Whisenhunt not ready to name a starter


With the third preseason game completed, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt could make a decision regarding a starting quarterback.

But he’s not ready to.

Per the Associated Press, Whisenhunt said Friday that he’ll consider the question over the weekend.

I’m sure I’ll get asked that question again,” Whisenhunt said. “The next time I think maybe I’ll have a little more information.”

Whisenhunt apparently plans to study the quarterbacks in practice, and possibly to play one or both of them in the preseason finale.

“We’ve still got some practice days left,” Whisenhunt said.  “Since we’re not game planning, we’ve still got an opportunity to do some competitive practices with our defense so you get a chance to assess their play.”

Part of the problem, regardless of whether the quarterback is Kevin Kolb or John Skelton or Kurt Warner or Jim Hart is that the offensive line hasn’t been performing well.  And this likely means that, whoever wins the quarterback job eventually will lose it.

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  1. Bartel hasn’t been getting much of a shot. He hasn’t even played in their last two preseason games. Have to figure that third QB battle is slanted in Lindley’s favor, even though Bartel is actually the best QB on that whole roster. Head scratcher.

  2. He either:

    1. Is trying to convince himself that McNabb can’t be any worse than these two

    2. Trying to invent an offense that is all run yet can work with his swiss cheese offensive line


    3. Is wondering if Neil Lomax’s back is healthy now.

    Seriously. At this rate their best bet is almost to trade Fitzgerald for two quality O-lineman (get Jake Long from Miami?) and see if a competent line makes a difference before even thinking about another QB. The only guy who’s been ridiculous behind a crappy line was Barry Sanders, and he was supposed to run away from the defenders all the time. Not a good recipe for success for a QB, whether he’s a HOF’er or not. Kolb at least started to look workable in the last game, he had two picks but came right back and led at least one (two?) scoring drives. A short memory for a QB isn’t a bad thing. Maybe he does better if they get a line that can actually block somebody. Holy crap, might even help the run game too.

  3. Checked out Kolb against the Raiders because of the reported post-game smack. The offensive line play while he was on the field was horrible. Twice the pocket collapsed on him in less than two seconds. Warner in his prime couldn’t have made a read and gotten rid of the ball under that pressure. Skelton had a better performance, but the Raiders weren’t bringing the same rush.

    Love Whis, and wish him the best of luck making this decision. He definitely has some problems on that offense.

  4. Has there ever been a multi team trade in the NFL?

    How about this… (baseline, picks and other to be tweeked)

    Dwight Freeney from Indy to Cleveland
    Colt McCoy from from Cleveland to Arizona
    Patrick Peterson from Arizona to Indy

  5. “Whisenhunt not ready to name a starter,” mainly because he does not have a starter on the roster.

    Other than stumbling onto a resurrected Kurt Warner, I cannot believe the misses this franchise has inflicted on itself at the QB position in the last five years. And now as the coup de grace, it appears that Nick Foles – whom they passed on after playing in their backyard – is better than anyone they’ve got.

  6. Bidwell should take half of Kevin Kolbs contract out of whiz’s rear end!! to give him that kind of money along with trading DRC and dont forget drafting Floyd instead of an Olineman should of earned Kenneth a ticket out of town!!! AZ should retire Warners jersey because he is the only thing keeping the Cardinals from being FOREVER LOSERS!!!!!

    ps… its a darn shame Fitz is stuck there

  7. raiderinva says:Aug 24, 2012 11:28 PM

    Has there ever been a multi team trade in the NFL?


    There was this Herschel Walker guy…

  8. What good is having a Hof WR when you dont have a decent qb. What good is having a decent qb if you dont have a good oline? Gotta give props to Fitgerald for how he has handled this. Imagine if it was TO…or any other diva receiver. It is hard to believe that the two best wide receivers in the game today are two of the classiest individuals in the NFL.

  9. I know Kolb and Skelton look terrible, but more needs to be said about that o-line. They are horrible.

  10. Call up jeff blake,ya hes old but i always thought he never got a fair chance and yes im kidding…about signing him.

  11. Kevin Kolb’s has play has made it look as though the Dolphins got a good deal in the AJ Feeley trade. We all realize that the Cardinals have historically had some QB issues as a franchise. They are probably the only team ever to spend a first round choice on a QB who was literally half-blind. What’s truly sad is that it appears as if the 58 year-old Steve Pisarkiewicz might possibly be as good as anything they currently have on the roster.

  12. I think they’re calling in Joe Namath, Ken Stabler, Len Dawson and Terry Bradshaw for tryouts. They may be the best veterans available at this point.

  13. If the coaches in Arizona were smart, they would tailor their offense to fit the strengths of their team. With these QB’s, your going to have to adopt a Philadelphia type offense and make the screen a huge part of your offense. Blame the coaches too, they are performing just as bad as the Quarterbacks.

  14. @raiderinva; So in your trade, Arizona gives up Patrick Peterson and receives Colt McCoy? That is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen on here!

  15. @contract …

    I like Dixon, but he has trouble learning the playbook. That’s why the Steelers’ are staying with a backup who’s 37.

  16. It appears that Whisenhunt will CONFIRM Kolb as the starter. Kolb has been the starter all along. He never LOST his job last year — he was never BENCHED. He was INJURED. Since Whiz keeps saying that Skelton has not proven to be better than Kolb this preseason (I guess Skelton’s winning ways last year don’t count), then Kolb will REMAIN the Cards’ starting QB.

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