Matt Flynn doesn’t play, after sore arm earlier in week


Lost in the clamor over Russell Wilson’s continued brilliant performance is the fact the situation with his eventual backup seems cloudy.

Free agent pickup Matt Flynn didn’t play at all Friday night, after sitting out of practice the previous practice, according to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll announced that Wilson would start on Tuesday, and Flynn didn’t practice the following day.

“Just wanted to rest his arm a little bit before the game,” Carroll said after practice Wednesday. “Nothing is wrong with him.”

But he apparently “still felt pain,” before the game, and didn’t take a snap.

Tarvaris Jackson, who hadn’t played in the preseason, finished the game for the Seahawks. He’s expected to be on his way out the door, but that could depend on Flynn’s condition, and whether anything actually is wrong with him.

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  1. Poor Matt Flynn. He is a good QB but was stuck behind Rogers in GB, then he goes to Sea where surely he’ll start, or so he thought. But to everyone’s surprise Sea drafts Wilson. No way can he beat out Wilson.

    Hope Fynn is able to get to a team where he can actually be a starter. Then maybe his elbow won’t be so sore.

  2. Flynn is a fine quarterback. The addition of Flynn and Wilson provides the Seahawks with two quarterbacks who are an upgrade over last year’s starter. Wilson’s performance has been shocking.

  3. Doesn’t Green Bay need a backup? Maybe they could trade for Flynn – I bet he’d be a good fit in that system.

  4. nflprincess:
    You nailed it exactly right. Flynn is a very good QB with rotten luck. Rodgers was fantastic. Wilson had just a wild, outside shot of a chance of being any good, but it seems he is the real deal. That’s great for the Hawks but not so great for Matt. I think Flynn would have done a solid job for us, but it seems that Wilson is better.

    (On a non-football note, however, he does have the most beautiful girlfriend/wife in the whole NFL, so he doesn’t have bad luck in everything!) 🙂

  5. “Tarvaris Jackson, who hadn’t played in the preseason, finished the game for the Seahawks.”

    I know this might be nit-picking but he actually didn’t finish out the game. Josh Portis actually came in on the last series to finish it out.

  6. So when is PFT going to retract all those nasty things they said about Jeff Ireland when he wasn’t willing to pay Matt Flynn?

    Meanwhile, if Seattle names Wilson the starter (and good for him, BTW) they will have massively overpaid for two backup quarterbacks in three offseasons under Schneider and Carroll.

  7. Until Peyton Manning proves he can’t play anymore, the small brained doubters should stick to topics they know best, like their parents being related. He dominated the league for many years and until he fails, I will assume we will see the Manning of old. A handful of preseason games proves nothing one way or the other for a guy that did not play last season. Not a Colts or Broncos fan, for the record.

  8. Seattle is overpaying Flynn?

    Did you know that they will have both Flynn and Wilson on the roster this year for less than what they were paying Whitehurst and Jackson last year?

    They are also paying both players COMBINED less than what the Cards will pay Kevin Kolb this year.

  9. I wish I had money to throw around the way Seattle dumps it by the bagful on quarterbacks, Scrooge McDuck style.

  10. Trollhammer20, you’re right, but you’re missing the point. It’s not a tenable situation to have your backup making millions while your starter is on a 3rd round rookie contract. If it turns out that Wilson is everything he seems, they’ll either have to try to trade Flynn (good luck) or they’ll have to give Wilson a bump. Yeah, it works for this year, but it won’t next year.

  11. Wilson is making $794,000 a year. Yes, Flynn is making millions but I don’t think the Hawks will renegotiate his salary this year. Maybe they should but they won’t. They just don’t do that. I’d rather see us trade Flynn to Arizona for Fitzgerald or to Denver for 2 of their wide receivers. Arizona is desperate for a starting QB and Denver doesn’t really have a prepared back-to Manning and let’s be real–Manning’s continued health after a couple of hits is something that nobody knows about.

  12. @dennisatunity – Flynn for Fitzgerald, haha not going to happen. He’s arguably the best receiver in the game, Arizona would laugh.

    Doesn’t make sense to get rid of Flynn now, even if Wilson starts. Let’s say Wilson does start, and then struggles, gets hurt, or whatever. Wouldn’t you rather have Flynn, backing him up.

    I think Seattle should go with Flynn to start for that fact. If Flynn struggles you can throw in Wilson. But keep in mind he’s still a rookie, and there are defensive coordinators that would love to scheme against a rookie. Granted that Flynn hasn’t had a ton of time against the defenses either, but he’s been in the league and studied a ton. Give Flynn a go first and keep Wilson, he’s not going anywhere.

  13. Well i would expect a guy who’s only started 2 NFL games to have a sore arm. he isnt used to throwing around the ball that much, give him a break. lol. you still got Miny-me ready to be QB. seachickens 6-10. Niners 12-4 win div. again

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