Thill has better foot-work than Matt Moore for crying out loud. Moore might be liked by his teammates but his physical skills will not allow him to be a starting caliber QB. If Naanee somehow makes this team it will be one of the greatest mysteries to me. I dont think Naanee has one catch all pre-season. He is the 2012 version of Ernest Wilford. A few weeks ago Louis Murphy was available and we made no attempt to try and get him, he is better than anything we have now. Rishard Matthews could do with some first team reps.

  25. Correct Headline for this Article should be:

    Ryan Tannehill’s RECEIVERS Struggling in Miami****

    get it together PFT!!!!!!!

  26. I love how everyone wants to blame it on Tannehill so they can say they were right when they called him a bust. If he had another receiver besides Bess he would have completed over 50% of his passes and had a touchdown. I kind of wish they would keep the young receivers and let them grow together. Even though Fuller was undrafted he has some chemistry with Tannehill already and would probably make him more comfortable then Naanee.

  27. Tannehill is not a bust… he will most likely work out to some extent…

    Both Moore and Tannehill have struggled with the first string O because both the WRs and especially the O line are putting in 32nd place performances.

    but that said, given the same handicaps in game with the first string, Moore looked much more confident and played better…

    apples to apples, Moore should start because Tannehill isn’t quite ready…

    either Moore turns the season into something or not, but either way you don’t chew up your top draft pick behind paper thin pass protection while he’s getting ready to actually lead. Hell, MARINO didn’t start til game 6.

    dumb move Philbin.

  28. I disagree with Moore playing better but I would kind of like to see Tannehill sit for the first few games just for a confidence thing if nothing else. That way when the team struggles with Moore and Tannehill relieves him and the team still struggles he doesn’t have any thoughts about it being his ability. That might give the o-line time to gel a little bit and play better also so Tannehill wouldn’t get beat up so much.

  29. To bad Miami let Matt Moore play at all last season-

    Maybe I’m a jerk for saying this but, I’d rather have Andrew Luck versus the 6 wins Miami got last year.

    I get it! I understand that there is something to being professional, but being serious I would have MADE it clear we are getting the #1 pick last April.

    A lifelong Dolphins fan –

  30. azheat… I get ya, but there was nobody who was gonna beat Indy at suck for Luck to scam the draft!!

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