Steelers starters get better of Bills in tuneup

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Other than rookie right guard David DeCastro’s injury, it was a pretty good night for the Steelers.

Ben Roethlisberger led an 11-play, 98-yard drive in 1:33 for a touchdown just before halftime to remind everyone how good the Steelers can look when they go no-huddle, the deep pass made a return to the playbook resulting in big catches for Jonathan Dwyer and Antonio Brown and the defense did a good job keeping the Bills starting offense in check.

The pass rush created a lot of problems for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who went 7-for-18 for 89 yards while getting sacked once in a half of play. Running back C.J. Spiller fumbled and Vince Young got picked off by Troy Polamalu on the first play of the second half. The news wasn’t all bad for the Bills. Stevie Johnson’s groin seemed fine while he was making three catches for 36 yards and Fred Jackson ran well on seven first half carries while the defense got two sacks from Mario Williams.

But the Steelers still looked like the team that was more prepared for the start of the season. Roethlisberger was 17-of-24 for 169 yards and a touchdown as the offense looked more aggressive than it has at any other point in the preseason. Antonio Brown made up for two early drops with a pair of touchdown catches, the second coming from Byron Leftwich just after Young’s interception.

All of that won’t be moot if DeCastro’s injury proves to be as serious as it looked, but it will put an end to hopes of a youthful talent infusion to the offensive line. Max Starks struggled on Saturday, but Mike Adams hasn’t given any reason to believe he would have done any better and the team can only plug Ramon Foster into so many spots at a time.

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  1. chan gailey is putting together a good roster. i just don’t think he can coach them to the playoffs. he would prob be better off as a gm

  2. Josh Alper – I guarantee your not watching the game based on your assessment. The Steelers had countless 3 and outs and pressure on them all day (you also didin’t mention all the sacks by the 1st team). Fitz numbers don’t represent his performance. Bills didn’t put any of their starters in the 2nd half. Bills 2’s vs. Steelers 1’s is when Pitt looked good.

  3. Don’t play the conservative journalism route b/c it’s Pittsburgh. Either watch the game and be honest, or don’t watch the game at all

  4. The Bills starting D was in the game for both of the Steelers first half touchdowns and couldn’t get off the field on the final drive of the half. The pass rush was noted by noting Williams’ sacks. Completely disagree about Fitzpatrick’s numbers not representing his performance, although I do think the fact that he was under pressure contributed to it. I don’t think and didn’t write that the game was one-sided, but totally stand behind my observation that the Steelers got the better of the Bills when both teams’ starting lineups were on the field.

  5. Is it just me or for being a team that has never won a superbowl and mediocre for 30 years Seahawk fans sure do like to run there gums…For god sakes your one of the least popular teams in the NFL dont hold any records yet every year you guys yap how your gonna be contenders in the superbowl….smh

  6. I was watching the game.

    After the first score, the Buffalo offense got STUFFED. That is, once LeBeau decided to stop playing pre-season patty cake and start sending a little heat. After that, Buffalo got dominated.

    The Buffalo D did force a lot of three-and-outs, but as noted, the first teasers were out there when Roethlisberger shoved it down their throats.

  7. Josh Alper, are you sure you watched the game? Because the Steelers starting offense had one good drive, which came with 2 minutes left in the half and some of the Bills defensive starters weren’t even in. Up until that Point the Bills easily Dominated the Steelers in every way imaginative. The Buffalo starting D made the Steelers go 2-9 on third down constantly stuffing them and making them go nowhere. The Bills starting Offense more than doubled the Steelers yards easily before the last drive of the Half in which buffalo had only 6 defensive starters out. The Bills starting unit looked dominate in every single way to the Steelers.

  8. My take is the Bills starters may have been outplayed — but they got the better of the Steelers in the injury department.

    The Steelers lost DeCastro, Kiesel and maybe even Redman even longer. Not good for my Steelers.

  9. Fitzpatrick isn’t a very good quarterback he’s shown nothing throughout his career to suggest otherwise. The Bills D-line can only do so much on the other side of the ball, the rest of their defense isn’t nearly as formidable.

    Christian Ponder, Roethlisberger and to a lesser extent RGIII all had success passing against the Bills starting defense.

    Honestly Bills fans are starting to get whiny in general, last year they acted injuries completely derailed everything good about their team, while ignoring the fact that other teams have injuries as well. Injuries are not an excuse they are part of the game.

    They got a fluky win over the Patriots, signed a few defensive lineman and now act like their team is beyond reproach.

  10. No. Not really. There were backups on the last drive. Several plays in the drive, Kyle and Mario Williams were out, as was Dareus and Anderson. I don’t know what game you were watching, buy Bradham was at LB then also. The Steelers screed on a 17 yd drive against the 1’s. As announcer Steve Tasker observed, the Bills ran a vanilla O to not show the Jets anything, and Buffalo completely dominated the 1st quarter, and the run game. The Steelers had more no gains or losses running the whole first half. Before the 2minute warning, Buffalo shoved it down Roethlisberger and the Steelers throats. Sorry Alper, you either didn’t watch closely, or are a Steeler fan.

  11. Sorry to burst some bubbles here but it’s not like anyone thinks the Bills are anywhere close to a top tier team this year. Especially on offense. Fitzy is decent, but with that poor protection he looks awful. Fred Jackson is the best player in that offense, but unfortunately today’s O is predicated on the pass first.

    That being said, Steelers did exactly what you would expect them to do. 7 pts in the first half allowed to a subpar offense.

  12. Nobody can sell themselves on a great upcoming season like Bills fans. Every season, “this is the year!!!”. You still have the same crappy QB, the same WR who drops half the TD passes that come his way, the weakest OL in the division (and thats saying something when you look at the Jets OL)… They picked up the most overrated DE in the league in Mario Williams – did you notice that when he went on IR last year, the Texans D didn’t miss a beat? And they signed the wrong ex-Patriots DE. Anderson got 6 of his 10 sacks on “cleanup sacks” when the QB was flushed into Andersons waiting arms by Carter or Wilfork. Nice way to spend a combined 20 million of your cap.
    Sorry boys, its going to be another long season for the Toronto Bills.

  13. Bills owned them quarter one & backed off late in the 2nd quarter, then the game was over.

  14. Someone obviously didn’t watch the game. One TD was on a 18 yard drive due to our #2 back CJ Spiller fumbling. The 98 yard drive had our front 4 sitting out after the 30 yard 3rd and long play at the 1 yard line. Kyle Williams was the best player on the field tonight. He was constantly in the backfield and Dareus was pushing two O-Lineman at once (one of those plays was the DeCastro injury). Mario Williams had 2 sacks. Pittsburgh had like 25 yards rushing in the first half and Kyle Williams, whom is a 315 lbs DT chased down and tackled their #1 back (who went 12 carries for 24 yards btw) on a screen play. The Bills defense is going to e scary. If they lose any of the front 4, they could have problems. Dwan Edwards is terrible…

  15. catquick says:
    Aug 25, 2012 10:31 PM
    No. Not really. There were backups on the last drive. Several plays in the drive, Kyle and Mario Williams were out, as was Dareus and Anderson. I don’t know what game you were watching, buy Bradham was at LB then also. The Steelers screed on a 17 yd drive against the 1′s. As announcer Steve Tasker observed, the Bills ran a vanilla O to not show the Jets anything, and Buffalo completely dominated the 1st quarter, and the run game.

    So what you’re saying is, when it came to Buffalo’s offense doing nothing against the Steelers, well, that’s because it ran a “vanilla” scheme, because you know, it’s just a pre-season game and all. But when it came to Buffalo doing something well, well then it counted — why they (at least in your mind) “dominated the 1st quarter.” Then all of sudden it counts! Never mind maybe the Steelers were running some vanilla of their own, hey! We busted!

    Uh huh.

  16. @realnflmaster Rian Lindell has scored more points in one game this preseason than the Jets have scored to date. Who is in trouble again?

  17. Nothing wrong about the game summary by Josh Alper, I watched the game and the Steelers offense did have a slow start. What wasn’t mentioned was numerous passes dropped by Steelers receivers and 5 drives starting at the 20, 20, 11, 5, and 3 yd lines. Bills punter was superb.

    I see the Bills’ fans are trying to trivialize the fumble by Spiller as a fluke. Had LaMarr Woodley not coated his hands with grease he would have had 2 easy interceptions of Fitzpatrick and then there would have been 3 turnovers by your ones. So much for the Bills domination of the game.

    It was the Bills first team defense that got a 98 yd, 1:38 minute drive stuffed down their throats to end the second half.

    Preseason chest thumping by either team is meaningless.

  18. Coming from a Bills fan that was actually there, this headline is accurate. The Steelers didn’t dominate, but they were the better team tonight. It seemed as though Fitz was a tad off. He missed throws he usually makes, and that was with no pressure. Stevie looked good, Freddie looked good. The D was solid. Gilmore had a rough night, McKelvin was the best corner on the field IMO. It was 14-7 with 1’s-vs-1’s. The next Pitt score was simply 1st teamers vs. Second teamers. The ST game for both teams was amazing. Multiple punts inside the 10 was crazy. Buffalo’s O-Line is going through some growing pains, to be honest, Cordy Glenn is not a LT at this point in time. Hariston played better there last year, and has struggled on the right side. If they can’t hold up, this team will not capitalize on the hype, regardless of how Fitz, Stevie, Freddie or the D plays. It looks as though Young is being forced to play “Pocket-QB”, there were times when he could have run for tons of yards, but continued through the progressions and ended in a sack, or a pick. If young is forced to do that, regardless of what Gailey thinks, Young is useless to this team. Either way, I don’t normally care about the Pre-season, and still don’t. Week 1 is where it all counts and the Pre-season is for talking heads.

  19. @geniusfan is a complete retard. You nore this site have clue what theyre about. Actually watch gave footage and you’ll undoubted change your “joke” Morron

  20. gadzod says:
    Aug 25, 2012 10:46 PM
    Someone obviously didn’t watch the game. One TD was on a 18 yard drive due to our #2 back CJ Spiller fumbling. The 98 yard drive had our front 4 sitting out after the 30 yard 3rd and long play at the 1 yard line. Kyle Williams was the best player on the field tonight. He was constantly in the backfield and Dareus was pushing two O-Lineman at once (one of those plays was the DeCastro injury).

    See my comment above — your first-team guys played the WHOLE drive. Dareus and Mario Williams were there for the first plays AND the last. (Sorry you can’t change reality to suit your needs.) Your first-team D got it handed to them on a drive that went the whole length of the field. Maybe YOU guys want to reconsider just who watched the game, and who didn’t?

    Speaking of big Dareus, how ’bout how he got absolutely TOOLED by RUNNING BACK Ike Redman on the TD run? Redman was hit a full two-yards before the goal line, but just bulldozed his way through. (Or do you want to claim Buffalo was just playing the scrubs for that one, too?) Go watch the replay. It’s good football watchin’ fun!

  21. Will never understand the ” Weakest O-Line in the leauge” comment. Must be Madden ratings that is based off of. The Miami O-line just recently turned it around. Thanks to Incognito and Pouncey, added to Jake Long that is. The Jets O-Line is a mess. Mangold is the only pillar of consistency there. Ferguson has been struggling, but that’s because he is on his own. Now, NE could possibly now have the worst O-Line in the division, although its close with the Jets. Look at the hits Brady has taken, sure, you may not have the Sacks, but Brady has been tossed in every game he has played. Either way, Buffalo’s stats last season speak for themselves, and they had tons of injuries, so maybe get your facts straight before spewing trash. Especially from a Denver fan.

  22. LOL…this entire forum is funny b/c it’s nothing but die hard Bills fan and die hard Steelers fans.

    I cant’ wait for the regular season!!!!!!!

  23. LOL at this “The JETS are gonna crush this team week 1. When’s the last time you were ever relevant for anything other than losing?

    Oh right. Never.”

    Dude, the Jets are going to be the worst team in the NFL this year. Your team has a grand total of 140 passing yards so far. Andrew Luck threw for 151 just today.

  24. Stick a fork in these steelers, they’re done! No way a team as old and slow as pittsburg can compete with the likes of Baltimore and Cincy. Who does Pittsburg have other than their defenders? Ben is a mediorce talent, never being top 5 in any statistically category and their OL is a joke. Can’t wait to see Baltimore sweep these clowns under the rug this season, they are far and away the best team in the AFCN.

  25. The Bills ran a basic version of their Offense so the Jets have nothing to prepare for week 1. All the tricks of Gailey stay in the bag until regular season. Pre-season is no gauge for how a team is really doing, most teams stay away from their original playbook and stick with basics. We will really see how well the NFL teams will be week 1.

  26. “The JETS are gonna crush this team week 1. When’s the last time you were ever relevant for anything other than losing?”……………………………………………………………………

    LOL, you have “Sanchize,” Nuff said!!

  27. I don’t know what game you people were watching.
    The Steelers dominated from start to finish.

    One shouldn’t drink heavily B4 watching the game!!

  28. Here’s what I took away from the Steelers-Bills game: Byron Leftwich is a far superior quarterback than Vince Young.
    Leftwich has had a tremendous preseason, throwing three TD passes in limited duty during the course of only two games.
    Also, Roethlisberger looks to be in the best shape of his career. Other than that, it was a typical preseason game.
    It should be noted that a year ago, after the dismantling of the dream-team Eagles, the Steelers’ offense had looked so unstoppable, the overzealous Pittsburgh media predicted the offense would be the best in franchise history. It finished 22nd in scoring in 2011.
    Preseasons are what they are: Meaningless.

  29. The Jets may be having the worst preseason in the history of the nfl. Yeah, it’s preseason…I know, but they can’t even pretend like they haven’t looked like a junior varsity squad. I’m pretty pumped to see how bad this mess gets between Tebow and “Sanchize” lol. What’s funny is they both get a lot of media attention but neither can throw a football. I wonder why? I guess it’s one of those “intangibles” those experts are always talking about, ha!

  30. I am guessing Bills fan want to have their cake and eat it to. Both starting teams played the first half and the Steelers had 14 and the Bills had 7. And for the Bills fans who keep flapping their gums, just remember we don’t have Mendenhall, or Mike Wallace playing. Also if Woodley’s hand didn’t turn to stone at the wrong time, your mediocre Quarterback would have thrown an INT.

    Third and 9 from the one yard line and we drove all the way down for a touchdown and you guys think you have a team to brag about. Well keep bragging folks to your next 6 win season.

  31. ravensallday2012 says:Aug 25, 2012 10:20 PM

    1 good drive in a half is terrible. Not sure how anyone can be happy in Pitt
    You mean like all the hype for Joe and the Raven because of the Jag game LMAO Look who the Ravens played a high school level team if thats

  32. As a Bills fan I can say the offense didn’t look sharp.. Lots of pressure on the QB Fitz took a couple shots. Some of that can be attributed to playing a good D.. But they only had one drive where the starting O scored. A few bad drops and more then a few bad passes(the blitz contributed to it) I’m hoping they run the ball and play to the strength of the o-line. The Steelers starters on offense were good but they didn’t dominate the defense the Bills had decent pressure and one of the scoring drives started on the Bills 20 due to a turnover. One place where the Bills really got beat was on the edges …watching Antonio Brown made me realize why Pittsburgh didn’t sweat the Wallace holdout

    at least were still better then the Yets!!

  33. Preseason and the Bills look good….need I grab the Detroit analogy? Okay…4-0 preseason; 0-16 when it counted!! The Bills will be there when it counts!! BTW, Sanchize is a joke!!

  34. I’ts totally obvious that he moderators on this site re STEELERS fans. A steeler fan can get away with posting ”dick”, but my post never make it past them.

  35. What was Polamolu still doing in the game in the 3rd quarter?

    Dominating from start to finish? Is this why they only mustered 90 total yards in the first 28 minutes?

    Regardless, we found out a few things from the game yesterday. One, Vince Young still stinks. Two, Bills still need to be looking for their next franchise QB. Fitz continues to show he can, at best, manage a game. Finally, the 1st Team D looks pretty good.

    Bring on the Jets, this Pre-Season stuff is for the birds!

  36. Seriously? Until the Spiller fumble, the Bills front 4 kept the Steelers going backwards. They 100% owned the first quarter, and the special teams play was top notch. Turnovers changed the momentum, and Big Ben showed why he has a couple rings with that 99 yard drive. Cant diss, that was impressive. Buffalo didn’t do well adjusting to the exotic blitzes they got after the first TD and the next drive moving down the field with ease and they sputtered downward. The #1 offensive producer in Jackson is back to true form after his injury and I thought Glenn at LT played fairly well. Overall, they both looked like 2 NFL teams in week 3 preseason form. AKA, bleh.

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