David DeCastro carted off early for the Steelers


The Steelers’ second drive of their game against the Bills was a costly one.

Running back Isaac Redman and right guard David DeCastro needed medical attention after consecutive plays in the first quarter at Buffalo. It looks like DeCastro has suffered the more serious injury.

DeCastro was locked up on Marcell Dareus during a pass attempt and Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert fell across the back of his right leg. He was able to stand on one foot, but put no pressure on the right foot before being carted off to the locker room. Ramon Foster, who has already played several positions in the preseason, will take over for the first-round pick.

Redman appeared to injure his neck the play before DeCastro went down. He was on all fours on the field for a bit before walking to the sideline, where Redman looked to be okay as the medical staff moved on to work on DeCastro.

UPDATE: Redman returned to the game on the next Steelers possession. The Steelers say he had a stinger and confirmed that DeCastro will not return with what they’re calling a right knee injury.

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  1. Man I hope DeCaStro’s alright, id hate to see a rookie injured in a meaningless game. Was looking forward to watching him progress.
    From a bills fan

  2. Ha! This is priceless! So much for the next coming of Steve Hutchinson! Leave it to the steeler fans to make absurd proclamations. The Pittsburgh oline was pathetic before and nothing has changed. What a great day!

  3. DeCastro and Pouncey were both being pushed back by Dareus. As soon as I seen it happen, I knew he was hurt. Hopefully it isn’t serious.


    Bills Fan

  4. I’m a Browns fan and loved the pick of DeCastro. I was looking forward to seeing how he would progress as probably one of the best interior lineman in the game. Sorry to read about this injury. Hopefully he’ll be back on the field soon.

  5. What goes around ..comes around..All the Stooler fans were yukking it up when when Terrell Suggs got hurt.

  6. If you replayed it… this one looked very bad.

    A shame that DeCastro is going to win the “which first round rookie will go on IR first” award.

    The Bills Defense was looking very sharp compared to last year. Pats might not be liking this.

  7. It is amazing to me just how jealous Raven fans are of the Steelers. Guys like ravenator feel compelled to post in every story about the Steelers. I don’t get it…jealous of championships, I guess.

    And I am a Packer fan do I have no dog in thus fight…just my observation.

  8. Ravens Fan here…. any so called fan that cheers the fact that a potentially season ending injury has occured is a complete TOOL!! I despise the Steelers, but wish to beat them on the field not the training room!! Here’s hoping it isnt a season ending!!

  9. To the gloating Ravens fans – you lost last year’s Defensive Player of the Year who had 14 sacks – for the entire upcoming season – the Steelers may have lost a rookie o-linesman… don’t get too giddy – you are still way behind on this one…

  10. You go “ravenator” cuz that’s what you all do. I don’t blame you. You enjoy football apparently, and every Ravens season is determined by what injuries the Steelers do or don’t have. So have fun with it. Steeler fans don’t watch ravens pre-season games. In general a shoddy offensive line gets them more lombardis division titles head to head victories than u. So keep watching. They’ll let you know how ur season will go, punk

  11. How Decastro is ok . If he is gone for the season so be it . Next man up . The standard is the standard .

  12. “The Bills Defense was looking very sharp compared to last year. Pats might not be liking this.”

    Steelers look to be doing fine though, Roethlisberger 17/24 169 yds and a td at the half.

    Fitzpatrick is really struggling gotta question that contract. It’s a quarterbacks league and he’s never proved to be more than a below average starter.

    Last year Bills have beat the Patriots for the first time in seven years and they still lost the division by eight games last year.

    Maybe Bills fans should start worrying about getting to .500 before beating the Patriots.

  13. Yeah he’s done for the year, heard it was ACL tear. Man he was the only hope for that pourous O line. Looks like more of immoblile Ben taking hits getting injured. Looking like a season of misery before it even starts. I don’t see how they have achance of making the playoffs with no oline, injured RB’s, aging defense, new offense, immobile QB. Sad to see such a great team from a few years ago steadily decline. Real SHame Man real shame.

  14. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to hear this as a Ravens fan. But as a true fan to the game, you hate to see this happen, especially if it truly is an ACL injury. I was looking forward to seeing this young man pancaking fools in the trenches as one of the next great run blockers. I wish him a speedy and complication free recovery, better luck next season.

  15. One fan does not speak for all.

    I am truly sorry to hear of anyone suffering a serious injury. Best wishes to DeCastro on a recovery. He is a good kid, and I was actually hoping the Ravens would have drafted him for our O-line to replace Grubbs.

  16. Hmmm, I hope he’s ok..Thank god we went for Zeitler instead of him….Anyways, preseason games need to come down to 2..4 games is just stupid

  17. I can’t gripe in any legit sense, but man — this whole Steeler linemen rolling up and destroying the seasons of Steeler linemen thing has been getting old. Real old.

    It’s always some scrub OL who gets punked and then blows into a player like Pouncey or DeCastro.

    That may be unfair — but hey, it’s getting old.

    P.S. Gilbert needs to get it together. He has performed poorly and actually created a lot more problems than he has solved. There’s a rising level of frustration from that guy.

  18. As a Bengals fan, I feel very bad about this.

    I know a lot of us wanted to see how he developed in the NFL.

  19. By the way, DeCastro has a blown ACL at a minimum. It would be absolutely awesome to get news to the contrary — but I’ve seen enough of these to know what causes what reaction.

    When a QB (or any other player for that matter) gets lit up and grabs his own facemask with two hands —> boom. You have a concussion.

    When a player in intense pain grabs his knee in some futile attempt to hold it together/minimize pain — it’s an ACL at a minimum.

    Gotta feel for DeCastro — guy was all business all day long. Hope we get him back strong in ’13.

  20. I sure hope that none of the holier-than-thou Steeler fans bashing Ravenator are the same ones plastering all the Broncos threads talking about breaking Peyton Manning’s neck.

  21. Bengals fan but hope the kid is OK. You hate to see a promising rookie miss his first year or worse. Believe me.
    See Kijana Carter, Kenny Irons, Charles Foster, Andre Smith…

  22. I wouldn’t gloat over anyone getting injured. I pray for his recovery.

    At least y’all still the great….ly overrated Markice Pouncey.

  23. I hate the Steelers because my team has to face them twice a year but how dare the ravenator take joy in decastros injury. Low class!!!!

  24. By what I can read, it seems the NFL fan-base still has a lot of compassion. As a life-long Stillers fan I would NEVER cheer another team’s injury no matter who it is. Win the game on the field fair and square. Here’s hoping DeCastro make a full and speedy recovery.
    As for ravenator…. I’d like to meet you one day. maybe even buy you an IC LITE. You’re probably divorced with 3 kids and insurmountable child support payments. Barely clinging to to a measly low-paying, no future job. Waking up every morning hating life… so sad.

  25. Hate to see him go down. Was curious to see how he came along with zeitler so we could see the comparison. Good luck with the injury hope it ain’t serious.

  26. Bummer for the Squealers. That young man can play. He was the ravens real target. And with pouncey would have really solidified their line. Now their OL is as big a ? As is ours. Never like to see players get hurt. But for steely mcbean and steelersownyou you who were crowing about Suggs being injured, what comes around……

    Here’s hoping all the arm chair orthopedists are wrong and it is just a sprain. When we sweep you again this year we don’t want anyone claiming it was secondary to injuries.

  27. Lol ravenator…U can build up a LOT of unwanted negative karma with crap spews like that one, birdy.

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