Titans’ coaches rip replacement refs


Add the coaching staff of the Tennessee Titans to the list of those who think the NFL’s replacement officials are in over their heads.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Titans’ staff grew increasingly frustrated with the referee as Thursday night’s preseason game went on. The ref in the Titans-Cardinals game gave jersey numbers of players who weren’t even on the field three different times when announcing penalties on the Titans.

Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray yelled at an official on the sideline and referred to the refs as “The Three Stooges.” Titans coach Mike Munchak was slightly more diplomatic.

“There were a few things,’’ Munchak said. “I think they just got a little sloppy at the end. It seemed like nothing was called most of the game and then all of a sudden there’s a lot of calls. At the end of the game there was a little confusion on was the last ball complete or incomplete. It’s things like that that were frustrating.

Perhaps the worst issue of all was that Titans linebacker Kevin Malast was punched in the groin in front of an official, and no penalty was called. If something needs to spur the players to encourage the owners and the referees to get back to the bargaining table, perhaps uncalled punches to the groin are the thing to do the trick.

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  1. The thing that’s bothering me the most is not the missed judgement calls, it is the lack of understanding of the basic rules of game administration, which is something the regular officials do NOT typically get wrong.

    Last night in the Titans game, the refs called 12 men on the field on the defense and holding on the offense as “off-setting” fouls. There is no football league in the world where this is true.

    12 men on the field negates anything that happens after. Technically, once the ball is snapped with 12 men on the field, nothing else that happens matters. That penalty is the only one that should have been called.

    I expected these guys to miss calls based upon the speed of the game, etc. I did NOT expect them to come in and not know the rule book.

  2. That’s funny because the Titans got the benefit of a non call on Nate Washington’s touchdown catch. The Titans used a pick play on the DB defending Washington, leaving him wide open for the TD.

  3. I like the new officials. It adds spice to the game. It gets in the players/coaches heads a little.

  4. On one hand the Titans just made friends with the old refs if they come back.

    On the other hand the Titans just made enemies with the new refs if the old refs don’t come back.

    Refs are just like anybody else….they remember and hold grudges.

  5. My favorite: offensive penalty for a chop block, called on #37 (and some other OL number I couldn’t hear at the stadium). #37 is Tommie Campbell. Defensive back

    Even though the regular refs do get numbers wrong now and then, they do a MUCH better job realizing it and correcting themselves more often than not.

    With these guys, you just sit there going “who the heck was the penalty really on?”

  6. The one thing that’s bothering me about all of this “replacement ref’s” thing – why are the coaches allowed to comment negatively on these referees, and not the “professionals”?

  7. I’ve watched all the pre-season games via NFL.com and my opinion is that the replacement officials are REALLY bad. REALLY bad.

    For the ref to call the number of a player who wasn’t on the field three different times in one game is laughable. For the owners to say they see no difference is a bald faced lie.

  8. I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of years but it sounds more important now than ever.
    Why not give each team 1 more challenge per game and allow them to challenge penalties called or not called of 15 yards or more? It seems only fair that if the refs can decide games and there are replays of them, why not let the coaches throw a red flag and let the booth decide.

  9. If you’re an actual competitor and believe you are better than your opponent as all competitors should, then you don’t want to see bad officiating because it may end up costing you. If you’re a loser and think you need bad calls to win then I guess you’d be hoping for them.

  10. Brilliant job by the NFL!! They picked the biggest pack of bozos around to officiate these pre-season games so that the coaches and players would break all rules when it comes to commenting on officiating. The NFL will have more than enough money in fines to meet the real officals demands thus not having to take it from the owners’ pockets, and everybody will live happily ever after.

  11. Let’s not forget – the regular officials make a ton of mistakes to. However, every mistake made by replacement officials is amplified due to their situation. Though not optimal, I don’t think the situation is as dire as it is made out to be.

  12. I can’t wait for someone to get hurt and sue the NFL hard for imperiling their safety with these substandard officials. Love it.

  13. Charles Woodson threw a punch to the midsection of a Saint during the season last year and remained in the game while others are ejected for the same thing. Inconsitency isn’t new to the replacement refs.

  14. @reality…12 men on the field is a call that can be declined. Unlike “unabated to the QB” or illegal procedure which are penalties that stop play immediately. If the offense throws a TD pass against 12 men, they can accept the TD and decline the penalty. I’m not saying that the replacement refs are worth a crap, but that call was administered correctly.

  15. Nope. It can be declined, but it can’t be offset by another penalty. The referee sitting in the booth (I forget who it was) said it immediately.

  16. I saw one spot which was replayed upstairs (not this game) where they placed the ball on the 1 yard line. That was where the runner’s knee touched. The ball however was about 2 inches from the goal line at the time. That should have been where the ball was placed as the rule states that placement should be where the ball is when the knee (or other body part) hits.

    That small thing can cost a team a game because moving the ball 2 inches versus 3 ft at the goal is huge!

  17. Hello??? The league and owners will continually say the replacement officals are doing a great job because they got the snot beat out of them by the players union the last time at the bargaining table…. they are NOW gonna stick it to the REAL refs… Watch and see…

  18. Many spots were horrible. On the play when Kolb’s pass was deflected into the hands of his offensive lineman, the lineman went down almost a full yard short of the first down marker, yet they marked it wrong and they wound up getting the first down.

  19. Yes because the regular refs NEVER called the wrong number before or made any other mistakes. I hope that when/if they are back someone is calling them out and blowing up every mistake they make, and they will make tons of them.

  20. It’s too bad that the NFL can’t permanently fire the part-timers. That would make the best college and semi-pro referees in the land available for hire on a full-time basis. They’d ALL be better and in better shape than the part-time bozos who are refusing to sign the NFL’s overly generous offer.

  21. This is ridiculous. I have waited for the NFL season to begin and this is what I get. Roger Godell (sp) is a egomaniac, has wayyyyyyy too much power and is ruining the game. INMO…

  22. Goodell only has as much power as the owners (who pay his salary) and the collective bargaining agreement give him. He is the frontman, but the owners are pulling the strings.

    It’s the owners who have locked out the officials, and it’s the owners who will decide when the lockout ends and they get a deal to their liking.

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