Eagles part ways with Cliff Harris


Cornerback Cliff Harris has gotten his NFL opportunity.  And so far it hasn’t worked out.

The former All-American at Oregon who ended up kicked off the team and ultimately undrafted didn’t survive the first phase of roster reductions from 90 to 75 in Philly.

The Eagles waived Harris on Sunday, a day after dropping from 90 to 80.

Harris will now be exposed to waivers, where cornerback-needy teams (cough . . . Colts . . . cough) will have a crack at him.  (Actually, the Colts have first dibs on every player waived, through the first three weeks of the regular season.)

The Eagles must make four more roster moves by Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET, and another 22 by Friday at 9:00 p.m. ET.


12 responses to “Eagles part ways with Cliff Harris

  1. Just couldn’t get healthy. Tons of promise. Tom Nelson looked good for Philly too but he’s also cut. There is so much depth on these teams. We can say that a guy who gets suck, but that’s just a dummy opinion. These guys are all really damn good.

  2. Got dinged. Looked good up until then. He has a lot of ability. I think he’ll catch on somewhere if he keeps his head screwed on straight.

  3. Not sure if the Eagles need to make four more moves or only one. They have 2 guys on the Non-Football Injury reserve list and 1 guy on the PUP, I don’t think those count against the 75 limit even though they did against the 90.

  4. they also wear these caps during 7 on 7’s and full scrimmages when they all have the same jersey on

  5. Eagles were just too deep at that spot. Curtis Marsh has made a huge jump this year and there was no way Cliff could crack even the top 6 CB’s on the team. Cliff should get a shot with another team. He wasn’t throwing up like he was before the draft and some time in a much cleaner locker room could help his image.

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