Ravens announce roster moves, explain decision to cut Cundiff


Billy Cundiff has company for his misery.

The eight-year veteran wasn’t the only guy cut on Sunday by the Ravens.  The team has announced the decision to party ways with Cundiff, along with several other roster moves.

Gone are tight end Davon Drew, receiver Devin Goda, offensive lineman Addison Lawrence, cornerback Jordan Maybin, center Cecil Newton (brother of Cam), long snapper Patrick Scales, quarterback Chester Stewart, and receiver Patrick Williams.

Drew was a fifth-round pick in 2009.  The rest were street free agents.

“Billy had a great camp, the best he has had with us,” coach John Harbaugh said.  “He showed, like he always has, a toughness and an ability to come back and be a top-flight NFL kicker.  These decisions are never easy, and this one was difficult for all of us — Ozzie [Newsome], Jerry [Rosburg] and me.  Of course, that says something about Justin [Tucker], the way he has kicked and our belief in him.  But, that does not say something less about Billy.  Billy was ready in every way to be our kicker.  He’ll kick in the NFL.  He’s a very good kicker and an even better person.”

Cundiff missed a field goal that would have forced overtime in the AFC title game.  Cutting the veteran and going with Tucker creates $1.2 million in cap space.  For both reasons, it made sense to have a fresh start.

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  1. Tucker already has ice cold water running through his veins, a tremendous leg, and more consistency than Cundiff has shown in his career Yeah, he’ll miss a kick or two, what kicker has ever been perfect in NFL history? In a year or two, his name will be right up there with the best currently in the league.

    Cundiff didn’t have a bad camp, Tucker just came in and flat outkicked him.

  2. Your comment definately holds water! This just shows what a hot head harbaugh is and that he should have called time out. No need to rush out on the field and he wouldn’t have been iced!!!

  3. A man that has helped them win games is now gone for money …Ravens aren’t as classy as they want everyone to believe.

  4. That’s a bunch of bunk coming from Harbaugh. Fact is that Cundiff himself did not handle the situation he was in very well. Going into the AFC Championship game he had missed a bunch of makeable regular season kicks. Then he shanks the most important kick of his life, the team stands behind him, and he reacts with an attitude that he can’t believe anyone would question his abilities or arrange competition for him in camp. He has had a bitter & entitled air about him all camp. The fact is, the guy has had one good season in his 10 year career. Lacking any evidence of , I half suspect the guy juiced in 2010, had a Pro Bowl year, got a contract, and went back to the below average kicker he was before 2010.

    I’m not unbiased – I would never have even had the guy back in camp. But since he was, I’m happy to see him go.

  5. the ravens went with who they feel is a better option. one who has not missed a kick the whole raven nation will never forgive or forget him for, all the while saving 1.2m on the cap, what is the problem??? if this guy missed a kick of this magnitude for the team any of you rooted for, i feel pretty strongly you would feel the same way. cundiff had a great 2010, 2011 was average, he missed a bunch of kicks on the road in our losses. time to move on in the not for long league…sad but true…..

  6. Panthers should claim Cundiff and cut Mare. I have a feeling we will be in a lot of close games this season and I can’t stomach having to rely on Mare again.

  7. The Ravens, like any other NFL team, are gonna put the best 53 on the field. Any GM out there that thinks Cundiff is better than Tucker, you’re in luck; Cundiff is available.

  8. Of course you cut the more expensive kicker if the younger guy with a stronger leg is consistent.

    Lee Evans lost the AFC championship game last season, that is not on Cundiff at all.

  9. Cundiff’s value was on kickoffs… he had one really good year kicking FGs, other than that, he was pretty average.

    When the NFL moved kickoffs up, Cundiff’s value went way down, and he’s no longer worth the big contract. If Tucker is just as good on FGs (and based on info coming out of camp, he is), and he’s significantly less expensive, and he’s younger and could be a long term kicker for the team, this is the right call.

    People forget that Cundiff is a serious class act. Remember how he handled The Kick – he took responsibility for the mistake after the game. I’m sure he’ll do fine.

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