Irsay gets defensive in response to Twitter criticism

Colts owner Jim Irsay does something that no other NFL owner does.

He tweets regularly.  He tweets aggressively.  He tweets without a filter.  He tweets without the benefit of having anyone in the organization with the ability or the will to tell him that maybe he should resist the urge to press the “Tweet” button.

And his tweets naturally will generate criticism.  After all, Twitter is the great social equalizer, giving fans the ability to dress down the rich and powerful without ever having to face them.  And anything Irsay tweets on any topic that treads remotely close to controversial territory will generate responses from folks who relish the opportunity to pop off at a natural target who makes the target even larger by his tweets.

We like the fact that Irsay tweets.  Otherwise, we never would have known that Irsay’s Colts are engaged in trade talks with a still-unknown team about a still-unknown veteran player.

But the criticism of his “trade winds” tweets seems to be getting to Irsay, who has lashed out at critics with, yes, a stream of fresh tweets.

It started out OK, with Irsay explaining that he’s merely engaged in customer relations:  “ColtsFans pay hard earned $ 2c their team play,they make the game! So I’ll update them as I see fit while protecting sanctity of operations!”

But then he turned indignant:  “If u don’t like it buy ur own team and try to make the playoffs 9 seasons n a row n put together 7 straight 12 win seasons n a row as Owner!”

And then he declared victory, and he presumably has retreated:  “U can do all your judgmental chirpin’ U want,it’s not about subjective opinions…it what you DO n what your track record shows! CHECKMATE!

The second tweet is the most troubling.  Taunting folks who never will have the money to buy a team is bad enough; Irsay conveniently ignores the fact that he didn’t buy a team, either.  He inherited one.

Also, it’s hard for an owner to publicly claim credit for winning.  Yes, Irsay hired Bill Polian and Tony Dungy.  Yes, Irsay has managed not to meddle in the affair of the team.  But Irsay benefited greatly from the fact that he team was bad enough in 1997 to get in position to draft Peyton Manning in 1998.

And if Andrew Luck turns out to be the next great franchise quarterback, Irsay will have benefited greatly from the fact that Peyton’s neck gave out and the team went 2-14 in the same year that Luck was entering the NFL.

Regardless of whether an erratic and unpredictable approach to Twitter projects the image the NFL wants from its owners, the NFL surely doesn’t want one of its owners antagonizing the customers on Twitter, regardless of whether they are fans of the Colts or one of the other 31 teams.  Regardless, he’s providing another wrinkle in what remains the ultimate reality show.

56 responses to “Irsay gets defensive in response to Twitter criticism

  1. This guy just needs to shut up for awhile. Nice of him to take all that credit though, I wonder if next time the Colts win a Super Bowl if he’ll stand up there and proclaim “this one’s for me!”

  2. Its simple. Irsay realized peyton only had 2 more years after injury. Peyton was declining anyway. Keep Peyton away for year tell your team to tank. Then bring in peyton like young talent (luck). AWESOME MOVE!!!!

  3. Poor Jimmy.

    The evidence suggests those 7 straight 12-win seasons had more to do with some guy named Peyton than you.

    Or did you already forget you sucked last year without him?

  4. The average bloke looks like an uneducated fool when they tweet/post with made up words like “u” “c” and “ur” — when someone of his age and in his position does it, it take idiocy to a whole new level. Or so Jim Irsay can understand: U R s2pid!

  5. Yea, he has a great record and it will only continue. But why? Cuz last year he tanked his season to get Luck! No one will ever convince me that he didn’t. The fact he has had such a great record should have prohibited him from drafting Luck. Because of tricks like that I think draft order should be based on an average of the last 3 years. After all, the main purpose of the draft is so that poor teams can get better and competitive. Great teams don’t go from first to last in one season, quarterback or no quarterback. There’s many more men on the field than him! My opinion of him will always be that he’s a Cheater ! So unfair to have Manning for all those years and then move right onto Luck, while so many teams have struggled for YEARS with poor quarterbacking. Not fair Irsay, shame on you.

  6. I’m not sure whether to be impressed that Irsay breaks the mold of stuffy old corporate owners or shocked that he tweets and acts like a spoiled obnoxious 15 year old who’s dad is rich.

  7. Only thing I can say is he still took the risk on peyton and if luck turns out great he still took the risk. If it wasn’t luck it would have been someone else. Next year it’ll be someone like Barkley. Last year it was newton. A few years back it was Ryan. Some drafts have multiple franchise qbs. Remember eli, Ben and rivers and schaub were all from the same draft. That’s multiple playoff, championship and superbowl appearances from one draft. So don’t act like this wouldn’t happen either way just with a different qb. And if luck does better then rgIII then isray will be a genious for not buying the hype. If luck sucks then we can say he isn’t as good as it would seem as gm but remember he picked peyton over leaf and now luck over rgIII, it’ll be interesting to see how round 2 for isray will fair

  8. Irsay is trolling the trolls. I’m not a big proponent of his tactics but so what? His choice and he can’t be faulted because people are so ridiculously sensitive and easily offended.

  9. I don’t think you give Irsay enough credit. If Luck is a star, let’s not forget how hard of a decision it was to part ways with Peyton Manning, bad neck or not. Gutsy move, and if Luck pans out, Irsay deserves some of that credit.

  10. Intended or not, Jim Irsay is a true entertainer. His tweets have stopped offending me, in Jim Irsay twitterspeak – now I just smh and LOL

  11. He needs a breath sensor to unlock his tweet account like the ones put in cars to keep multiple DUI drivers from being able to start them when drunk.

  12. Those of us in Bmore have long known that the Irsay family is a collection of classless, self-aggrandizing, substance abusing moronic human beings. Young Jimmy’s erratic conduct leaves one to wonder if he isn’t up to some of his old ways… All I know is that he can’t hide his true character – and thus will justifiably be one of the most hated owners in sports.

  13. Worst owner in pro sports. He overvalues himself and how much he helps that organization. He had Peyton Manning in his prime and failed to get him enough help to win more than one bowl. Any other team and Peyton has 3 rings.

  14. And to think I used to passionately cheer for the Colts whenever they played Kraft and Belicheat’s Patriots. If Irsay had shown his true colors back then I may have gone the other direction.

  15. It’s no surprise that Irsay gets defensive when a little criticism comes his way……heck, rich guys who surround themselves with nothing but “yes”-man always get butthurt quickly.

  16. Was watching Jerry Maguire just now and never knew that Irsay played his boss in the movie. He looks alot younger in it (1996).

  17. It is worth noting that the club was the only thing Irsay inherited from his father and he is currently one of the 50th wealthiest people in America. And amongst the top 5 wealthy owners in the league.

    He started a very large step up from an average joe but he has built upon what he was given in a remarkable fashion.

    That is a conveniently forgotten fact.

  18. I don’t think you give Irsay enough credit. If Luck is a star, let’s not forget how hard of a decision it was to part ways with Peyton Manning, bad neck or not. Gutsy move, and if Luck pans out, Irsay deserves some of that credit.
    The Colts were terrible without Manning and they would have had that first pick regardless of whether Manning stayed or left. Considering Mannings’ age and injury, was anyone suprised the Colts let him go? It wouldn’t have taken a genius to pick Luck with the #1 pick.

  19. Oh.. And, Jim? If you dont want people to be critical of your strange behavior, dont act like an idiot.

    How does that old saying go? “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.. something like that anyway. There are some words you might consider living by, Mr. Irsay.

    Another thing, Jim. I am available for hire if you need someone to run your “Tweets” by before posting them. I promise not to let you allow yourself to come off as a complete baffoon.

  20. To be honest, I find Irsay’s smack pretty hilarious. It must be therapeutic for him to go to the same peanut gallery and do the same things as Joe Sixpack.

    And yeah Florio, I seriously doubt you’re financially struggling. Unlike others, I won’t hold that against you. Making lots of money and paying your own way is a good thing. It once was the American way.

  21. Annoying, yes but I’ll cut Irsay some slack at least unlike half the players in the league he’s not out drunk driving and headbutting women.

  22. “buy ur own team”? From a guy that didn’t buy his own team? He inherited it (after suing his stepmother) from his father, after earlier being named Vice President and General Manager by daddy at age 25.

    This guy should be humble. Without his dad and Manning, he has nothing. I though the Colts had one of the most ineptly one-dimensional rosters of the last 20 years, and were plagued with terrible management & coaching decisions (oh, gonna rest the starters to end the season again – wonder how that’s gonna go?) yet thanks to Manning, they made something of it.

    Don’t know much about his personal life, and kudos to him for opposing the Rush Limbaugh ownership debacle. But maturity and humility seem to be lacking.

  23. Like someone said here a couple of days ago…
    The guy was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple….

    Great accomplishment….

  24. You gotta love the 1%ers and their uppity attitude towards the non-rich. “Just let them eat cake!”.

  25. Nice tweets and cries for attention. Let’s see … other than a billion bucks of net worth, what exactly is the difference between Jim Irsay and Terrell Owens?

  26. Congrat’s, Jim Irsay–you’ve removed any shadow of a doubt that you are just a jerk with money. You are a joke…don’t try to take credit for peyton manning falling into your lap. Keep tweeting…that way you won’t have to remove that silver spoon out of your mouth.

  27. sixjak…I think you’re missing the point. Irsay is taunting people. He talks about having the money to buy a NFL team, even though he inherited the Colts. He brags about the team’s success, but even a donkey could have run the Colts with Manning as QB. Irsay comes across as an immature jerk born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Most of us could give a crap if he’s rich.

  28. He obviously wishes he was a self mad man and hates the fact that we all now he’s not.

    If it wasn’t for his daddy, this mofo would be on the street.

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