Jets cut to 80 before third preseason game


Most teams make their first roster cuts after the third preseason game.  The Jets decided to follow the advice of Lee Corso and trim the squad to 80, a day before hosting the Panthers on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Gone are receiver Dexter Jackson (Gantt is quietly weeping into a tobacco leaf), guard Terrence Campbell, long snapper Derek Chard, defensive tackle Matt Hardison, cornerback LeQuan Lewis, safety Marcus Lott, and receiver Raymond Webber.

A second-round pick in 2008, Jackson has bounced from Tampa to Carolina to the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL to the Jets.

Jackson played in neither of the Jets’ preseason games, and for his career he has appeared in only seven NFL regular-season games, with no receptions.  He returned 14 kickoffs and 20 punts as a rookie in Tampa.

7 responses to “Jets cut to 80 before third preseason game

  1. It must be one of the worse feelings to get cut from such a dream job. You are good enough to try out for the team but, not good enough to crack the top 53, Its gotta hurt. Especially the money, you see it dangling right there in front of your face and then it gets ripped away. The only thing you have to hold on to is the possibility that another team has an injury and takes a chance on you. Just a little glimmer of hope to hold on to for these guys, Its terrible.

  2. If they want to be competitive they need to cut Sanchez & Tebow and get a real arm.

    They also need to duct tape Rexs’ mouth shut.

    That would be a good start.

  3. Dexter Jackson, the pick that sealed Jon Gruden’s fate in Tampa.. As an App fan I hate saying that but I think it’s true.

    Proves that just because you can run a 4.2 doesn’t mean it will translate to the NFL.

    I sure as heck loved watching him torch the Michigan Wolverines on September 1, 2007 though. Has it been 5 years already?

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