Roethlisberger blames FieldTurf for DeCastro’s injury


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger blames the surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo for the injury to his teammate, David DeCastro.

DeCastro, the guard the Steelers selected in the first round of this year’s draft, suffered what the Steelers fear is a severe knee injury against the Bills. And Roethlisberger said afterward that he doesn’t think DeCastro would have suffered that injury on a grass field.

“It’s just FieldTurf — this is a great field, but FieldTurf is just killing guys because they can’t get their feet out of the ground,” Roethlisberger said on NFL Network after the game. “It’s just another reason we should get rid of FieldTurf.”

Although FieldTurf is almost universally considered a big improvement over the old-school AstroTurf, which was basically like playing on fuzzy green concrete, players are mixed about whether FieldTurf is as good as grass. Some players, like Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, have said grass should be ripped out and replaced with FieldTurf. Others, like former Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins, have said they dislike FieldTurf so much that they would only play for a team that had grass.

Roethlisberger is strongly in the anti-FieldTurf camp. After Saturday night’s injury, DeCastro may be, too.

UPDATE, AUGUST 27: Roethlisberger’s rant at FieldTurf was misdirected: The Bills actually use a different type of artificial surface, A-Turf Titan.

46 responses to “Roethlisberger blames FieldTurf for DeCastro’s injury

  1. Or you can blame his overrated lacklustet skills as an offensive linemen. I never thought I would say this Bengals look really smart now

  2. He got hurt, their is nothing to blame, it happens. FieldTurf is a Godsend compared to the 70s-80s astroturf at places like Riverfront, Three Rivers, and the Vet.

  3. So what is ben’s excuse for those who tear acls on grass, basketball courts or hockey rinks?

  4. He’s a funny dude…his own home field is one of the worst in the NFL and it’s grass. Even their own players have complained about it.
    ESPN had an article that the Steelers have lost more players on grass fields than to artificial surfaces though. So BR is not so bright. Who knew?

  5. Grass is better for everyone, but it costs too much money to maintain for an entire NFL season in cities like Pittsburgh.

    –says the commissioner and owners who profess that player safety is their #1 priority

  6. There is data that suggests knee injuries occur more often on Field Turf then on natural turf so I get where big Ben is coming from. Experts seem to think that the higher likelihood occurs because of the shoe-infill interface and that it creates too much “grab” in certain cases. Of course the overall surface is more uniform and it may have positive affects regarding some other types of injuries. For example, how many concussions occur on the frozen edges of natural turf fields in the late fall and winter?

    I do think that Field Turf is the higher performance field overall, especially in areas where cold and wet weather are a reality. But I do think trainers and shoe experts need to address the knee injury data regarding Field Turf.

  7. Just because Roethlisberger speaks, that doesn’t mean we have to listen. I’ve been tuning Roethlisberger out for years, which hasn’t hurt me in the least…
    The trouble with grass fields in the northeast is that they have to be re-sodded once, maybe twice per season.
    Heinz Field can be and has been a disaster area after U of Pitt and four high-school playoffs games are annually played there, especially if it happens to be a particularly wet time of year.
    Roethlisberger should stick to what he does best: Keeping punters employed and overworked.

  8. If the almighty ben says it…Ya know it’s true! Don’t be hatin haters. We own the AFCN! Always have always will!

  9. Seems to me that the problem is traction. If the players want to protect their knees, wear shoes with shorter cleats.

    Of course, if shorter cleats means you do your job less efficiently… you have to make the decision between protecting your health and doing (or having) an NFL job.

  10. This isn’t about Castro but all the NFL players.

    Are these cry babys truly the best in the world? I’m getting tired of all these athletes acting like wimps. Your supposed to be the best in the world at playing football. Not crying cause you got a bump. I would play football in the middle of a busy highway with nothing but hummers driving for the money Pitt has givin Ben and he’s gonna try to cry because a field isn’t the style he likes or cause his boss wants new employees. Get over it, shut up and play football or get off the field so someone who wants to can. These babys who play today wouldn’t survive one hit from the pre 90s era.

  11. Preseason means teams and players preparing for the routine that is the 17 week regular season and playoffs and fine tuning aspects of the game, in time for the real thing.

    No different with Ben, he’s preparing for his bi-weekly dramatic overly hyped injury updates by practicing on an OL’s injury in preseason.

  12. Big Ben always blaming something on something else. Wasn’t it him as well who accused the Colts of using too much artificial noise? And no wonder he’d be the one to complain-his Heinz Field is the worst natural grass out there.

  13. Actually, a lot of guys DO get injured from playing on fieldturf. Willie Parker broke his leg because of it in 2007.

    All you people calling him a diva are just too stupid to realize that fieldturf has no give like regular grass.

    Decastro would probably would have gotten injured on grass, but there’s chance that his leg wouldn’t be as bad because the ground would have moved a little for him.

  14. DeCastro was too young anyway. Let him heal for 10 years, then he can start for the Steelers. You have to be old to play for the Steelers.

  15. Yeah, because if the 340 pound guy had rolled up on the back of his leg on grass, he’d have jumped up and done some aerobics.

  16. i would agree if this happened more often at the Ralph, but it really doesnt. It was just a freak play

  17. “Fieldturf has no give like real grass” You know how I know you’re never played anything on Fieldturf?

  18. There should definitely be a rule that you MUST have some football I.Q. before your aloud to post ridiculous comments on here that just show how little you know….@ravenator

  19. Why can’t they just use grass? They should call MSU. We have a top-notch turfgrass research department.

  20. steelersownyou says:

    “We own the AFCN! Always have always will!”

    Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, and maybe one day, you’ll actually believe it.

  21. I’m sorry the guy got injured, but they won’t be happy until they’re playing on a trampoline.

  22. At that point Roelisberger went on to talk about how he’s playing with 7 cracked ribs, a badly broken right arm and a severe case of gout, well at least I assume he did since every time this guy opens his mouth he’s trying to say that he’s playing through some severe injury that the team has no knowledge of.

  23. thesportsguy52

    Actually, a few teams, including the Pats, accused the Colts of using artificial noise in 2007.

    The NFL just refused to investigate because Goodell didn’t want to reveal bad PR.

    But don’t let a fact get in the way of your preconceived notions.

  24. In 2010, the NFL’s Injury and Safety Panel released a study that said that anterior cruciate ligament injuries were 88 percent more likely to occur on FieldTurf surfaces than on natural grass fields.

    Maybe some people need to read this report and become educated on the issue before acting like little children and talk about Ben, rape, etc.

    This coming from a Ravens fan!

  25. Ralph Wilson Stadium doesn’t have FieldTurf. I believe the artificial surface there is called “A-Turf Titan,” out of western New York.

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