Irsay says trade winds are “still howlin'”


It’s Saturday, and Colts owner Jim Irsay for the third straight day is upstaging preseason action by tweeting about a possible trade.

This time, however, Irsay is drawing attention from his own team’s game.

The Colts currently are facing the Redskins at FedEx Field in a matchup of the first two picks in the 2012 draft.  Minutes before kickoff, Irsay tweeted his latest update about rumors that he has been fueling.

“[T]rade winds still howlin’…but only time will tell if they were ghostly vapors or a flesh n blood upgrade!!!!!!!” Irsay said.

We still don’t see the benefit of raising fan expectations for something that may never happen, especially since the other team involved in this (if, you know, there even is another team) may want something more in order to give Irsay the privilege of delivering on a potentially hollow promise.

Either way, we’ll continue to keep our eyes peeled and ears perked.  It’s safe to assume that Irsay will have something more to say when the Sunday night game between the Panthers and Jets kicks off tomorrow night on NBC.

30 responses to “Irsay says trade winds are “still howlin'”

  1. What is this guy even talking about?
    If you’re going to make a trade either do it or shut up about it.
    I’ve generally been pretty neutral when it comes to Indy but Irsay is such an idiot that I’m starting to hope they never win another game.
    I guess being a spoiled trust fund baby can make you kind of weird.

  2. I know he is trying to get Colts fans excited, but why not make sure the deal is about to go through before announcing it?

  3. The more he talks (tweets) the more this sounds like a scam for him to get attention.

    He obviously hates the fact the team gets more press than he does so he’s creating his own.

    Beauty of it is – he never actually has to produce, already laid the ground work for the “trade didn’t go through – they wanted too much!” tweet, to be followed by “I won’t name the other team, don’t want to inflate the market for the player/trade – we might come back to him later”

  4. I wonder why Goodell doesn’t cut off Irsay’s Twitter feed and make him stand in the corner for a while.

  5. Irsay says trade winds are “still howlin…a lot of hot air because my terrible, terrible team needs the hype!”

  6. How far can the NFL fall when not only everyother player is in some kind of trouble, league is involved in how many law suits but an owner feels he need to tweet his business.

  7. The only person who who cares about every piece of junk Irsay puts out there is you, dude.

    Of course at the end of the day the only person who cares about their “product” as much as him is you.

  8. LUCK for carson palmer and the rights for demarcus russel and a gallon of purple dank!!

  9. NO! You’re “still howling”!!!!

    Shut up!!! Make a Trade!!! Then announce it!!!!

    John York and Eddie Debartolo don’t like each other and it’s noted! Meanwhile, the son Jed gets help from time to time from Uncle Eddie!

    Why not learn something from your father’s ex-GM Ernie Accorsi?

    He doesn’t use Twitter for a reason!

  10. I just dont understand how Irsay thinks this is professional by any means. Fans only get excited about “maybes” when there is some solid info. involved. There is no benefit from any standpoint for him doing this. he just needs to shut his mouth and make a trade if its on the table or hold back from expressing what the voices in his head are saying.

  11. MJD. He says he wants to play for an owner that appreciates him & he wants to get paid which Irsay says he’s willing to do, perfect fit so far. Add to that their pathetic running game. I’d hate to have my team on the opposite sideline as him for 2 games a year, but I sure would love that top 10 first round pick they’ll be giving up for him.

  12. ok..for the first day or two i was really im just realy annoying of this dude…i love the fact that hes such a hands on owner..cares more about team/fans/winning then he does money. treats fans to tickets/w.e he offers. he seem like a good guy NOW will u please just stop tweeting random crazy stuff and trade.. if he already has a trade completed then hes a genius striking up huge publicity for his team.. BUT if u fail to deliver a trade then u will be headline of jokes from everywhere from espn to fans and will lose a ton of credibality..

    ps i doubt its wes welker.. first off they got collie (injury prone i know) second off if i were an owner i would NEVER give up high picks plus a monster contract for someone whos 5’11 tops and is quick.. i can go anywhere and find a 5’11 quick guy.. theres 100s in the league its just the oats figured how 2 use welker to his strenghs perfectly which says more about bellichek then welker (see welkers dolphin stats, and comments saying he wouldnt be this good w.o brady/bellichek)..if it is welker if i was an indy fan id be majorly disappointed for hype

  13. Arrogance is one thing; but to constantly tweet just to see your words in print is unbelievably contemptible.

    Is there a more irrelevant owner in the NFL than this clown??

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