Justin Blackmon continues to impress in Jacksonville

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Not many Jaguars players looked good in Friday night’s 48-17 loss to the Ravens. But one who looked very good was rookie receiver Justin Blackmon.

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey praised Blackmon after the game as a player who’s doing the things he needs the rest of his team to do.

I thought he played well again,” Mularkey said, via the Florida Times-Union. “He made the catches. We need more guys doing what he’s doing. When the ball is in the vicinity, we’ve got to make catches. He’s doing that. We need more than one guy to do what they did. When the ball is tightly covered, we need to make the plays. We didn’t do that, and they did.”

Blackmon caught four passes for 72 yards, the second straight week that he reeled in four catches, and he generally looks like he’s very comfortable playing in an NFL offense. Blackmon may be a rookie, but as long as Maurice Jones-Drew is holding out, he’s also the Jaguars’ best offensive playmaker.

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  1. Where are all the trolls calling him a bust? He is a beast, he and Blaine are already developing good chemistry, my Raven buddies at the game said he was open every play, and later I saw the Ravens double a Jaguar receiver, something I havent seen since 2002 when Jimmy Smith left. When MJD finally gets his head out of his low to the ground behind, Here we go.

  2. @dawkins he had four catches for 72 in one half of play. And if I remember correctly he had four catches in one half in his first game as well.

  3. The reason the 4 catches is impressive is because he’s a rookie seeing his first NFL action after a holdout and those totals came in 5 combined quarters. That translates to 102 catches over 16 total games, for almost 1,500 yards. It’s a really small sample size but the plays he did make he made look easy, and I don’t doubt that he can keep that production up consistently, having some bigger games and some smaller. I think we’ll see a 1,000 yard season from Blackmon and who knows what in the future. More important than the numbers is the way he played; physical, soft hands, good route running, YAC ability. He’s just got “it”.

  4. …And here come all the Jacksonville honks saying Blackmon is the real deal and he’s a “beast”. The guy has done nothing, NOTHING. Why? Because it’s only the preseason. We’ll see how he does when the first string defensive backs around the league start covering him.

  5. No show Mojo is waiting on the JAGS to call him. He is the biggest knucklehead on the team. We do not need him. He can’t get wide and get can’t catch for any decent yardage as well. He is an NFL dinosaur.

  6. It’s all about the preseason, because that’s the only time they stand a chance.

    Go Jagoffs!

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