Peyton Manning done after three successful drives


It took Peyton Manning three games to throw his first touchdown pass as a Bronco.

The wait for No. 2 wasn’t nearly as long. After the Broncos recovered a fumbled exchange between Alex Smith and center Jonathan Goodwin, Manning hit Eric Decker for a second touchdown pass of the day. Decker looked like he might have been juggling the ball as he went out of bounds, but the FOX broadcast didn’t show a lot of replays of the catch.

The Broncos made it seem like they were eager to see more of Manning after three scores on three possessions because they tried an onside kick after Decker’s second touchdown. Matthew Willis made contact before the ball traveled 10 yards, though, and the 49ers scored on their first play when Smith hit Vernon Davis for a 44-yard touchdown. Caleb Hanie took the field with the rest of the starting offense after the score, ending a successful day for Manning.

Manning said this week that there was a chance he’d play less than expected after playing more than the Broncos planned in the second preseason game because of turnovers. There wasn’t much left to see from Manning after three drives, leaving the Broncos to sort out their backup quarterback depth chart for the rest of the afternoon.

He completed 10-of-12 passes for 122 yards and two touchdowns. Manning threw the ball to six different targets and the Broncos showed a few different offensive looks, including a fair amount of empty backfields. Willis McGahee moved the ball well on the ground while Manning was in the game to round out a strong offensive performance. Denver will see more exotic defenses than they saw from the 49ers, so there are still challenges ahead for Manning but he looked capable of handling them during his brief appearance on Sunday.

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  1. O line looks real good in pass protection, Manning only got hut twice this preseason and on most plays the defenses never got within 3 yards of him.

  2. He took a HARD hit and popped right back up and followed it up with a touchdown. This should quite down the “wait till he gets hit” comments.

    Any qb can get hit on any play and get knocked out… if I were a Broncos fan, I’d be feeling much better about going into week 1 after seeing him pop back up after the hit.

  3. Manning answered ALOT of questions today

    He took a MONSTER hit and almost looked excited to take it popping right back up and getting a completion then a TD

    He was 7/7 for 104 and 1TD for 158.3 QB rating to quiet doubters about his ability to throw to the right

    He completed the ball to 6 different receivers (including a gorgeous bomb to a running back down the sideline on the right) showing command of the offense and ability to get the most out of his team mates without relying on any one player

    Had 3 scoring drives in 3 posessions against one of the best Ds in the league from last season.

    Still only preseason but man did he answer some lingering questions big time today!

  4. Peyton looked very good. The main thing being that he didn’t have any of those major miscues this week. All of his passes were at least reasonable. Not perfect, but reasonable. The second TD pass was legit. If the author doesn’t think the network showed enough replays he should consider DVR like the rest of us.

  5. As a fan that doesnt want peyton and the broncos to succeed, i have still said it would be foolish for anyone to underestimate manning. even with his injury he is still a top 10 qb and if anyone is going to overcome obstacles, id say peyton would be a guy to do it.

    That being said, the key to shutting him down is constant pressure. He’s going to need to count on his o-line big time this year to protect him.

    On a side note, the niners sure came out flat and didnt look good. not by any means counting them out but looks like they need to do some work.

  6. He looked great. Good to see him get right back up after a huge hit. Denver is going to be tough this season because he’s only going to get better. Remember, this is only his 3rd game after being out an entire year.

  7. The guy is a workaholic. He’ll be fine. The O-line looked solid against a pretty good defense.

    The only problems he is having is getting used to the offense and shaking off rust.

    It looks like the rust proofing is almost complete.

  8. thegreatonesays says:Aug 26, 2012 5:27 PM

    Anyone who puts ANY stock at all into any preseason game doesn’t know football in the least bit. 4-0 Lions, 0-16 Lions…. yep same season

    The only REAL stock you can take away is how players are being used. 3rd down backs, goal line backs, etc.

  9. “but he looked capable of handling them during his brief appearance on Sunday.”

    That was just a stupid comment. No one has ever questioned whether he could handle the the challenges of a complex defense. Only people who did not believe everthing the doctors have been saying about this surgery questioned whether he could handle a hit. The only intellegent question has always been about the strength and precision of his arm.

    Even questions about a new team and new players are a little silly. He was on one of the worst team in the history of the league yet while he was with them, they were one of the best teams in the league.

  10. Manning and the Broncos got the Niner D without Aldon Smith and Navaro Bowman. Justin Smith played at Pro Bowl speed. This is practice folks. Never EVER believe what you see in practice games

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