Broncos’ Omar Bolden posts his $300 cell phone fine on Instagram

Getty Images

Broncos rookie cornerback Omar Bolden was fined $300 for using his cell phone in a team meeting. And then he used his cell phone to tell everyone about his fine.

Bolden posted a picture on Instagram of a memo that the team posted in his locker. The memo says “Code of conduct violation” at the top and lists the violation as “Cell phone ringing during Special Teams meeting.”

According to the memo, there’s a section in the team’s code of conduct reading, “There shall be no using cell phones and similar PDAs.” The maximum fine allowed for violating that rule is $1,885, so Bolden (a fourth-round draft pick who signed a four-year, $2.57 million contract) got off relatively easy with a fine of only $300.

Under the picture, Bolden posted, “Lesson learned. . . . Lol Damm!” There’s no word on whether the Broncos will now fine Bolden for posting team information on Instagram.