Justin Blackmon continues to impress in Jacksonville

Getty Images

Not many Jaguars players looked good in Friday night’s 48-17 loss to the Ravens. But one who looked very good was rookie receiver Justin Blackmon.

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey praised Blackmon after the game as a player who’s doing the things he needs the rest of his team to do.

I thought he played well again,” Mularkey said, via the Florida Times-Union. “He made the catches. We need more guys doing what he’s doing. When the ball is in the vicinity, we’ve got to make catches. He’s doing that. We need more than one guy to do what they did. When the ball is tightly covered, we need to make the plays. We didn’t do that, and they did.”

Blackmon caught four passes for 72 yards, the second straight week that he reeled in four catches, and he generally looks like he’s very comfortable playing in an NFL offense. Blackmon may be a rookie, but as long as Maurice Jones-Drew is holding out, he’s also the Jaguars’ best offensive playmaker.