J’Marcus Webb likely secures Bears starting LT job

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J’Marcus Webb got some rest Friday, had a good meal.

And the whole no sacks and locking up a starting job didn’t hurt, either.

The Bears left tackle had a solid night, and while they haven’t made an official declaration, it seems he has a starting job secured, something he’d still like to hear.

The Bears first offensive line, long a trouble spot, didn’t allow a sack of Jay Cutler in a 20-17 win over the Giants.

“I got a good nap in, and I’m feeling pretty good now,” Webb said after the game, via Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I have to look at the film, and in addition to the chicken, the shrimp and the pasta [I ate], it really made it a good night.

“Man, that pasta was . . . nah, I’m kidding. I would like some resolution, but you know, that’s not up to me. I feel like I keep working hard and playing the way I’m playing, and everything will work out on its own.”

Webb has been involved in a competition with former first-rounder Chris Williams, but seems to have distanced himself in the preseason, and a clean sheet against one of the best lines in the game helped.

“[No sacks] was definitely a good sign,” Webb said. “You definitely want to move the ball up and down the field, work as a unit that feels good and strong, and then come out with the win.

“I think we did a solid job, but just got to look at the film. Can’t give you anymore than that right now.”

Along with a nap and a good meal, it’s hard to ask for any more than that.

16 responses to “J’Marcus Webb likely secures Bears starting LT job

  1. Holding the Giants without a sack is a credit to the whole line, not just Webb…He needs to keep improving, and not get beat so brutally on run-blocking, either.

  2. Freeney or mathis will abuse him in game 1, be afraid Bears fans!!! LUCK will beat yal like peyton did in SB 41….

  3. peytonsneck18 says: Aug 25, 2012 9:56 AM

    Freeney or mathis will abuse him in game 1, be afraid Bears fans!!! LUCK will beat yal like peyton did in SB 41….

    I think Luck will likely be a great NFL QB, but come Sept. 9 he will still be a rookie making his first regular-season start…The Bears typically feast on newbie QBs.

    As for Webb, I still have my doubts on him, but we’ll see. Go Bears!

  4. No sacks does not mean he had a good game. I have been defending this line (mostly), but they were terrible last night.

  5. @peytonsneck

    Do you really think that the worst team in the NFL last season, is a rookie QB away from beating the bears? Colts are rebuilding an entire team…your going to need more than luck on Sunday.

  6. Ha ha ha… The Colts .. Get real man the Bears are going to smoke them first then Chicago will go up to Greenbay with revenge on there mind an smoke Greenbay too.
    ” NEWS FLASH ” Its CHICAGO’s turn so get ready.

  7. Were you watching the game? No sacks is more of a credit to Jay Cutler running for his life and/or the running back and tight end. There were a few times where the DE just ran by Williams.

    Then again no sacks compared to the last few games where the Giants have been breaking records against our O-line.

  8. Note to everyone who complains about Brady: I hope you saw Cutler “pitching hissy fits” all night at his WRs, the refs, etc.

  9. Calling Webb the starter is like saying I’m going to have moldy bread for dinner instead of cottage cheese that expired 8 months ago.

    I wonder if Phil Emery is going to ruffle through the dumpster after the upcoming roster deadlines and see if he can find someone better that another team let go.

  10. Please. He didn’t have to face JP, and the only reason Osi didn’t have sacks is because he HELD him blatantly three different times (and Cutler got rid of the ball quickly for the most part).

    And he’s bragging about “winning” a job that each of the guys they’ve put out there SUCK at?

  11. CKL says: Aug 25, 2012 12:54 PM

    Note to everyone who complains about Brady: I hope you saw Cutler “pitching hissy fits” all night at his WRs, the refs, etc.
    Brady is still worse about it.

  12. @ CKL:

    I have no problem with Brady or Cutler (or any QB, for that matter) getting in someone’s grille when they screw up…Better that than being a mouse.

  13. Its Not just the offensive lines duty to keep Cutler off the turf. Its the TE … RB .. an Cutler his self who has to move his feet LIKE HE DID AGAINST THE GIANTS. an Say what you want too Packers fans Chicago Beat the Giants in that game an the Packers got smoked the last time they played the Giants.

  14. Solid night? What game were you watching?
    There were no sacks because Cutler was quick to get rid of it. Webb was beaten like an unwanted step-child most of the night, including getting juked out of his jockeys on a RUN play by Umenyiora. How do you get juked on a run play you job is to knock the snot out of the guy infront of you? Instead of powering into Umenyiora, Webb danced with him and got burned by a superior talent.

    Webb isn’t the worst guy on the Bears’ offensive line, but to call his night “solid” is too big of a compliment.

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