Dolphins may add receiver, probably won’t be T.O.


Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland said Sunday that he might use the draft picks acquired for cornerback Vontae Davis in a trade for a wide receiver.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Ireland called the picks “ammunition to do things this year or any year” and wide receiver definitely looks like a spot that the Dolphins will need to address this year or any year if they want to pump up their aerial attack. Since Ireland was talking about wide receivers, it was inevitable that he’d get asked about an infamous one that came back onto the market on Sunday.

“Probably not,” Ireland said when asked if the team would consider signing Terrell Owens, who was dropped by the Seahawks as they pared their roster to 75 men.

That’s not too surprising, even with the team’s shortage at receiver. They dealt Brandon Marshall and cut Chad Johnson because of the headaches they created off the field and it is hard to believe they would drink from that well for a third time. The Davis trade indicates that the Dolphins are taking a long view in terms of building their roster and they’re likely to find other receivers that are a better fit for that mindset.

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  1. love the picture, Ireland looks the part… he looks like he’s going to throw up on his shoes.. sorta matches his performance.. truly, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  2. Dolphins need to pick up someone who can give them 100 catches/year.

    Someone like…Wes Welker…who is more than worth a 2nd rounder…isn’t he Ireland???

    Ted Ginns family getting a bit too old.

  3. They definitely need to find WR for Tannehill.

    Ireland’s comment about the WR’s on Hard Knocks that these “4’s, 5’s, and 6’s need to become 1’s and 2’s” shows how out of touch he’s been.

    They have a bunch of no-names on their WR roster. Bess is a solid #2 or slot guy but isn’t going to cut it as a 1st WR.

    I would send out feelers for Percy Harvin. I’m sure Florida fans would love to see him back.

  4. I really liked Vontae on our team but we did get great value for him so I think in the long run it will benefit us. Hopefully we can sign another receiver before Week 1, I wouldnt mind Mike Wallace but I wouldnt give up much for him if I was the Fins. We need a WR with a big body that can go across the middle, Im now thinking we should have signed Braylon Edwards even know hes not my favorite. But watch out for 7/11 this yr if he doesnt get cut, he could be a steal! I hope the Fins have a good year! All I knos is we will be better than the Jets!

  5. Miami needs to make a trade with a team that is very deep in the Wide Receiver department. Maybe San Francisco, they have a super deep WR core? The Dolphins only have one receiver right now that looks really good, they call him 7/11, because he is always open. Other than him, the Fins are hurting at Wideout, bad.

  6. We have about $3m in cap space- Wallace would want $8m approx average. Is he worth it? As long as we don’t overpay for someones leftovers, like we did in 2004/5 when we gave up Ogunleye (sp) and picks for Booker and Gordon. Seems like our FO is always overpaying!

  7. The problem with the Dolphins is their best wide receiver is playing quarterback. Maybe if they move Ryan Tannehill to wide receiver and start Matt Moore then they might score 1 touchdown a game.

  8. If Davis had his head in the right place then this would be a bad trade but since he came to camp out of shape again we could certainly use a WR.
    Elite WR’s that want out
    Fitz – but he wants an elite QB
    Bowe – might make the most sense
    Harvin – great when healthy
    Wallace – also makes a lot of sense

    I’d absolutely love but will not happen.
    Eric Decker for a 2nd and 4th
    Randall Cobb for a 3rd and 7th
    We would then have a talented WR core and will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and conditional pick next season. The problem (on top of the trades being rejected) is that it is too late to make these moves anyway.

  9. Packers should trade James Jones for a 6th rounder and whatever quarterback they don’t want to keep on their 53 man roster either Moore or Garard

  10. I’m canceling my Sunday Ticket right after this…….they’ve been awful in the ore-season and have shown nothing to show that they will even be competitive.

  11. Davis and Marshall were both well worth the risk vs reward. They just didn’t pan out.

    That said Ireland recouped plenty of value for both as soon as he knew it wasn’t going to work. I like the guy and support his talent evaluation. Maybe his people skills are developing but he’s a football mind with deep roots in the game which is what I want in a GM. Ross is learning on the fly and frankly can only be judged by team success in the end.

    Why bother even mentioning T.O. anymore? Dude is finished and frankly washed up. He’s done and likely reading this site more than most of us these days hoping to see his name.

    Fins will surprise some this year but I’m thinking more along the lines of being in games, looking competitive but coming up short in the end. I think a lot of you are sleeping on their lines and what they could accomplish just through solid protection and consistent pressure on offense and defense respectively.

    BTW how aren’t any of you seeing that Vontae might be a bit hard to sign if bog brother makes a call for San Fran. Frankly I would be surprised if they haven’t discussed it yet. Always felt those two would end up together and it might be the best thing for both at this point in their careers.

  12. Whomever the Patriots cut will be surely be good enough to be a top three receiver in Miami (Branch, Gaffney, or Stallworth). Looking like it will be Stallworth.

  13. You wont see wallace or bowe. Its after the deadline to sign franchise players to long term contracts. You don’t give up a high draft pick for a player you are not sure you can sign at the end of the year. Don’t get mad when Ireland don’t pull off that trade. Waiver wire FA or trade with a team who has a player under contract is the only way we add a WR. But it I had it my way it would be Bowe over Wallace.

  14. I am willing to bet that the target is QB Matt Barkley…

    The picks will ensure that Miami can trade up to grab him and still have draft picks to fill holes. Next years draft will be deep at D-line ….

  15. Why the hell would Ireland get more picks in effort to get Matt Barkley, when he just took Tannehill with the 8th overall pick????

    People are so clueless

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