Eagles trim roster to 80


The Eagles have landed at 80 players on the roster.

The first 10 to go as Philly moves to 75 are receiver Elvis Akpla (pictured), safety Wade Bonner, defensive end Xavier Brown, receiver Brian Hernandez, receiver McKay Jacobson, receiver Tiger Jones, guard Alfred McCullough, safety Tom Nelson, cornerback Kevin Thomas, and tackle Thomas Welch.

Kevin Thomas arrived via a trade with the Colts.  The rest were rookie free agents and other young, unestablished players.

The Eagles have to make five more roster moves by Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

7 responses to “Eagles trim roster to 80

  1. I thought Nelson would make the roster because he is a good special teams player,but most players got to do more then just play special teams.He was good but he is no Colt Anderson.

  2. Im actually suprised that Nelson got cut this early . His release all but guarantees Jaiqwan Jarret is safe this year . Obviously he’s a huge project , but I still think he’ll turn into a hard hitting skilled safety (a fan can dream) ….. I was rooting for former Soul WR Tiger but he’ll dominate back in the AFL . Xavier Brown had a very good preseason & he has a chance to make someones team too add depth & Elvis will make some teams practice squad ,(dudes got potential) . Neither Fokou or Lloyd was making the team so a Thomas & a 7th was well worth it .

  3. Receiver cuts are no surprise. They still have too many. Would have liked to see them can Jaiqwan Jarrett…he blows. Next up is trimming down the RBs. That is going to be tough.

  4. I’m surprised they kept Jarrett he’s been terrible… The question is what r they gonna do with D Line I think Tapp goes! Curry,Hunt, graham have looked really good I mean so has Tapp but I’m ok with him going.

  5. Unfortunate for Tiger Jones…he misses out on the AFL playoffs as the top wr in the league but like he said, the NFL is his dream so I guess it was worth it, wouldve been better if he made it though. He has the skills to play in the NFL, just not on a team loaded at wr.

  6. Jarrett won’t be cut just because the Eagles drafted him high. His play is worthy of the cut but he will stick around. The most interesting cuts will come from the D-Line. It’s the deepest part of the roster. Whoever gets cut will mostly like be playing in the NFL for another team. A close second will be who will be the odd man in the QB shuffle. Should be Kafka. Edwards looked solid.

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