Jeff Demps shows speed, nerves in Patriots debut


Jeff Demps proved he was track fast in London, winning a silver medal in the Olympics.

He finally showed it to professional football fans last night, and gave glimpses of that world class speed.

Demps ran three times for 41 yards, including a 29-yard burst in the Patriots loss to Tampa Bay. He also had a two kickoffs for 44 yards and a 16-yard punt return.

He made a safety miss on his long run, and thought he was going to score.

I haven’t cut like that in a while, so I thought I was in there,” Demps said, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “But I’ve still got a long way to go.”

Perhaps, but he did impress his teammates with his raw speed, and ability to catch up quickly.

“He got quite a bit of opportunity,” quarterback Tom Brady said. “Coach put him in a position to make plays out there, both in the return game and at running back. It’s pretty amazing to go what he’s been training for the last six or eight months of his life, and to come in here, put pads on and do the same thing.

“It’s really a credit to his hard work and his mental toughness.”

Of course, he was also called for a false start, which earned him a quick meeting on the sidelines.

“I was just anxious more than anything,” Demps said, “like a little kid in a candy store.”

Like Josh Gordon in Cleveland during the Supplemental Draft, Demps received a disporportionate amount of attention by virtue of being acquired during a slow time for transactions.

But there are at least signs they’ll get some use out of him.

7 responses to “Jeff Demps shows speed, nerves in Patriots debut

  1. Not a bad debut for being thrown straight into the fire. Considering he didn’t have a clue what to do or where to line up on offense, he was able to turn some positive yards. Once he gets up to speed on the playbook (yes, pun intended), look for him to be involved in the Pats trademark screen game.

  2. One game a season doesn’t make.

    But he looked like the real deal out there last night. Considering the kick returns were the weak link on the Pats, this could be a huge plus.

    If Brady stays healthy, they look much improved this year.

    Time will tell.

  3. The kid has it all, save for ideal size. Either way, if he can carry a work load and keep looking like he did last night, they may have found yet another steal.

  4. Seems like he’s almost a sure bet to make the team, but I wonder who gets cut to free up that spot. Maybe they don’t keep a fullback and Larsen goes? Gaffney’s been hurt and Stallworth can’t catch anything, so maybe they only keep five receivers?

    Demps on returns and Vereen on third down could make Woodhead expendable, even. Would be weird as he was maybe the Pats’ best offensive player in the Super Bowl.

  5. Who the hell care. He only runs north and south, He doesn’t run and cut. The Jets will stuff the holes up. The only thing he’ll be doing is running into is a wall of Jets.

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