Add Kevin Smith to the Lions injury parade


The Lions trainers are going to be ready for the preseason, although the team would probably prefer they had a lighter workload in the preseason.

Running back Kevin Smith hobbled off the field three plays into the second half. It appeared to be a right ankle injury for Smith, who has been no stranger to the injury report during his professional career. Perhaps that’s why Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press caught him punching the bench when he returned to the sideline.

Surprisingly, Smith doesn’t seem to have suffered another injury as a result. The way the Lions’ night is going, that qualifies as good news. They lost quarterback Matthew Stafford to a left hand injury in the first half and also watched cornerbacks Chris Houston and Bill Bentley go down with injuries before halftime.

The good news for the Lions backfield is that Mikel Leshoure got through his first preseason game ever without any problems from either the Achilles that ruined last season or the hamstring that’s slowed him this year. The Lions didn’t baby Leshoure in his return, giving him six carries (one called back by a penalty) and a few looks on passes during his stretch with the starting offense. Leshoure only gained one yard behind an offensive line that had problem clearing holes against Oakland, but he didn’t get hurt.

That qualifies as good news in this injury-filled game. The bad news is that Leshoure won’t play the first two games of the season and Keiland Williams is the last healthy man standing if Smith’s injury proves to be serious.

26 responses to “Add Kevin Smith to the Lions injury parade

  1. Not trying to be a jerk, I just don’t understand this sequence of statements:

    “Surprisingly, Smith doesn’t seem to have suffered another injury as a result.”

    “…Keiland Williams is the last healthy man standing if Smith’s injury proves to be serious.”

    So he doesn’t seem to have suffered an injury, but his injury may prove serious enough that he might not play the first two weeks of the NFL season?

    Just looking for clarification. Running back and cornerback were the two weakest spots last season… now we might be without our top 3 RBs and starting CBs. Yikes!

  2. Meant he didn’t hurt himself punching the bench. Sorry if unclear. Smith hurt his right ankle.

  3. Josh Alper says: Aug 25, 2012 9:32 PM

    Meant he didn’t hurt himself punching the bench. Sorry if unclear. Smith hurt his right ankle.
    Seemed pretty clear to me. “It appeared to be a right ankle injury for Smith….”
    Lions fans probably smoke more weed than Lions players.

  4. The Lions have to be the most snake-bitten team at RB in the league.

    Going back to the days of Kevin Jones, they have had terrible luck with finding a running back that can get through a season uninjured.

    I give them credit for trying, they keep drafting RB’s but it’s like they’re cursed.

    I’d cut my losses on Best right now, how can they possibly think that he’ll last longer than a game when he returns?

    Kevin Smith is a good story but he’s barely able to make it through a game too.

  5. The Lions should probably make a phone call to Khalil Bell, maybe even Ryan Grant. I mean, the bottom of the barrel has yet to be totally scraped. Get scraping, Detroit.

  6. Tim Twentyman (@ttwentyman)
    8/25/12 9:28 PM
    Good sign that Kevin Smith is jogging out of the locker room back to the Lions sideline.

  7. If they don’t sign Ryan Grant they’re crazy. Is healthy, doesn’t fumble and totally solid character in the locker room.
    Khalil Bell had some nice runs for Bears. Don’t know what his issues with coaching staff were.

  8. lol, lions the new england of the nfc… you must be joking last year was a fluke,, to many lucjy wins.. should have lost to T.B., Dallas, and Minny at least once….

  9. Sorry, jason69er, but it’s the author who lacks writing skills. (At least he admitted it.) The quip about Smith not getting hurt should have ended the previous paragraph, not started the new one. Maybe you’ll learn that when you repeat the ninth grade.

  10. Kevin Smith should be replaced, can’t count on him. Best should be put on pup list, he’ll be able after one year from his last concussion. Leshoure need to understand contact is a part of being a running back, block for the qb or he’ll be out of a job. Let Williams, and bell be the starters. How do the corners keep getting beat over the top, where are the safeties?

  11. funktron2x says:
    Aug 25, 2012 11:29 PM
    Starting to wonder if the Bobby Layne curse was just replaced by a Barry Sanders curse!

    I think about this all the time, too funny

    ITS TRUE!!! WE ARE CURSED NEVER TO HAVE A RB FOR 38 more years!!!!

  12. Really feel bad for the guy (Kevin Smith). He works SO hard and desperately wants to do everything he can to help the Lions team. I can understand his frustration, in the league today they drop RB’s at the drop of a hat, and anyone is just 1 injury away from getting canned.

    Good thing for him this doesn’t appear to be serious, the Lions can’t afford to dump him with all their other injuries, and the FA RB market is weak at best with Benson in GB.

    I personally wish Kevin nothing but the best and hope he gets back soon. He’s always been a class act in the NFL and seems like a really nice guy, I hope he can shed some of the injury bad luck he’s had of late. He has the talent to be a HUGE asset for the Lions.

  13. Ryan Grant is washed up already, why do you think GB dumped him?

    A potentialy smarter (and cheaper) move might be to kick the tires on Kahlil Bell (sp). At this juncture however, they can’t afford to cut Smith as he and Leshore are their only 2 real RB options, so they’d need to roster another RB as a backup plan while Best is on PUP.

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