Irsay says trade winds are now “whipping fiercely”


The trade winds have been blowing since Thursday night.  And they’ll apparently continue to blow for at least another day.

Colts owner Jim Irsay, providing an update to his self-started trade rumors, says that the “TradeWinds whipping fiercely but it’s gotta get done soon,if it’s gonna get done,Coaches need him ASAP 4 catch up learning curve.”

It’s not clear whether trade winds that are “whipping fiercely” means a deal is any closer than Friday night, when Irsay tweeted that “the sh*t is HOT

Irsay started the chatter on Thursday night, explaining that the Colts are exploring a trade for a “serious vet/starter” that would result in a “high” draft pick going to the player’s current team and Irsay breaking out the “checkbook” for the player.  Plenty of players have been ruled out since then, but no one has specifically been identified via media reports as the target for the trade.

Despite some reports indicating that it’s not Steelers receiver Mike Wallace, we continue to believe that he best fits the profile that Irsay has painted.  Wallace would yield a high draft pick, he wants a new contract, and he has knowledge of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians’ system.  And the Steelers can’t justify giving another big-money deal to a second receiver, especially at a time when the offense supposedly is renewing its vows with the running game.  Also, with Colts starting receiver Austin Collie sidelined indefinitely by his latest concussion, the Colts may be realizing that it’s time for a permanent replacement.

Regardless of who the target is, if the Colts ultimately don’t get the deal done and the failure to finalize it has anything to do with Irsay’s Twitter habits, Colts fans ultimately may want a permanent replacement at the ownership position.