Sebastian Janikowski injures groin trying to make tackle

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When Justin Miller was a member of the Raiders, the team loved his ability to break big kick returns.

Now that Miller’s on the Lions, they don’t like it all that much. Miller busted a 79-yard return in the second quarter of Saturday night’s game, which might have brought back some happy memories to those in Oakland if not for the fact that kicker Sebastian Janikowski went down with a groin injury while trying to pursue Miller on the play.

Janikowski’s return is being called questionable by the Raiders, but it is tough to imagine the Raiders risking their Pro Bowl kicker any more in this game. Eddy Carmona is the second kicker on Oakland’s roster and it’s a good bet that he’ll be getting any future placekicking opportunities against the Lions.

Janikowski has made just under 80 percent of his field goal attempts since joining the Raiders as a first-round pick in 2000. His loss would be a big one for the Raiders, who have relied on his ability to make long field goals many times over the course of his career.

12 responses to “Sebastian Janikowski injures groin trying to make tackle

  1. Kickers/Punters have no business make more than 1,000 bucks in this sport. There job isn’t that hard and well…you see what happens when they try to do something other than kicking LOL. So worthless.

  2. Lol at you guys that think you could do what kickers/punters do. An extra point is 51 feet and I doubt you could kick a football thru uprights from 51 feet.

  3. @voiceofreason

    I strongly recommend that you read “A Few Seconds of Panic” before you make any more remarks about kickers. GREAT book.

  4. His replacement Carmona boomed a 56 yard FG off the dirt. He kicked a 53 yarder earlier in the preseason so I think we’ll be OK if Jano misses some time.

    A groin injury is pretty bad for a kicker.

  5. Stupid move, trying to make that tackle in a game that means nothing..
    Hope it doesn’t cost the team in games that do matter…

  6. Jano and Lechler have easily been the most consistent Raiders over the last 10 years. Hell, I think they are the only Raiders to be there that long. But for the love of God, how do you not at least get the guy to be in shape???

    If Jano took his conditioning seriously, I think he would have been one of the best kickers of all time. Ray Guy, who should easily be in the Hall, consistently made touchdown saving tackles when it called for it. Now that I think about it, is there one punter in the Hall???? The only punter close to Ray was Jerrell Wilson who played for the Chiefs in the Late 60’s and 70’s! He was awesome as well.

  7. His days are numbered why….because he’s awesome? He is clockwork from under fifty and a good bet from much deeper. That was a pretty stupid comment. As for him being to fat to do anything but kick, I don’t know about that either. Making this play in preseason was pretty stupid but Jano has knocked some folks into the benches on more than one occasion before…so I’m not opposed to him having a little extra weight behind him. It’s not like he’s required to run up and down the field for sixty minutes. He does his job well…so get off his ass. I’m willing to bet you’re not that good at your job…and you’re probably still overweight…talking smack from behind your computer…either at work…or from your couch. Let’s see you hit one from fifty plus with the game on the line clown.

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