King Dunlap, Akeem Jordan win starting jobs in Philly


King Dunlap started at left tackle in the last two games for the Eagles, so it looked like he would be the team’s starting left tackle when the regular season started as well.

Looks were not deceiving. Coach Andy Reid confirmed Sunday that Dunlap has won the starting left tackle job over Demetress Bell, who the Eagles signed to a five-year, $34.5 million deal after Jason Peters was lost for the season to a torn Achilles. Only $3.25 million of that deal is guaranteed and that will probably be all that Bell sees if he doesn’t win the job back. He vowed to do that on Sunday, while admitting that he wasn’t surprised by the decision because he’s struggled to learn the Eagles’ blocking system.

“That’s always my mentality,” Bell said, via Reuben Frank of “From Day 1, it was my job to get in the starting role, and I’m not going to stop working until I get there.”

Dunlap played better than Bell, who still got time with the first offensive line in the past couple of weeks. Dunlap hasn’t impressed in previous stints on the starting line, however, so there’s a chance that the Eagles will be revisiting this spot down the line.

Reid also announced that Akeem Jordan will start ahead of Brian Rolle at the weak side linebacker spot. Rolle started 13 games last season as a rookie, but he’s undersized and struggled during the preseason. History says that he’ll get another look with the first team, though. According to Frank, Reid has used 19 different starting linebacker combinations since 2009 so, like left tackle, this could change down the line.

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  1. voiceofreasonsays says: Aug 26, 2012 4:24 PM

    The Redskins defensive line is going to feast on these guys leaving Rak and Kerrigan all alone to smush Vick and Foles. Eagles = Easy sweep for Washington.
    Have you seen our dline? we have incredible depth and Trent cole and jason babin are both pro bowlers. If I were you, ill be more concerned about Rg3 trying to find any time to throw behind that pathetic excuse of an o-line you guys have.

  2. Vic is bearly six feet tall. Doesn’t matter much who plays tackle. All the tackles are tall. Some of you might remember that I saw Dunlap as a much improved player. A late bloomer. Vic has seen his better days. We are going to have to live with that and hope Foles comes on fast. Four snaps per injury isn’t gonna make it.

  3. first…Dunlap should have his best year in the NFL. Every member of the o-line has said how difficult it is to master Howard Mudd’s blocking scheme and likewise have said they all feel light years ahead of where they were last season. All this points to Bell taking awhile to pick it up too but as long as King finally looks like an NFL player, I’m OK and I predict Bell will pick the system up at some point this season.

    second…redskins fans…after decades of futility, you have every reason to finally be optimistic. But there is a difference between optimism and stupidity and most of you have been expressing the latter. To think that one player is going to take you from getting swept by us last year to sweeping us this year makes no sense. We were 8-8, not too good, but we were 5-1 against the NFC East. We own the division. Think before you speak because daddy is gonna have to put you in your place!

  4. King Dunlap has played just fine in games where he’s had to play in the last couple of years. He’s certainly nothing special, and not a long term solution, but he’s not horrible either. He’s a little bit stiff and not so fluid in motion but his long arms make up for a lot.

    Jordan is an unexpected choice for WILL backer because he hasn’t played there at all in camp or in the preseason. However he did play WILL a few years back, in another scheme, and was competent at that time.

  5. I’m not a fan of the Redskins or Eagles but to me, the Eagles are the ones in trouble.

    Vick has no pocket presence in that he can’t sense the rush like the real pocket passing QB’s in the league. RG3 has shown that he has pocket presence plus they are going to run boot leg plays for RG3 as well as roll the pocke too. That’s Shanahan’s type of offense. So the Ealges D-line is going to be forced to stay in their lanes and not rush that hard.

    But Vick is staying in the pocket now and he’s going to be hit. Plus Vick is already dinged up too???

  6. foles is a star, dunlap is ready for his best year ever, the best d line in the history of the nfl , and the most dynamic offense ever to grace a football field. all after a preseason win vs. a cleveland team that will be lucky to scratch out 3 wins. who can argue with blind loyalists who have no real knowledge. don’t do this to yourself again philly. it’s another trip to the heartbreak hotel at the end of the year. eagles do not =sb contender.

  7. dun lap has the potential to be a very good left tackle and will flourish in mudds system, to all the redskin fans think before you speak and good luck this season

  8. Although what many of you see is a vanilla offense, expect the Eagles to game plan opponents with whatever schemes to their strengths, not weaknesses.

    The purpose of Vick being in the pocket is to use his legs to buy time and make plays. In this case, I can see him utilize the running game more and/or move out the pocket before it collapses.

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