Vikings drop 15 players

The Turk was busy in Minnesota today.

The Vikings have made the move from 90 to 75 players, one day after a 12-10 preseason loss to the Chargers and two days before the mandatory deadline for making the first step toward the looming move to 53.

The following players — all rookies and one- or two-year veterans — have been waived:  guard Bridger Buche, running back Derrick Coleman, guard Grant Cook, linebacker Soloman Elimimian, defensive back Corey Gatewood, tackle Levi Horn, defensive end Anthony Jacobs, receiver Kamar Jorden, receiver A.J. Love, linebacker Tyler Nielsen, defensive end Ernest Owusu, defensive tackle Tydreke Powell, cornerback Chris Stroud, receiver Kerry Taylor, and receiver Bryan Walters.

The Vikings previously had waived rookie receiver Greg Childs and rookie defensive back Nicholas Taylor, both of whom reverted to the team’s injured reserve list.

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  1. The Turk is a bit like Santa Claus, most of his work is confined to a few days of the year, and he has to be in many different places at once. But a visit from the Turk to a household usually means no further visits from Santa Claus.

  2. How did they only waive 1 of the 3 running backs that fumbled the ball (two in the red zone) last night.

  3. jbythebay says: Aug 25, 2012 5:48 PM

    gotta make room so you can eventually sign all of the Packers cuts as per usual

    Feel free to name the former Packers that the Vikings have signed. Do it by year, so we can all see exactly what you are talking about. Who was it last year again? The year before? Oh, right, you’re still whining about Favre, Sharper, and Longwell. Not surprising coming from a fanbase that still pounds their chest over that “world championship” against the Boston Braves…..

    Live in the now, man……

  4. jbythebay says:
    Aug 25, 2012 5:48 PM
    gotta make room so you can eventually sign all of the Packers cuts as per usual
    Name some examples when this has happened please since you said it happenes “per usual?”

    mjkelly77 says:
    Aug 25, 2012 6:35 PM
    I’m sure that the Vikings will be picking up some cuts by the Lions as well.
    Well aren’t we arrogant after one “decent” season in the Lions joke of a history. Keep the Lions felons signed overthere……if nothing else, they can all form a street gang on the mean streets of Detroit in their spare time.

  5. favreblows says:
    Aug 25, 2012 9:21 PM

    Do the Vikings suck less……now that they got rid of these bums……or more?

    Bottom line…..they still suck.
    Your Viking ‘s Blog trolling and negative comenting “sucks.” Oh and so does the Packers HRRIBLE defense…..if you call it that.

  6. jbythebay says:
    Aug 25, 2012 5:48 PM
    gotta make room so you can eventually sign all of the Packers cuts as per usual
    Wow. What a stupid and ignorant thing to say.

    Not surprising or anything. Just stupid and ignorant.

  7. brewdogg:

    At least when the Vikings sign former Packers, they end up with somebody good. When it goes the other way, the Packers end up with guys like Koren “Tipsy McStagger” Robinson.

    You can see why they’d be angry.

  8. @ Brewdogg——You tell him dogg!

    Unoriginal @ best!

    If the vikings do not cut Asiata & Todman as well, I will be disappointed. They are horrible. Then look @ the depth the Aints are working with.
    Ivory,Ingram(sux)Thomas,Sproles,Cadet…..Seriously, we should pick up Cadet if he is dropped…….

    WR- I cannot understand how some teams have a plethora of WR’s(Plethora= Many or excess to the Dummy Packer fans) that will get cut, and would all be starters on our squad. With Simpson out for 3 games, we absolutely need more talent to give Ponder some tools. He is showing promise but these guys are just not getting seperation. We should look to pick up @ least 2, and Drop Aromashadu, and Jarius Wright, or Jenkins….Our Wr’s suck…..and if we had better, we could actually be an 8-8 team

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