Dolphins start the roster cuts, waive Hard Knocks star


Pretty soon, if the producers of Hard Knocks want to feature a Dolphins player prominently, he’s going to say no.

After the made-for-TV release of Chad Johnson, the Dolphins have whacked another one of the top storylines of the HBO reality show.

Tight end Les Brown, the former college basketball player who has gotten a lot of run on the show for his good-catch, no-block ways, was among 10 players involved in transactions.

The moves get the Dolphins roster to 78 players, and they have to removed three from the roster by Monday.

In addition to Brown, the Dolphins waived the following players: defensive tackle Chas Alecxih, cornerback Marcus Brown, safety Tyrell Johnson, cornerback Trenton Hughes, linebacker Josh Linam, running back Jerome Messam, defensive end Jacquies Smith and cornerback Jonathan Wade (who gave up a pair of touchdowns last night).

They also placed running back Jonas Gray on the physically unable to perform list.

24 responses to “Dolphins start the roster cuts, waive Hard Knocks star

  1. Going to be a long year.

    As Usghe

    (good luck with that smoking hot girlfriend Les. We’ll miss her)

  2. If you watch Hard Knocks 2012 Miami Dolphins, or versions on YouTube, you will see “tight end” Les Brown is so overly matched physically to other real NFL players that you know with in seconds of eat hung him that he does not belong on an NFL roster, he gets run over by any player matched up against him on the defensive line, he has no strength at all to play even at the Arena Football League level, he should stick to basketball and let a player who actually would have a chance to stick with a team be on a roster. It wasted signings like him that give players with size, strength and football talents a bad name…

  3. Trying to spin this as a Hard Knocks curse is the laziest, stupidest angle on the story.

    The concept behind Hard Knocks is: making it in the NFL is hard, we don’t see the whole story on gameday, this is the behind the scenes view of (mostly) dreams getting crushed and the (rare few) joining the elite athletes of America’s premier sport.

    The only thought Les Brown provoked on the field was: why are they even giving him a chance at all? Oh, he has the personality and temperament of a great teammate but more importantly it’s a great story!

    Who’s shocked that Hard Knocks followed Les Brown? Or that they only got him into 3 episodes? “Star”? Please.

    (You also missed the opportunity to rag on Miami’s personnel moves a few days ago with the Steinback retirement — they cut Derek Dennis, another “star,” in the first episode to make room for a guy who retired a couple of weeks later… or some other personnel “message” that certainly had to be bad… b/c they’re the Dolphins.)

  4. Hmmm let me think for a second here, 6’4 245lbs runs a 4.43 40 inch vert and can run routes and catch. Oh thats right we’re loaded at receiver so lets keep him at tight end and then cut him.

  5. Good ole Les didn’t play, but he didn’t drop a pass either. Our TE’s suck! I’ll comment on the WR’s when we actually have some on the roster.

    Good luck Tannehill

    Loyal Dolfan Sufferer

  6. How about that kid they call 7/11, He is one awesome route runner. He reminds me of a white Stevie Johnson which Revis has a hard time covering. Look for the three AFC East opponents of the Jets to make Revis look look terrible this year, especially if they use him to cover 7-11, Johnson and Welker.

  7. Watching Hard Knocks, I give Brown no chance to make it as a tight end. He was getting tossed around by DEs like a rag doll. However I thought they should have tried him at wide receiver where he may have had a better chance.

    Dolphins need WRs and Brown had good hands and speed just not big and strong enough for TE.

  8. “Seems like a great kid, but another waste of time by Jeff Ireland.”

    Not at all, he was undrafted, cheap, and worth a shot.

  9. I will preface what I am about to say by stating I am a life long Dolphin fan……This team stinks!
    Anybody who does not think that Miami will be holding one of the top five picks in next years draft is crazy. A no huddle fast paced offense is perfect for the South Florida sun except when you have a team that has no receivers and cannot get a first down to save their lives. All Miami does is go three and out in .57 seconds and turn the ball over on downs. Gonna be a long long season.

  10. Hey Josh Alper, whatever happened to Tyrell Johnson looking like the starter in Miami?

    That was laughable even on April 13, 2012.

  11. I am not a Dolphins fan. Les Brown is a slightly interesting sub-story of the Miami 2012 training camp. My MASSIVE disappointment is Jerome Messam, CFL All-Star, Graceland Univ. alum has been waived with hardly a footnote of opportunity!#?!#*!! Check some of the youtube of this 6’4″ 250 pile mover and wonder when a team will give this guy some carries . . .

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