Saints, Texans combine for 48 points at the half


The New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans are putting on a show at the Superdome Saturday night.

In a preseason shootout, the Saints and Texans have combined for 48 first-half points. Drew Brees is 17-of-25 for 179 yards and two touchdowns, one to tight end Jimmy Graham and another to wide receiver Lance Moore.

For the Texans, quarterback Matt Schaub has continued his red-hot August by completing 15-of-18 passes for 194 yards and a score. Houston got two more touchdowns on the ground, a one-yarder by Ben Tate on the Texans’ opening possession and another from six yards out from starting running back Arian Foster.

The game has also featured a big defensive play, as emerging star Saints defensive end Junior Galette returned a fumble 16 yards into the end zone.

Offensively, at least, the Saints and Texans look to be ready for Week One.

31 responses to “Saints, Texans combine for 48 points at the half

  1. Saints are going to lose to the Redskins guaranteed. Why? Defense. Washington’s is Top 5 worthy. NO is completely decimated. They won’t keep up with our speed and running game. Our defense will toss Brees around, canceling the rest of that offense. HTTR.

  2. I guess the Saints are not the hot mess you haters were predicting. Lol. Goddell can huff and puff, but the Saints are still a powerhouse.

  3. lmao how is the saints defense “completely decimated”? lofton will be there for the opener, which is an upgrade over Vilma. Hawthorne ans Shanle are looking like very capable veterans. Gallette and Casillas are doing great. and our secondary is a hundred times better than last year. View things from your homer colored glasses all you want, but Washington isn’t top 5 ANYTHING, and the Saints will steamroll them.

  4. The “O” is still a well oiled machine. The “D” will be fine. Gelling will be the only real challenge but it will get done before, during, and after RG3. no doubt…

  5. The Saints are playing like crazed animals. Will be interesting to see if they can keep up this intensity for a full season.

  6. Preseason is meaningless. Lots of defenders are out on both sides. Time to rest everyone who starts until regular season. Put in the scrubs!

  7. U must be kiddin voice, RG3 is going to be a busy first of all, skins O can’t keep up with Saints O, what D does the skins have and by no means are the saints D decimated, if anything the whole saints crew have a chip on their shoulder especially brees bc they have something to prove with this whole bounty scandal

  8. “Voice of reason” Did you watch the same game as the rest of us. Both teams were making big plays on both sides of the ball. They definately are not “decimated” Try listening to “reason”

  9. After watching that game, I’d have to say Houston is the top AFC team. However, Drew & crew are just a bit better. The Saints are on a mission and I wouldn’t bet against them. The hate they’ve seen from website commenters are providing the motivation.

  10. voiceofreason is very delusional…how can this person make a senseless prediction like that…deadskins o-line is terrible and RGIII(a rookie) will be running for his life all season. Some fans just don’t want to accept reality that their team just sucks and we all know deadskins are not talked about as championship contenders.

  11. “After watching that game, I’d have to say Houston is the top AFC team.”

    Wow. After the Texans third preseason game you conclude they are the best team in the AFC?

    It’s. The. Preseason.

    Man oh man, I thought fans had figured out the preseason doesn’t matter by now.

    How about we wait until the real games start in September to start making grand statements about who the best teams are.

  12. 2 comments about these teams.

    Saints are slightly better than the Texans but Hou will have a better shot making it through the AFC since the NFC is stacked.

    But if the Saints do make it out of the NFC, they will destroy whomeover in the game…..

    Secondly the refs are garbage. 2 Bad PI calls. 2 missed PI calls. 1 missed false start that actually penalized the defense for neutral zone infraction when it was clear the wr jumped.
    Failure to call forward progress stopping on a play that resulted in a fumble 5 seconds after the ballcarrier had been wrapped up.

    This was just obvious stuff.

    Refs will make a lot of people mad very soon. Integrity of the game is being pissed away.

  13. You guys talking about what the Redskins going to do the New Orleans Saints that young quarterback never played NFL before and never been spend on his ears. New Orleans Saints is not a team know other team is going to want to meet the Houston Texans felt the same way we are on a mission that know other team ever been on and we knows the NFL got the eyes on us. The New Orleans Saints going to beat they opponents like they beat them in 2011 the only thing that are going to be different is they are bring the wood out. They want there respect back if this means beating all 31 teams they are going to be pretty close if not all the Saints mean business.

  14. Look I am as NOLA as they come but even I know this was and still is for another week preseason. Just a couple of takes from the game:
    1.) The Texans look like the new team to beat in the AFC south. That offense they have looks sick. They also had a great showing from their fans. I wish there was a way to get the Saints and Texans in the same division.
    2.) Brees looks ready to rock. He was dialed in. I was worried how he would be without Payton but I think he will be just fine.
    3.) The Saints as always are going to be shaky on defense. I never tought I would say this but they are going to miss Greg Williams. This defense looks a lot like Gary Gibbs’ bend but don’t break defense. It was odd not seeing the Saints not blitzing in 3rd and longs heck not blitzing on 1st and 10 ‘s. It is a big change. I hope it works out. I don’t like it so far.
    4.) How good is Jimmy Graham, wow this guy is sick. He is so gifted and plays with crazy swagger.
    5.) Same thing for Owen Daniles I really hope he can stay healthy because he has a ton of talent
    6.) Nice to see the Texans with a great road crowd in the Dome. Houston is a huge football town glad they got a good team to route for almost brings back “luv u blue” days
    7.) Replace-a-refs got to go. They are indecisive. They miss obvious PI calls yet call them where there is no contact. It is going to be a long year with out Mike Carey and Co. out there.
    8.) Arian Foster looked sharp he only had 32 yards but he looked good Draft him high.
    8.) The Superdome is looking great and ready for the Super Bowl the building is so far removed from the pre-Katrina structure that was
    9.) Chris Ivory looked good despite the fumble I think his performance tonight locks up his spot. On the flip side I really am starting to believe Mark Ingram is a bust. Travaris Cadet has looked like a better back. The pick would have gotten confiscated anyway but it looks like the Saints wasted a pick on him. He is buried on the depth chart behind Sprolls and Pierre Thomas and frankly should be behind Ivory.
    10.) I would love to see a rematch of tonight’s pre-season game in the Super Bowl last seasons Texans/Saints match up was electric and for preseason so was this one. Why aren’t these 2 teams in the same division? Great offensive showcase!

  15. @voiceofreasonsays
    I wouldn’t go that far just yet. The Redskins are bringing a rookie QB into the Superdome. It’s going to be very loud and nothing like he’s seen before at Baylor. The Saints defense is a little shaky but I really don’t see how the Skins can keep up with the points the Saints are capable of putting up. It was said before but I will say it again the Skins are not a top 5 defense and surely won’t be after week one.

  16. The Saints will beat the foreskins because they have a better offense .. plain and simple. The Texans had the 2nd best defense in the league last season and the Saints still lit them up.

  17. It’s clear than many posters did not see the game. Both teams played well and opponents should be wary they can put up some points. Yes, it is preseason and you can see the potential of both teams when viewing the starters and backups.

  18. Saints were killed because their three best linebackers were out and they were getting killed on rollouts and passes to the TE.

    That won’t happen when they have Lofton and Hawthorne week 1.

  19. Saints are going to lose to the Redskins guaranteed. Why? Defense. Washington’s is Top 5 worthy. NO is completely decimated. They won’t keep up with our speed and running game. Our defense will toss Brees around, canceling the rest of that offense. HTTR.


    Yeah, I remember the first time I tried beer.

  20. Starting to feel redskin fans are thd New saints fan. So embarrassed to be a fan they have to hide behind fake names and try to act relivent since they havent seen a superbowl since 1992. Remember since theb the cowboys have won 3 more, giants 2 and been in 3 and the eagles have even made a superbowl since then. So keep talking behind those fake names making donkeys of yourselves cause even with rgIII(soon to be mv2) you will still be irrelevant

  21. dexterismyhero: Don’t hate dog you may not like my comment but its on the real you can except it or you can reject it. But for your comment I have more education in my toes, more than what you has in your head so don’t mess wit the (Louisianakid) because I will give you a backwoods education when it comes to my New Orleans Saints (yu hear me) WHODAT’S all the way.

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