Pete Carroll praises Russell Wilson, but won’t name him starter yet


Russell Wilson got his first preseason start as the Seahawks’ quarterback on Friday night, and he put on a show, completing 13 of 19 passes for 185 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions as Seattle dominated Kansas City, winning 44-14. So does that mean Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is ready to proclaim Wilson the starter for the regular season?

Not yet. Carroll praised Wilson after the game but refused to say who the starter will be when the season begins.

He’s done everything we’ve asked him,” Carroll said of Wilson. “When [General Manager John Schneider] was excited about drafting him and we got the momentum going to make that pick, this is the guy we hoped that he would be.”

At this point, if Carroll were to name Matt Flynn the starter over Wilson, he might have a tough time selling it to the Seahawks’ locker room. Everyone in Seattle seems to be buying into Wilson as the guy who can do the most to help the team win and win now.

“He’s really mature,” said tight end Kellen Winslow, who caught a touchdown pass from Wilson. “He doesn’t get rattled. And he’s a pro, already. Everybody’s got work to do, but he’s about his business.”

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate said he’s been impressed with Wilson’s leadership.

“It’s just something that he stands for and how he handles himself. The things that leave his mouth,” Tate said. “You get a feeling that he’s just very, very special. You don’t know what it is, but you get that feeling. You get excited to see him get on the field, because you never know if he’s going to throw a perfect touchdown pass or juke a safety to extend the drive. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s just good to have a guy who seems comfortable sitting back there. He’s just a very, very special player, and I’m excited to see him grow.”

We may all watch Wilson grow on the field, as a rookie. He looks ready to start. Even if Carroll isn’t ready to make his decision yet.

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  1. Carroll you drafted a QB that we know at State is a winner and yet u can’t make him a starter. I would love for him to be the back up here in Charlotte to Cam….. WILSON JUST WINS GAME !

  2. Give credit where credit is due, the Seahawks got a steal if Wilson can translate his college and preseason success to the regular season.

  3. The NFL pre season is practice. “We talkin ’bout practice.”

    “If you want to crown his a– then crown him.”

  4. Flynn is going to get traded for some good stuff,he has real trade value and does.t want to be a back up. tjack will stay as the back up as he doent have trade value and knows he doesnt have many options. he is a good back up qb. wilson , if not named the starter then the world will end in 2012. he is simply, BY FAR, the best option at qb and may give luck and rg3 a run this year.

  5. this kid looks like the steal of the draft …so far.they gave flynn alot of coin to be holding the clipboard, so i think he’s week one starter. if he gets off to a slow start, the screaming for wilson will get loud fast. neither has proven anything when the games count.

  6. I think Russell Wilson was outstanding last night. He has the players’ confidence (it’s not easy to get a big endorsement from Winslow).

    Having said that, of course Carroll doesn’t want to name him as the starter yet. A good coach doesn’t get caught up in the excitement of the moment, as wonderful as it is. Instead he takes the time to: review the tape, look at the game from many perspectives, talk to the other coaches, and talk to the leaders on both offense and defense. I believe it will be Wilson but Carroll is taking a moment to think. Good for him.

  7. Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Weeden, Wilson.

    Of those five possible opening-day rookie starters, ask yourself this: Which one is most likely to play in a playoff game at the end of this season?

    I’m a Seattle homer, so my answer will be obvious. But with that defense, Marshawn Lynch toting the rock, Miller and Winslow providing veterans at TE (a QB’s best friend)… well, argue against the answer being Wilson.

  8. trollhammer20:
    Good comment. I think you’re right and what your comment really refers to is the brilliance of John Schneider and Pete Carroll. The worst teams got to draft Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, and Weeden. There is little possibility that any of them are going to the playoffs because they all play for bad teams. The brains turn out to be Schneider and Carroll for getting Wilson (and for the Eagles getting Nick Foles). Those are 2 mediocre teams from last year that are going to do exceptionally well this year with their rookie QBs at the helm.

  9. Feel kinda bad for Flynn, I believe they drafted Wilson to learn behind Flynn, they didn’t expect him to be this good already, good for the Seahawks they can now get somebody out of Flynn for a trade

  10. Every1 relax. Yea he got talent. But remember it is the preseason, remember it was against kansas city. You dont see all real defensive schemes until the real season starts. I hope he does well but dont over hype until the real test starts. They play that 49er defense twice a year. See the real test when willis n company are after him. Look at andy dalton. He only won games against teams that were below 500 and struggles against good defenses n above 500 teams. If last night was against the steelers,ravens,9ers etc i would be like wow but against kc come on man relax- this is from a NYG fan.

  11. Even though i want to see Wilson start, Flynn will start just because he got that big contract. No way u have all that money sitting on the bench. When he struggles for a few weeks, then Wilson plays and u trade flynn. But u can’t bench him from the start.

  12. I remember reading that. The way Flynn’s contract is structured it is essentially a year deal and cutting him come March won’t be very painful for the team from a money standpoint.

  13. All you Hawks fans should be ecstatic. From a guy who has seen every snap Wilson ever took, I can say, he is special.

    I charted him against the top 8 QBs last year and concluded: he does everything better than Luck and RG3 and only RG3’s long ball is better. That may be moot, because Shanahan doesn’t let RG3 throw deep.

    Russell is the perfect mesh, where brain meets athletic ability. He’s in total control.Nice nicknames, but I like “THE COMMANDER”.

  14. “He looks ready to start. Even if Carroll isn’t ready to make his decision yet.”

    Pete Carroll made his decision to start Russell Wilson about 2 weeks ago. He’s not ready to NAME him the starter yet because of the stupid games coaches play, both with players and making the week 1 opponent “prepare for both Qb’s.” Seattle plays Arizona in week 1 and guess what? Whisenhunt is doing the same thing. It’s going to be Wilson vs. Kolb.

  15. boopipes says: Aug 25, 2012 7:07 AM

    He was rad at NCSU, rad at WU, is mobile and a winner; what else do you want? If he were 6-4′ would his results be better?
    Yes, yes they would. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to argue here. Wilson does what he does really well, and no one is trying to argue against that, it’s just ridiculous to say that he wouldn’t be better if he had the same mobility and athleticism, but was 6’4″. Michael Jordan was a great player, but would he have been a better player at 6’7″ or 6’8″? Unquestionably. Being taller would give Wilson more options. While he certainly shows the ability to get the job done at his height, if a genie came by offered Wilson 5 extra inches, does anyone honestly think he would even stop to think about it?

  16. As I said before Wilson talents are wasted in Seattle he should as for trade to a team that needs a great starting QB. Wilson is a higher caliber QB and should be the starter. Flynn had 2 games to make a statement and he could not even score a touch down with the starting team. It was Wilson who put all the points on the board for Seattle the entire pre season.

  17. If Wilson was taller, he would have gone in the top 10 (definitely above Tannehill and probably above RGIII).

    As a football fan, I hope this is a QB draft class that rivals the class of ’83. That would mean 3 studs and at least 1 serviceable QB.

    Would be awesome to watch Luck, Wilson, and RGIII grow into a league that already has ascending talent like Rodgers, Stafford, and Newton to replace the eventual fading Peyton and Brady.

    How can a fan not like this?

  18. If Wilson was 5 inches taller, he would have been picked over RG3. He may have been picked over Luck as top overall.

    Yes, Wilson is that good.

    He has all the tools and he is extremely accurate, from a mechanic standpoint, he is better than Luck.

    Luck just has 5 more inches in height.

    Wilson will be the best QB from this draft, and Iam a Bears fan, but you’re blind if you can’t see that.

  19. I have to laugh at all these posts. You cats are hilarious.

    Wilson is a rookie QB. He has zero live action experience. He plays decent in meaningless games against 2nd and 3rd string players (lets face it, KCs starters are 3rd string anywhere else), and everyone wants to hand him a gold jacket. Hahaha.

    Flynn gives Seattle the best chance to win games. Seattle paid Flynn a lot of money to come in and win, and Flynn will be the starter.

    There will be plenty of speculation if Flynn doesnt fare well. A lot of “what if”, but lets be realistic. If Wilson takes snaps as the starter, Flynn will be gone with his contract. If Wilson is the starter and doesnt win, Carroll is gone. Whatcha suppose Pete will do?

    Pete isnt dumb enough to put all his chips on Wilson at this point. I can see a situation where Flynn could be benched in favor of Wilson if Flynn struggles, but Pete wont bet his job on a rookie. Why not? Because Pete Carroll isnt a complete idiot. Nor does he care what the players think. Which is why he has been around for all these years.

  20. Dont take my post out of context either.

    Does Wilson have ability? Yes. Can he start in the NFL? Probably.

    Wilson has demonstrated through College that he has a unique ability to make playes at that level.

    The question is; Can Russell make the transition into the Professional game? Maybe he can, but it is far too early to tell.

  21. Flynn is just as untested as Wilson. Flynn has only started 2 games in his pro career. To say Flynn gives them a better chance to win than Wilson is ignorant.

  22. Flynn may end up starting game 1, but Wilson is the long-term answer.

    Glad I didn’t buy that #15 jersey I was eyeballing.

  23. Reminds me of all the excitement over Nate Davis. Except Russel doesn’t have the learning disability. I agree though lets see how it translates in meaningful games against good teams. Also calm down with the title and playoffs talk. You still need to get through San Francisco.

  24. This is without a doubt the worst handling of a QB situation I have EVER SEEN.

    I dont care how good Wilson is, he will only get better by slowly working him into the starting position. Flynn has had great starts too, and Flynn is ready to show the NFL what he can do.

    All the Seahawks have done is make Flynn not confident, and give too much pressure on a rookie QB.

    Someone needs to tell Carrol he is no longer at the college level.

  25. Simmer down folks!!! Let me enlighten you crazed Pre-Season fanatics & show you the names of last seasons Pre-Season leaders……Richard Bartell, Steven Mcgee, & Chase Daniel. I mean with that list Brees, Eli, Rodgers & Brady should be happy to have jobs(sarcasm) !!!!

  26. Your Hawk fans are bunch of idiots..
    Tebow is God awful !! But Wilson just win!! I’ve watched Wilson, he only win games that doesn’t matter, how did those games that did matter turned out ?
    I hope your get what you want and have Wilson as a starter.

  27. thevelvetglove, Flynn has some years in the NFL. Flynn has way more experience than Wilson. Take note of my post and notice how I never said Wilson sucks. He has the tools to be good in the right situation. Is he another Dan Marino? Probably not. So, dont get too excited.

    seahawksteven777 , the players you mentioned are the only decent players the Chiefs have. The rest are sub-par. I am guesssing you chose those particular players because they are the only 4 you could remember the names of.

    Remember, these players arent playing for anything. They dont even get paid for these games. Think Hali is gona give 110% and chance getting injured and losing a bunch of money?

  28. I don’t think Wilson winning the job says anything bad about Flynn. Matt Flynn played fine, Russell Wilson just put together one of the most impressive preseasons you may ever see from a rookie quarterback. The Seahawks having two QB’s is a far cry from a season ago when their depth chart had Jackson-Whitehurst-Portis on it.

    By the way, Flynn makes only $2M this season. Very cheap for a quality back-up.

  29. hawks /niners = pretty much a wash if you look into the stats…

    Lynch/Gore= Edge to seattle not by much but Lynch atleast plays in more games and is a bit more healthy

    Home Field= Clearly Seahawks

    Wilson-Lynn/ Smith= Edge Seattle.. Both Sea QB’s have great potential and are un knowns.. whats know From Alex..? dudes a dud at No.1.. Hes a career average caliber QB..

    National respect= 49ers.. Its good for the NFL to have the Niners back.. they desperately root for them bc of there national appeal.. same thing as cowboys.. But not justified after only 1 winning seasons in 10 yrs

    Division winner= Seahawks.. About equal D’s Seattle finishes top 5.. Niners top 2.. not a big differential in stats.. Seattle wins with consistency in rushing attack and home field…

    Conclusion= Stop hating a team for being successful in preseason.. As a former collegiate football player.. any competition is good.. and a win is a win.. Never over or “under” evaluate your proformance.. Seahawks fans are excited to be relevant.. Seems like 49 fans are just Homers.. stats dont lie.. but the eye test is important as well..
    *added note.. Niners Still make playoffs!!!

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