Luck, Griffin solid but not spectacular in preseason showdown


One of the most-hyped preseason games in recent memory didn’t really live up to its billing.

Yes, it’s the first time that the first two picks in the 2012 draft have met on the field.  But the fireworks were few and far between.

Both men exited after leading one drive in the third quarter.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, the first overall pick in April, was steady and consistent.  Like last week, he responded to a touchdown from the opponent by taking the Colts down the field for a score of their own, waking up the offense after a sluggish start.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin provided more raw entertainment, sending three high-octane rainbows down the field (none were completed), including a first-snap swing for the fences to receiver Pierre Garςon.  Griffin also took some hits, including a thumper on third and one from Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman, who was unblocked on a blitz.  Griffin was hit along the sideline while scrambling for a first down; as Mike Vick has learned the hard way over the years, quarterbacks who are gifted with the ability to move need to learn to avoid contact.  Each hit could be the one hit that knocks the guy out for one or more weeks.

Griffin led a pair of touchdown drives, and Luck had one.  But Griffin enjoyed far more support from his running game, with Florida Atlantic rookie Alfred Morris going over 100 yards as he makes his case to bogart a roster spot from Tim Hightower, Roy Helu, or Evan Royster.  For Indy, the supposed “bell cow” Donald Brown gained eight yards on seven attempts.

78 responses to “Luck, Griffin solid but not spectacular in preseason showdown

  1. RGIII was so methodical out there. He looked so composed and cool. The other quarterback got rocked by our great defense and was lucky on his TD because it was our backup safety mismatched on the WR. Can’t believe people out there think anyone else from the draft class is better than RGIII. Congrats to Alfred Morris on clinching hid spot on the final 53. Get ready to lose opening day Saints! HTTR!!

  2. Both guys look so….professional. Just another game to them. Not spectacular, but the game clearly comes easy to both of them. Should be fun watching them grow.

  3. The Colts O-line and secondary is dreadful. Luck will be successful because he is a better QB but his success will not be as immediate as RG3’s.

  4. Bob Griffin wont make it through the entire season with the D3 line he’s got in front of him.

  5. OMG!!! The Battle of the Century!!!
    It’s no wonder the casual, unknowledgeable football fans, which far outnumber Actually Football Fans, are shooting at each other in stadium parking lots after preseason games.
    Just as postseason games are played faster than regular-season games, regular-season games are played faster, with more intensity and urgency than preseason games.
    Both Andy and Bob will learn the differences very soon.

  6. Both Luck and RGIII showed flashes of what we could see in the future. It will take time for both of these guys to become the QB’s both teams want and need but I believe it will happen. They will be probowlers in the near future. Not this year though.

  7. Luck is clearly better than RG3 right now – better decision making, more awareness and higher football IQ

    RG3 has zero pocket awareness – look for him to get blitzed alot

  8. The mark of a declining qb is the inability to complete the deep pass. Going 0 for 3 on the deep pass it looks like RGIII is already in decline.

  9. Seahawks are gonna dominate the league this year…And R Wilson will outplay both of these guys..

  10. All things equal.. I’d say the Colts have the better option at Quarterback. Luck is doing a lot more with a lot less. Luck appears to be the real deal.

    RGIII, on the other hand.. He looked good out there. He is going to be good if he can stay healthy. Like the article said,” Mike Vick has learned the hard way over the years..”

    Shanny better get a game plan together that keeps Griffin from taking so many hits. Either that, or he better have a solid back-up for the last 8 games of every season.

    Anyway, it is good that these players arent busts. Nothing is worse than having to listen to sports reporters talk about how bad of mistakes team “X” made in the first round.

  11. Skins have 3 starting line men out. Things will be different once we get them back. We probably won’t get Jammal Brown back, so we need some help on the o-line. Soon as we get our o-line in shape, we’ll be a lot more dangerous. How bout that Alfred Morris! Over 100 yards on 13 carries in the first half.

  12. I wouldn’t know how the game went since NFL Network was blacked out here in Illinois. Didn’t make sense to me.

  13. Is anyone else sick of hearing about Luck, RG3 … For heaven sake let them play and show off the talent they have. I don’t want to hear about every move they make or what time they go to the washroom.

  14. If you want to say luck is better than RG3 thats fine,untrue, but fine. If your reasoning is because he is smarter and RG3 has no pocket awareness than you clearly weren’t watching the game and are just talking out your backside

  15. I’m not a fan of either of these teams but considering what Luck had for support (none) compared to Griffin he impressed me more.

    The Colts can’t block anything and as bad as their pass protection is the run blocking is even worse.

    But then again I’m no scout, and it’s just the preseason so who really cares?

  16. The haters can say whatever they want. RedskinNation KNOWS we have a REAL QB leading us and behind a complete team at every position? Woooooop watch out. Do you hear me division rivals and haters. Redskins going to the playoffs! While you all angrily type, I’ll be enjoying my pizzas with multiple toppings thanks to the many TDs and wins we pick up this season! HTTR!

  17. Andrew Luck is going to a top 5 quarterback for the next 10 years. He as absolutely no weapons right now. Reggie Wayne is old and not the receiver he was for Peyton Manning. RGIII hasn’t showed anything in pre season. Look at his yards per completion. Its nothing but dinks and dunks. When he did go down field he has no accuracy. Luck makes all the right decisions and makes accurate throws. From someone that’s not a Colts fan I’d say they are lucky to go from one all time great QB to another potential all time great.

  18. Reality check!!! 2011 & 2012 (8)……. EIGHT!!! 1st Round Quarterbacks. Sorry, but the NFL is not set up for every player to be good nor succesful. History tells us that most of these guys are going to be considered bust, bad or journeymen backups in 4 to 5 years. “shrugz”

  19. Anyone who believed this was gonna be some offensive showdown is a dope!
    The only thing i saw hyped was the fact that these guys were meting for the first time.

  20. Even if they both wind up being equally talented and successful, which it’s far too early to tell, Luck is still the better pick because the Colts didn’t give up an unbelievable amount of picks thereby lessening their future talent pool.

  21. @voiceofreasonsays. I am more than willing to bet Brees hangs 40+ on your “great defense” despite all the turmoil in the bayou. Time for that head to come out of the clouds BROTHER!!!! yeah everyone still knows it’s you

  22. Over throwing receivers on bombs is not really that bad. He just has to kick it down a little bit. Something that can easily be adjusted. Under throwing receivers because you have no arm can’t be adjusted.

  23. this is not about how two rookies looked in week three of pre season. it’s about which team is prepared for week one and the answer to that is without a doubt the Washington Redskins.. our defense is so deep it’s scary. our run attack is solidifying itself, and we have so many wide outs doing good things that it will be hard to cut any of them. poor Brandon Banks. I’m sure alot of teams will be watching the wire to see who we cut

  24. I don’t get the hype for Griffin. Watched him twice, he looks like the second coming of Kordell Stewart. Amazing how deluded Redskins fans are.

    Andrew Luck = Peyton Manning
    Robert Griffin = Ryan Leaf

  25. thegreatone, you’re willing to bet? yeah right. you don’t.have anything to bet.. the taints had to cheat to win their only superbowl,and after brees leaves that team goes back to being the joke everyone knows they are. you better make sure you’re ass is back here and not hiding after the skins don’t get “40 hung on them” and come out with the W. you must be smoking that crystal meth everyone else in Louisiana is stuck on to think that.

  26. Voiceofreason… The Redskins may be on a path toward improvement, but they are still the 4th best team in their own division. I’ll bet you “10 pizzas with unlimited toppings” (whatever you meant by that) that says they don’t make the Playoffs this year. Actually, nobody reasonably thinks they are a playoff team. I’d be shocked if they even finish 3rd aside from major injuries to the Giants/Eagles/Cowboys.

    I don’t expect the Colts to make the playoffs this year or even next as they continue to build a team around Luck and transition to Pagano’s 3/4… but after that the path back to being an AFC Contender is very REASONable with the expected progress Luck will make as he develops. Plus it is a huge advantage to rebuild in an easier division instead of the annually toughest division in football.

  27. Let the Redskins fans chirp all they want. Just like every other year, they’ll quiet down a few weeks into the season. The offseason and preseason is the only time they get to talk trash.

  28. Griffin DID NOT look methodical. He was way off on his deep throws and was reduced to running for his life. If it had not been for a GREAT running game, Griffin would be reduced to nothing. He was virtually worthless in the game except on three yard passes.

    Luck did look more composed and more professional out there contrary to the spin of a few people.

    What should scare the beejeezuz out of Redskin fans like me is that Griffin is not consistent and has only 2 touchdowns in a dozen drives. This guy is an overhyped fraud.

  29. @sundayisthebestday

    I don’t know the Skins whooped the butt of the SB champs twice last year. Thats something to chirp about, for now.

    All joking aside, how anyone can say either of these young QB’s is better than the other at this point is plain silly. Pre-season folks. Lets compare the 2 at the start of year 3.

    One thing in regards to Griffin today, he executed a Shanahan game plan. Run oriented offense with passing mixed in when needed. The Skins had over 100 yards rushing and 74 yards passing at halftime. Balanced.

    And thats what the Skins will attempt to do all year. It worked for a late 30’s future HOF QB, and it will work to break in a rookie QB to the NFL. Will go a long way to keep Griffin healthy and upright.

  30. This the PRE-SEASON, what the EFFF are you compaining that a rookie is not spectacular in these games. PFT and the rest of the media are making too much of a big deal about anything going on early with these rookies.

    The season is just starting, but why this big pressure from the media now for instant stardom for the young players. It is past ridiculous.

    Instead of reporting sports news, the media now believes they have some right to question anything they want. It is getting refreshing when a coach tells some prying reporters to ‘hit the road’.

    Yes, these guys are high draft picks, but give them a chance and time to learn the NFL game. If a QB was drafted top 5, that means the rest of that team is not that swift. Get off their backs and let them develop with their new teams.

  31. laserw says:
    Aug 25, 2012 8:19 PM

    What should scare the beejeezuz out of Redskin fans like me is that Griffin is not consistent and has only 2 touchdowns in a dozen drives. This guy is an overhyped fraud.

    Colts fan here.

    Are you seriously concerned?

    It’s the preseason!

    RGIII looked very good for a rookie. So did Luck. That is all that matters.

    Both teams have reasons to be very optimistic, especially when you compare their QB situations to Arizona, NYJ, or MIA.

    I think a more interesting question from this game is “who the hell is that Skins RB”? I know the Colts have been bad against the run, and Shanahan treats RBs like ex-wives, but this Morris guy looked really really good.

  32. I am hoping Griffin is the real deal, but completing 11 passes for only 74 yards is pathetic. Hopefully it is Shanahan not wanting to show to much.

  33. Well at least you’re honest, laser. Seeing Griffin off on most of his passes, with little feel so far for the pro game, and stating what you saw — well that makes you a “hater” in the minds of Redskins fans. I guess Washington has been without a winner for so long, they just NEED Griffin to look good — regardless of reality.

  34. mitchem85 says: Aug 25, 2012 7:37 PM

    thegreatone, you’re willing to bet? yeah right. you don’t.have anything to bet.. the taints had to cheat to win their only superbowl,and after brees leaves that team goes back to being the joke everyone knows they are. you better make sure you’re ass is back here and not hiding after the skins don’t get “40 hung on them” and come out with the W. you must be smoking that crystal meth everyone else in Louisiana is stuck on to think that.


    Umm yeah except I’m not an aint’s fan and considering Washington finished LAST in a division that completely fell apart I wouldn’t be so sure. Even if they don’t hang 40+ they will dominate you. That is just reality and you are acting like you are fielding a top 3 team. Just like those awesome 4-0 preseason Lions…. you know the ones that went 0-16 in REAL games

  35. like a previous poster already stated….better to long on the deep throws than short. he has essentially played a little more than a full game of total football through the first 3 weeks of the preseason with a stat line close to 21/30 193 yards, 2 tds 0 int…qb rating around 103. not bad for a rookie qb still learning the offense. Bills and Bears defenses are legit and I know the Colts D is garbage. I am not putting him in the ProBowl but he is a huge upgrade over Rex, who would have at least one of the deep balls picked today because he would have under thrown the just like he did all last year. the Shanny’s are running a pretty vanilla offense right now as well. He’s not great YET but a huge improvement over the Redskins first RG3, Rex Daniel Grossman, III.

  36. So far Luck looks phenomenal. If you haven’t actually seen him play then you don’t know. This kid is getting pressured. A LOT.

    He is cool as can be in the pocket, doesn’t get rattled, makes good read, and has shown great mobility.

    RG3 is being protected by the skins. I don’t blame them. It’s smart. But so far you can’t compare what Luck to doing to what RG3 is doing.

    RG3 is running a tecmo bowl sized playbook compared to what Luck is doing.

    This doesn’t mean RG3 is doing badly. It just shows just how advanced Luck is.

  37. Luck is more accustomed to an NFL passing game. That’s why he’s better than RGIII right now. RGIII is still getting used to not playing out of the shotgun and making his reads. Give him some time, he has all the tools. I still think he looked composed and delivered the ball with accuracy. Hell, you don’t need an out this world passing game when you can run the ball the way the ‘skins did today. Winning the game is the only stat that matters.

  38. Wilson, Luck, RGIII… the hype is getting crazy here. Even if they all have great first years, what will it mean in the long run???

    I’m watching former Rookie of the Year Vince Young stink up the joint in Buffalo and may have played himself out of a job in football. And this guy was on the cover of Madden?

    Let’s see where these guys are in 3 years before we crown them the second coming…

  39. Wow, RG3 had a so so game against a bad, rebuilding defense that’s transiting from a 4-3 tampa 2, to a 3-4 man defense. Crown his ass now. I can’t wait to see what the NFC East does to that kid..

  40. Anyone who is judging these ROOKIE quarterbacks to be a bust after three PRE-SEASON games needs to get a grip. If I’m not mistaken, Peyton Manning won ONE game his rookie year. Troy Aikmen had a horrible rookie year as well.

  41. IRG3 just throws the ball up hoping a player catches it, the Baylor way, Canton teach a old bust new offense, if Luck dinked n dunked his passes all day he wouldn’t have any int either, IRG3 has training wheels

  42. Griffin was hit along the sideline while scrambling for a first down; as Mike Vick has learned the hard way over the years, quarterbacks who are gifted with the ability to move need to learn to avoid contact. Each hit could be the one hit that knocks the guy out for one or more weeks.
    I watched the entire game and Luck was hit more often than Griffin. “Griffin takes too many hits” is just part of the inaccurate narrative that Griffin = Vick.

    Overall, I thought both men did very well for being rookies in only their 3rd preseason game. Both Washington and Indianapolis should feel good about having solid leaders to help them turn their respective teams around this year.

  43. eafeagles says:Aug 25, 2012 10:48 PM

    RG3 is uncomfortable in the pocket and has an unconventional delivery. Not impressed.


    This is not an accurate representation of what happened. Griffin looked calm and poised throughout. He was accurate on all of his short and intermediate throws. The one problem with his game tonight was the inability to connect deep. But, he was very comfortable…I just don’t see where you are getting that.

  44. paingabbert says:Aug 25, 2012 8:05 PM

    As long as Snyder and Irsay don’t mate and have a baby …


    OK, now that’s a disturbing image.

  45. I’m just baffled at florio making a big deal about RG3 taking a couple of hits…..and not mentioning that luck was getting BLASTED all game????? Florio likes to ALWAYS compare rg3 to vick as well???? As he has mentioned previously….Luck ran just as much as griffin did in college. Most of the people on here, either DID NOT WATCH the game or just believe whatever they read…..because luck got hit a bunch of MORE times than his counterpoint did!!

  46. Neither of these guys looks as good as Russel ‘Fed Ex’ Wilson.
    Delivering on the ground, and through the air…Check the stats.

  47. I happen to be a Colts fan that watched the game and theres no way that Luck looked better than Griffin. To be completely fair RG3 does have a lot more help but bo one seems to be mentioning that Lucks incompletions came on shorter passes. I didnt see zip on Lucks balls and I see an ability to finesse balls into tight spots on the sideline but not in many other scenarios.

    Griffin looked good, avoiding defenders and making first down throws while Luck looked slow stiff and uncomfortable while taking many shots. Griffin missed long a few times but Luck didnt even challenge down the field much at all and his deep passes were no where near completion-worthy.

    All in all i dont see how a qb can lead his team to two touchdowns (throwing one on the run against good
    pressure) in a little over a half and that be considered ‘solid but unspectacular.

  48. If you think RG3 looks uncomfortable in the pocket, you didn’t actually watch the game.

    If you think he has anything but skin color and superior athleticism in common with Mike Vick, then you should pick a new favorite sport cause you don’t know jack squat about football.

    If you’re a skins fan here bitching about RG3 kill yourself.

  49. ”Griffin was hit along the sideline while scrambling for a first down; as Mike Vick has learned the hard way over the years, quarterbacks who are gifted with the ability to move need to learn to avoid contact.”

    Rookies are prone to make such mistakes. His coaches need to teach him better/safer habits.

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