Colts, Dolphins trade becomes official


From trade winds to done deal, all in a matter of hours.

The Colts have announced that the tradel to bring cornerback Vontae Davis from Miami has been finalized.  And in addition to the 2013 second-round pick that will be shipped to South Florida, the Colts also will be sending a conditional late-round pick to the Dolphins.

The Colts didn’t identify the condition or the round of the other draft pick.

“Bottom line with this move today is we got better as a football team,” General Manager Ryan Grigson said. “That is always the goal each day for this organization.  From the first time he stepped on the field at Illinois as a freshman or in the National Football League as a rookie, you knew Vontae was a special talent.  Now he has a chance under Coach Pagano and this coaching staff to reach not only his potential as a football player, but as a person as well.  That is our collective goal moving forward.”

Although the 2012 Colts definitely got better, if the final outcome to the season isn’t much better than 2011, that second-round pick will be basically a very low first-round selection.  Not having that pick will keep the Colts from getting much better on the second day of the next draft.

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  1. People forget Jeff Ireland’s record on picking in the 2nd round. Let’s put it this way, it’s not stellar.

  2. Seems like a good trade for both teams. Colts really needed a corner and Davis did not fit into the new system that Philbin and the Dolphins coaches were trying to run. Its been tough on the dolphins trading Brandon Marshall, signing and releasing Chad Johnson and now trading away a former first round pick.

  3. Miami is preparing for the 2013 draft by releasing their players, just like the Marlins before them.

  4. This is what Isray calls a monster trade ? Only a RB could help the Colts as a team and to help Luck develop faster. With no running threat, defensives will be teeing off every down.

  5. Definitely a panic move, but what are they gonna do? If they fall behind early every game,, it will be open season on Luck. Keeping Luck out of the hospital is job #1.

  6. With Vontae, we go 5-11. Without Vontae…..5-11. Great trade. Not for this year, but for the future. Assuming of course, we don’t blow the pick. Big assumption.

  7. Vontae wasn’t all that. Now I’m convinced the Dolphins are headed in the right direction.


  8. Phins have given up this year…. complete rebuilding year…. Tannehill’s gonna be training…

    Problem is, they are going to need all those picks after Tannehill gets pummelled behind that paper thin pass protection….

  9. How about a little GM 101…. Think they could have picked him up for nothing when he got cut by the Phins in 10 days or so? First thing I would’ve told Miami, is “we’ll think about it”, and sit back and wait for him to be cut. Obviously Miami was going to cut him after having a coversation with them.

  10. Fins should have about 5 picks in the first 100 in the upcoming draft!!! That gives them great leverage to move up or just simply come away with a lot of top rated picks preferably at WR and Safety. Is it too early to say Keenan Allen or Robert Woods.

  11. I want to know why the Dolphins gave away Davis so cheaply. Drafts picks are nice but they have so many obvious immediate needs and future drafts picks doesn’t address them.

  12. “Not having that pick will keep the Colts from getting much better on the second day of the next draft.”

    How so? Every year there are a number of 1st and 2nd round players that don’t pan out, let alone contribute from day one as a starter. The Colts just used a 2nd round pick on a day-one starter who is a proven talent in the league. If Davis was 28 or 29, I could see the point here. But he’s 24, relatively cheap, and fills a huge void for the foreseeable future. I think it’s a great move.

  13. Vonte Davis has talent but has done virtually nothing. He gets burnt all the time and is very immature. I’ll take the second round pick for a overrated CB

  14. Voiceofreasonsays: you should change your nickname to voiceofsparty.

    Living in Texas and watching the Big 12(-2), I’ve seen enough of Tannehill to agree that he’s at the top of the list of likely first round QB busts but Luck? Not hardly – and no, I am not a Stanford or Indy fan.

  15. It is a contract year for Davis as well as Sean smith who people have said has had a tremendous camp. I myself don’t think it was a good trade. It is a fresh start for vontae. Who has potential to be champ bailey esq. this avoids a contract dispute going into 13′-14. When you have jake long and Sean smith to resign. Not to mention the fins will be looking to draft Tannehill right hand man in next draft at WR

  16. If Vontae gets his act together, Indy made a hell of a deal. If he doesn’t, Miami is on the winning end of it. I can’t see this as being a deal that works out for both teams, though.

    “Now he has a chance under Coach Pagano and this coaching staff to reach not only his potential as a football player, but as a person as well.”

    His potential is among the highest in the league, but there has to be more to behind-the-scenes for the Dolphins to let him go. It’s not like he’s expensive, so it’s not a salary cap move.

  17. Im going on record now- Colts will go at leasst 8-8, barring an injury to Luck, Wayne, Freeney, or Bethea, and will be right in the thick of the playoff hunt.

  18. As a Titans fan I like this trade. I don’t think Davis is all that great so I look forward to many years of Locker exploiting that weakness. That said, he is an upgrade for the Colts’ awful secondary… but he should be penciled in as a mediocre starter for year’s to come instead of them pursuing a better DB next year in the draft or in free agency.

  19. Maybe the Colts should bring in Singletary as a consultant for 1 game and give him the full ‘Singletary’. Worked for Vontae’s big brother Vernon.

  20. “Miami is preparing for the 2013 draft by releasing their players, just like the Marlins before them.”

    Big difference. Marlins won a championship and didn’t have to deal with a salary cap, the Phins did not. In baseball you make a ton of money regardless if you win or have an empty stadium. Id argue Ross actually wants to win and always has an open wallet since owning the team

  21. Richard Marshall is pretty good and can make up for the loss of Davis, if Ireland can make the pick work, it will be a good trade for us. Davis made some big plays, but he also gave up alot of big plays trying to gamble.

  22. The reason Miami was able to feel comfortable about trading Vontae is because Nolan Caroll is playing his best ball now! Why not play a guy that works as hard as anybody, has skills that are only getting better, and get a 2nd and a 6th or 7th rd pick. I don’t know why there are so many negatives, Vontae isn’t even a starter anymore – Caroll will be fine! Good job MIAMI!

  23. Colts improved their team. The Ultimate goal. Well done.

    Colts have had so many misses with 2nd round picks anyhow.

    And they are around 40 million under the cap next season.

    Not worried about losing a 2nd rounder….not one bit.

  24. Two picks for Vontae Davis????

    Colts are nuts.

    I’ve been waiting for Davis to live up to his mouth, never happened. Glad he is gone and the second round pick is a bonus

  25. voiceofreasonsays says:
    Aug 26, 2012 3:51 PM
    Both teams have bust rookie QBs. The chase for Kirk Cousins in 2 years between the Colts and Fins will be epic.

    you know you just made a dumb comment when you got 315 thumbs down..lmao i never seen more than 200 let alone 300 hahah.. i vote this comment the most idiotic comment of the year!

  26. I like how many of you comment on Vontae as if you actually seen him play. If you only watch Hard Knocks you would think Sean Smith was the best CB on the team. Let me tell you Sean Smith is great in practice but stinks it up in games. Vontae is a great run stopper and is very good in pass coverage. He is not the issue with the phins as they have had poor pass coverage from their saftey and weak LB play for years now. Vontae was the best player for Miami’s Secondary these last few years. The Colts got a great player that is not even in his prime yet.

  27. “Both teams have bust rookie QBs. The chase for Kirk Cousins in 2 years between the Colts and Fins will be epic.”

    Kirk who?

  28. Here’s what scares me. Three times in the past 5 years, the Dolphins traded established veterans for 2nd round picks. Wes Welker, Jason Taylor, & Chris Chambers.

    The players we drafted with the 2nd rounders we acquired? Samson Satele, Pat White, and Chad Henne. Oy.

  29. I’ll take the 2nd rd. pick. Vontae thinks his athletic ability alone will make him a great cornerback. He’d rather party than dedicate himself to being the best football player that he can be.

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