Jimmy Haslam says vote on Browns sale coming in mid-October

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Yes, the Browns already have introduced Jimmy Haslam as the new owner.  No, the transaction isn’t official yet.

The NFL still has to approve the move.  Haslam, who as mentioned in the one-liners hung out in the Dawg Pound on Friday night, said during the broadcast of the Eagles-Browns game that the league’s owners will take a vote during a meeting set for the middle of October.  Haslam added that, if the sale is approved, it would become official in late October.

The fact that the owners previously approved Haslam to purchase a double-digit piece of the Steelers makes the vote a formality.  The fact that the sale from Randy Lerner to Haslam was brokered at the league-office level makes approval a virtual certainty.

Of course, Haslam may want to be more discreet until the ballots are cast.  He remarked during his time in the broadcast booth with Jim Donovan and Bernie Kosar that the replacement officials made a bad call by throwing a roughing the passer flag that wiped out a pick six for Cleveland.

The delayed approval may have significant relevance to the future of team president Mike Holmgren.  If his contract contains a golden-parachute provision like the one Bill Parcells got from former Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga, Holmgren will have a specific period of time after the sale becomes official to decide whether to pull the rip cord.

Parcells had 30 days to exercise the ability to walk away with full pay over the balance of his deal.  He parlayed that into the ongoing ability to leave whenever he decided to leave, and to collect the rest of his cash.

Holmgren’s window (if he has a similar provision) would possibly close before the end of the 2012 season.

8 responses to “Jimmy Haslam says vote on Browns sale coming in mid-October

  1. Can we move the vote up so Mr. Haslam can start the house-cleaning? After watching that mess last night, I’m starting to think the Browns may not win a game this year. Please trade Colt McCoy to the Packers. He doesn’t deserve this.

  2. Whether anyone likes him or agrees with him, Holmgren converted Browns from one of the oldest and slowest rosters in the league – to one of the youngest – with a lot more talent and speed than they’ve had since their retun in ’99 -during the lockout – without an offseason. That’s not opinion – it’s his record.

    Regardless if he walks or gets fired, the players his staff drafted and developed will be the nucleus of a winning team starting in 2013. Bet on it.

  3. Who is the joke of a special teams coach? Get rid of this guy now Jimmy. If the Steelers can fire their special teams coach now, why can’t we? Who gets punts blocked in the NFL? Only with the Browns.

  4. @wryly1… Actually, the Browns have a GM, his name is Tom Heckert, and HE is the guy who is responsible for the on-going overhaul of the roster.

  5. The Weeden move is what surprises me. I don’t see him as a franchise QB. He’s also old for a rookie.

    As for the game, yeah, not good for them at all. The Eagles weren’t even playing their normal defense. They were rushing four players and using the basic wide 9 the whole game. The birds started slow…with all that they still forced two fumbles, blocked a punt, a generally wreaked havoc. Had they been more disciplined with the stupid penalties, it would have been 40-0.

    We’ll see on September 9th. I’ll be there!

  6. Wow. A lot of people overreacting to a vanilla game that was nothing more than auditions. If not for a Mo Hardesty blatantly missed blocked at the one, and then a follow up fumble on the next series, the Cleveland starters were fine. Not great, but fine. Some typical stuff you’d expect from rookies, Lavauo, and gator arms Little…but they’re fine.

    And Philly played eight in the box with man coverage on the outside, so the four man rush comments are inaccurate. Its what they do. They blitzed several times leaving the seam wide open all night.

    As for Haslim…I imagine that comment will garner a call from his future partners. But hey…Its good to see a passionate owner coming to town. And I think he can afford the future fines.

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