Kluwe wants NFL to give replacements the boot


We’ve been saying that players should start speaking up about the replacement officials.  After Friday night’s Chargers-Vikings game, punter Chris Kluwe did.

Without using a whiteboard.  (Yet.)

“The NFL really needs to kiss and make up with the refs,” Kluwe said on Twitter.  “These replacements are horrible.  Frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

Again, if we accept that the NFL has hired the best of the best officials to serve as the collective crew that is now locked out, the NFL necessarily is using something less than the best of the best now.

“I’m sure they’re trying hard, but they’re just not good,” Kluwe said.  “So many blown calls tonight in both directions.”

The game included an obvious fumble by Vikings running back Lex Hilliard that wasn’t called a fumble and an obvious interception by Chargers defensive back DeAndrew Pressley that wasn’t called an interception.  In both cases, Chargers coach Norv Turner had to throw the red flag.  In both cases, the call on the field was overturned.

Turner bit his tongue after the game.  Kluwe didn’t.  And while the NFL can fine coaches who pop off about the replacements, players can say whatever they want.

More should.  Whether you’re as concerned for your safety as NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith says you should be or whether you’re concerned that games will be decided by something other than the play on the field, stand up and speak up.

48 responses to “Kluwe wants NFL to give replacements the boot

  1. to be honest-I love it-this in gonna be carnage-now I’m sure that will change once my team gets screwed over (cause its gonig to happen to both teams several times a game) but until then- its stuff like “offensive pass intereference on the punter”

  2. In fairness to the replacement refs, no one wanted to watch that horrible game. Can’t blame the refs for closing their eyes; the rest of us did too.

  3. The NFL games will go on with whoever Refs the games. It time to stop whining. Any player that doesn’t want to play with the current Refs should retire, quit, or just fade away.
    For the record, I would much rather have the original Refs back at the games. However, I will watch the games no mater who the Refs are.

  4. What is it with all these kickers/punters spouting off about replacement refs, like the refs even have an impact on their little part of the game?

  5. My favorite was on last drive Vikings sacked Lee and there was offensive holding that we declined…somehow the refs gave San Diego a 5 yard gain on the play

  6. Man…these kickers and punters are egotistical dudes. It’s because football “fans” actually think they are important on a football field when in actuality I can do those jobs equally as well if not better.

  7. get the real refs signed . i dont want to go into the regular season with these SCABS ..the real ones have a tough enough time .

    Boot the SCABS ..

    I hate SCABS ..Nothing much lower than a SCAB

  8. I was at the game last night.

    Yes there were some mistakes. The mistakes went both ways.

    I still support the NFL’s position – that the NFLRA’s demands are totally unrealistic.

    The NFLRA needs to just sign the NFL’s offer.

    In today’s economy – a guaranteed 5 – 11% raise PER YEAR – each year – for SEVEN YEARS – is a heck of a deal.

    Worst case scenario – that’s a 41% pay increase over the life of the contract (5% annual raise). But it could be as much as 208% (11% annual raise).

  9. These refs are a joke.. and so are the owners and league administrators for not wanting to pay for high quality officials, it’s not like they can’t afford to….

  10. Isn’t this the same refrain we’ve been hearing from Viking players for years? What’s the difference?

  11. The refs last night were bad in the Min/SD game. Both calls went the wrong way against the Chargers and I’m a Vikings fan. SD had to burn 2 challenges on a clear cut fumble recovery and on a clear interception.

  12. Kluwe totally has the Jim Irsay disease it’s called foot in mouth. Most Vikings fans like him and for the life of me I don’t know why. Is it his 10 yd shanks or the constant line drives that get returned for TD’s they enjoy? He reminds me of Mitch Berger against the Packers when Denny Green chose to try for a field goal on 3rd down so if a mistake happened they could just fall on the ball and kick again on 4th. So what does Berger do after fumbling the snap instead of just falling on the rock, he pulls a Garo Yupremim and throws an INT and in true Vikings fashion snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. That’s what Kluwe does with his punts a quarter of the time, especially outdoors in Nov and Dec. Plus the fact the refs completely hosed the Vikings in the NFC Championship so who in their right mind would want them back.

  13. The missed calls, wrong calls, and overall bumbling with things like play clocks and spots…it’s painful to watch and it has to be slowing games down a lot (or it sure feels that way). I set my DVR for 3.5 hours the other night to record the game I was going to — still wasn’t enough to catch a last long drive in the 4th quarter.

    It’s gonna suck if this carries over into the regular season. Then again, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the NFLRA in this one, so…quandry!

  14. This is awesome. Let’s turn everybody against these replacements. It’s the replacements fault for everything. Quit effing crying NFLRA, NFL, players. You all know why the replacements are there. They didn’t cause this lockout. they are merely trying to help. Instead of bashing these replacements(BTW, arent the officail refs from NFLRA) Blame this all on the NFL and NFLRA. Their fault not the replacements. Of course the replacements will make mistakes. They are replacements. Are all these adults too stupid to understand that.

  15. I think it’s funny kluwe hates capitalism. He made fun of John Sullivan for being a capitalist supporter. Clearly, kluwe is a Californian socialist. I think it’s funny because nobody on this planet has benefited more from capitalism than the nfl punter.

  16. Also, why are these reporters so uptight against these replacements. Florio, you’re a douch. Why don’t you complain to the right people about this. Merely saying players need to speak up about these replacements is very childish. The replacements didn’t force any of this. It’s you rich baztardz.

  17. Sorry didnt the giants waste a challenge on a CLEAR FUMBLE and the refs STILL GOT IT WRONG. at least the replacements will fix the mistakes they make unlike the origionals who’s rule book looks like… Protect peyton, protect Brady, make sure all games are called in favor of who we like at the time(2011 packers, 2007 pats) other teams games and players don’t matter.

  18. gtodriver nailed this.

    I don’t necessarily like the replacment refs either but the bottom line is fully trained refs miss calls and influence games also, albeit not as often or reckless as the current staff.

    Having said this, from a business perspective (that’s what this is folks), everyone seems too dismissive with the “it’s only 100K/team. That’s over 3 million bucks. Allocating 3m over 16 weeks is 187.5K/week divided by 16 games/week equates to almost 12K/game/week for the officials.

    Unsure what your employment looks like but this is some nice jing. The regular refs should come back but the NFL needs to hang tough and not succomb to the pressure of the naysayers.

    Again, the replacements are bad but from a business standpoint they aren’t 3.2 million bad. Wake up refs and get back on the field and everyone quit siding with the refs, you will be against them in the future after the first bad call they make against your team

  19. Kluwe is awesome. We need more opinionated, fan friendly guys like him in the NFL. He’s what’s good about the game and we have idiots on here whining about “socialism” and “he’s just a punter.”

    Also, he’s right about the replacement refs.

  20. “Again, if we accept that the NFL has hired the best of the best officials to serve as the collective crew that is now locked out, the NFL necessarily is using something less than the best of the best now.”

    That doesn’t have to be true. If the NFL were free to sign NCAA Division I referees, the NFL would end up with better officiating than they’ve probably ever had. But the NFLRA has the NCAA guys scared, making them feel as if they’ll never get their shot at the pros if they offer themselves as “scabs”. If the NFL were free to fire all of these overweight, out-of-shape part-timers, there would be a rush of extremely qualified replacements. they’d love to become full-time NFL referees with $150,000 annual packages, great medical coverage and 401(k)s.

  21. Kluwe wants NFL to give replacements the boot
    And people in Hades want ice water. All the part-timers have to do is sign the NFL’s offer and they’ll be back to work.

  22. #1 Punters are, in fact, football players with a unique skill (yes, that’s right- I said SKILL) set. Special teams (including the punter) can win or lose a game (just ask the 49er’s). If you can (supposedly) do an NFL punter’s job as well-or better than he can, why aren’t you doing so? Afterall, chances are that even punters make more money than you do in your present job.

    #2 They are also members of a team, so why is it strange that they are concerned with inferior ref’s who could make enough bad calls to cost teams a W (which could be the difference in making the play-off’s)???

    #3 If the replacement ref’s cost YOUR team a win (and possibly a play-off spot), your whining here and on other internet sites will get annoying in a hurry (even more annoying than a punter who has the “audacity” to speak to the media).

  23. Ignorance breeds fear and fear breeds hatred. MLK The union haters are clueless to the exploitation of the worker during the 19th and 20th century, now you cheer as the unions continue to weaken, thus weakening your standing in America. If the unions disappear you, and business get their way you will turn us into Mexico.

  24. For those of you who think Kluwe was referring to calls against the Vikings, he wasn’t. More bad calls were made against the Chargers and they were even more obvious then the bad calls on the Vikes. Kluwe is just making an observation that the refs made a lot of bad calls in general and that they were overmatched. I’m a Vikings fan and I agree with Kluwe. The refs were bad. And by the way, Kluwe is one of the most intelligent, talented and outspoken players in the NFL. Football is not his whole life, just a small part of it – the part that he makes money from. He’s the type of player I wish there were more of, so those of you that whine about a “punter” spouting off, you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. Follow Kluwe on Twitter for a week and you will be hooked.

  25. vikesfansteve


    I don’t know what games you’ve been watching, but your description of Kluwe’s abilities are totally wrong. Kluwe punted five times last night for a 50.4 yard average. He consistently downs the ball inside the 20 yard line. He is the best punter the Vikings have had in years. Obviously, you are not much of a Vikes fan if you don’t know this.

  26. Typical Bears fan who doesn’t know jack.

    Just ref the Bears game in TCF where Kluwe had 10 yd punts & punts returned for TD. Same thing in Soldier field a couple times.

    Or Reggie Bush returning 2 for TD’s in the same game.

    So what if Kluwe puts them inside the 20. Most overated stat.

    You don’t know what you are writing about OBVIOUSLY.

  27. At least these replacement refs get the call right after watching replay. The old refs would make a bad call, review it, see they were wrong, and yet still wouldnt overturn the call.

    We need accountability for the refs and thats what the NFL wants. Have patience.

  28. I hate scabs. And when those scabs are as incompetent as the College Division II and III refs are I hate them even more.


    Yes, and most Americans hate the incompetent union workers who hide behind bloated contracts.

    Put your money where your mouth is, NFLPA. Show some solidarity with your union brothers and walk out.

    Yeh, that’s what I thought.

  29. The NFL needs deal with the union refs in the same manner Reagan dealt with the striking air traffic controllers. The planes still flew. The teams will keep playing.

  30. vikesfansteve says: Aug 25, 2012 2:57 PM

    Typical Bears fan who doesn’t know jack.

    Just ref the Bears game in TCF where Kluwe had 10 yd punts & punts returned for TD. Same thing in Soldier field a couple times.

    Or Reggie Bush returning 2 for TD’s in the same game.

    So what if Kluwe puts them inside the 20. Most overated stat.

    You don’t know what you are writing about OBVIOUSLY.


    I don’t know about the rest of the stuff, but you’re dead wrong about punts inside the 20. Obviously you don’t know anything about football. Very important stat. You do know the chance of the other team scoring decreases the farther they are from their own end zone when the drive starts? What happens after the punt inside the 20 is not usually the fault of the punter. Wise up…average field position, and the field position battle in general is one of the biggest determining factors in who wins a game.

  31. Klueless is just self marketing……really, would any of us have actually have used Kluwe in a sentence this week….kick the ball shut the mouth!!

  32. It’s very difficult for me personally to get all worked up over replacement officials, especially since the regular officials have been so awful since the invention of instant replay.
    Let’s all try to remember that reason “reviews” were installed was because the alleged highly-trained officials were and still are INEPT.
    I’ve watched just two preseason games thus far, and I can’t tell a damn bit of difference.

  33. What good is putting it inside the 20 when the first play against the Swiss cheese D is a 15 yd pass.

    In the winter outdoors Kluwes 50 yd punts turn into 19 yd shanks.

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