Panthers LB Thomas Davis makes a quick play in return


It didn’t take long for Thomas Davis to look like Thomas Davis again.

The Panthers linebacker, who is trying to become the first player to come back from three torn ACLs, just played his first snap of the preseason.

And recorded his first sack.

Davis came on a delayed blitz and got through to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The Panthers want to use him in a limited role this year, to try to maximize what has been a precious resource.  He’s played just nine games the past three seasons because of the sick parade of injuries.

His knee has been fine this summer, but he strained a calf early in camp, and hadn’t played prior to tonight.

When he’s well, he can cover anyone, once having elite speed. How long he’s able to hold up remains to be seen, but after what he’s been through, you have to respect the fact he didn’t give up.