Prince Amukamara says his ankle injury not that bad


Prince Amukamara’s ankle might be hurting, but his sense of humor is intact.

In discussing the high-ankle sprain suffered Friday night against the Bears, the Giants cornerback said he knows he has to get well.

“I know the saying is you can’t make the club in the tub,” Amukamara said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “So I’ve been in the tub enough.”

Of course, he grasped the irony of that old coaches’ cliche, since his time in the cold tub have defined his summer.

If he can get back on the field soon, he might earn a little of the “swag” the Giants want to see out of him.

While he said he’s “not sure” about his prognosis, he added he was “not discouraged by no means.”

“Mine is mild,” Amukamara said of his ankle. “I don’t think it’s as serious as others’ [high ankle sprains] in the past, so, again, just day-by-day. “I feel pretty confident that I do recover quick from ankle sprains.”

Amukamara was in a walking boot Sunday as he talked, and the Giants are already without Terrell Thomas and Jayron Hosley, so they need him out of the tub and back on the field as quickly as possible.