Seahawks name Russell Wilson their starting quarterback


The Russell Wilson Era in Seattle is officially underway.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll announced Sunday night that Wilson will start against the Raiders in the preseason finale and will start again in Week One against the Cardinals. The news was hardly unexpected after Wilson got the start against Kansas City and played like the starting quarterback that the Seahawks have been looking for all summer, but it is still surprising since the third-round pick was seen as the third choice in the competition with Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson.

Flynn got $10 million in guaranteed money as a free agent this offseason and Jackson was the incumbent starter, but Wilson wound up with the job. On a conference call, Carroll said it was because he earned the job with his play and his ability to fix things on the fly.

“This is an extraordinary kid. He just kept knocking us out with what he brought,” Caroll said, via the team. “I’ve watched our team respond to him and they’ve taken to his leadership style.”

Jackson’s trade to the Bills still isn’t official, but Carroll said that the team expects it to go through. Flynn will remain as the No. 2, the same job he held behind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

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  1. And people thought I was crazy when I picked him up for $1 in my $200 auction league.

    Spending $1 on my backup ensured I got Rodgers.

    Kid’s very special.

  2. Good for him. Always been a fan of him through his college career. Don’t really care much for Seattle, mainly because of Pete Carroll, but I hope Wilson succeeds.

  3. I kinda thought Pete was bluffing at the start. Glad he wasn’t because I like this. It lets Flynn know that all the media hype behind him means squat

  4. I’m nervous with a rookie starting, but there’s still Flynn on the bench and no Tavaris. Go Seahawks!

  5. This is funny if you would of signed with Miami u might of had a starting role but now your a over paid back up.

  6. Reality check!!! 2011 & 2012 (8)……. EIGHT!!! 1st Round Quarterbacks. Sorry, but the NFL is not set up for every player to be good nor succesful. History tells us that most of these guys are going to be considered bust, bad or journeymen backups in 4 to 5 years. “shrugz”

  7. As a Chiefs fan who watched his team get royally whipped by this kid the other night, I think this is absolutely the right move.

  8. This is the right move. Wilson not only outplayed Flynn, he has shown how explosive this Seahawks team can be on offense.

    I’m a Panthers fan and I’m saying do not sleep on this team!

  9. @voiceofreasonsays – Luck is the real deal, IMO RGIII is closer to Tebow then he is Newton, and people have way to high of standards for him based off of what Newton was able to do last year.

  10. Call me crazy, but he looks like Drew Brees. The way he moves around and the way the ball comes out. I’m not saying he will be that good but watch them side by side and you’ll see the similarity. Maybe its the height and delivery that sold me, but he looks good.

    I think SEA is on the cusp of being special. If this guy is legit they are 2nd in the West at 10-6. Not sure they get in playoffs, but step in right direction.

  11. Pete Carroll desperation play to keep his job. Flynn’s one hit wonder during the regular season last year was better than the preseason one hit wonder that Wilson put up this year.

  12. Feel bad for Flynn. I think the ball hit the ground once in the first game vs Titans and had T.O. not been on the team to mess up most of his game 2 miscues, he’d probably still be the starter.

    Wilson has also enjoyed some magic/luck with veteran receivers adjusting nicely to underthrown balls. That said, he’s more elusive and is remarkably good at adjusting after making mistakes.

    Of the teams who are starting rookies, he’s in the best position to win rookie of the year if he keeps his pace up. Nobody would have thought that just a few weeks ago.

  13. Also, I think Flynn had $8m guaranteed. $6 million to sign, $2 million base salary and $2m incentives. Can’t imagine he’ll reach the incentives if he’s holding a clipboard

  14. The day for this Seattle fan:

    1) Found out Terrell Owens was gone. Huge sigh of relief.

    2) Found out we had traded Tavaris Jackson for a pick instead of just cutting him. Happy with front office.

    3) Named new starting QB, a kid with a ton of upside. Went to ticketmaster and bought tickets to the opener in Phoenix.

    It was a good day today.

  15. Never did understand why all the Pete haters. You must all be fans from teams he whooped on at USC.

    The players on the Seahawks, most of them aquired since Pete and JC came in, seem to appreciate his style and enjoy playing for him.

    Something tells me that no one in Seattle gives a damn what the East Coast thinks about Pete.


  16. Hard work does pay off,congrats to wilson, but damn that is a pretty desperate move by petey, what a turd. I remember when J T O’Sullivan won a starting job against backups, did not work out.

  17. I know he absolutely didn’t “come out of nowhere”, especially with his nice track record in college, but I’m just kind of happy about this whole situation. Seems like a good dude with all the “it” to make some really good things happen. He’ll inevitably hit some bumps here and there, but you gotta love these cool underdog stories. I’m not a Seahawks fans, but I’m smiling regardless. I love this game.

  18. Proves Matt Flynn doesn’t have what it takes to be a starting QB. You couldn’t beat out a rookie 3rd round draft pick?

    Flynn basically made millions as a free agent off one good game against a really, really bad Detroit secondary.

  19. bangithard says: Aug 26, 2012 10:15 PM

    Schneider MUST GO!!

    What a waste of a GM!!!

    spends $10M on a back-up, now gets a 3rd rounder to play QB


    Although a couple of first round picks are questionable. The roster moves he and Carroll have made since the Ruskell era have been exceptional. Late round steals like Big Kam, Sherman, KJ Wright and now possibly Wilson . Not to mention getting one of the best RB in the league for a 4th round pick. Look at the contract of Flynn, he’s not getting 10 million a year.

  20. Matt Flynn can’t beat out a rookie…….further proof that some QB’s are a product of the system they play in.

  21. Wilson wining the starting job should not reflect poorly on Flynn. Wilson has literally out performed every rookie QB in the league during the pre-season. This kid is everything that the talking heads have advertised. Well, except for the fact they think he’s too short.

    Congratulations Russell Wilson. Make us proud!

  22. Flynn has made about 13 mil holding a clip board, his wife is beautiful and was Miss Louisiana and he’ll probably make another 20 mil as a backup for the rest of his career. It’s there a problem?

  23. Look at it this way. The ‘Hawks signed Flynn because he showed he could win in his limited appearances. Now, Wilson shows a splash and everyone is saying Flynn sucks and Wilsn is the next coming of christ?.. lol.

    It sounds like there is a lot of straw grasping going on. I hope all the ‘Hawks fans arent exxpecting to win the SB with Wilson running the O.

  24. I hear the Cardinals need a QB, perhaps Seattle can fleece, I mean trade him there for a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

  25. Wilson clearly won the competition. He and Flynn provide an clear upgrade at quarterback over last year’s tandem of Jackson and Whitehurst. Whitehurst is making $2 million at San Diego and Jackson will make similar money with Buffalo. Both of them are competent backups.

    The only thing that is screwed up are the salaries being paid to Flynn and Wilson this year. Big deal. If Wilson falters then Flynn will be just as accurate a passer. What he lacks is Wilson’s dynamic ability to extend plays with his feet while maintaining his downfield concentration.

  26. I love this guy. Seattle got a steal with this pick, he will be the next Tom Brady and set the league on fire. This kid can make plays outside the pocket, throw accurately, and is smart and a heck of a leader. He doesnt have a very strong arm and isnt tall but he makes up for it with his intangibles. I feel for Flynn, but this kid is a gamer and the Seahawks are in good hands.
    Damn i sound like John Gruden haha

  27. Watched Wilson all season at Wisconsin and he looked like a pro. Great “intangibles”, too. Think Seahawks may have gotten a steal.

  28. Additionally this kind of points to the skill level of the ‘big 10’. Their best traditional qb had to be recruited from the ACC. The one who will replace him in that role will have been recruited from…the ACC. If they just based their recruitment on getting players from the ACC they save money and may be able to become significant again.

  29. True to his word, there was or real QB competition and Russell Wilson won. Anyone who clings to some imaginary world where that is not true, should relax and take a step back from the keyboard for a few days to let it sink in.
    A quote from Seattle times writer, Steve Kelley: “Wilson read the Chiefs’ defenses like a scholar. And he commanded the Seahawks’ huddle like a four-star general.”

    That my friends, is why I have dubbed Russell Wilson THE COMMANDER. It fits.

  30. Does Pete stick with Wilson no matter what now? Or does he pull Wilson in favor of Flynn if Wilson flounders for a few quarters? Quite a situation developing in Seattle.

  31. Don’t care much for slick Pete, but this is a very good move for Seattle. Wilson is the real deal.

  32. I’ll keep it short and simple. You know how Mike Jordan was so dominant in the 90’s that so many great players around got shut out of ever getting the chance to win championships because MJ and his franchise was so dominant? OK, RGIII and the Redskins will be the equivalent of that in this era of NFL football. He’ll be on par if not better to the Montana’s, Elway’s etc…because his skillset and IQ is once in a lifetime. Russell Wilson will be very good, but like Barkley/Malone etc. in MJ’s era…just not enough in the face of Robert’s absolute greatness. Case closed.

  33. I kind of feel sorry for Matt Flynn. He deserves a chance to start. But it’s probably the right call. Wilson has been outstanding and the players and fans seem to love him. If he had been a few inches taller, he would have been a top 10 draft pick. But instead, the Seahawks got an absolute steal in the 3rd round.

  34. I guess many of the people saying anything negative about this kid did not watch him play this preseason; under-thrown balls, success against back-ups, and receivers make him look good are plain and simple idiotic. Wilson is flat out a hell of a QB there are a lot of starters in the NFL, on a number of teams, that would be riding the pine behind him. I guarantee there is no straw grasping going on in Seattle and I am very happy the Broncos will not have to worry about him this regular season. With Seattle’ extremely underrated D and this kid putting some points on the board Seattle is going to make some waves.

  35. This>>>Flynn has made about 13 mil holding a clip board, his wife is beautiful and was Miss Louisiana and he’ll probably make another 20 mil as a backup for the rest of his career. It’s there a problem?

    Matt Fynn isn’t Married to his Girlfriend Lacey Minchew…just wanted to clarify!:)

  36. I can’t stop laughing at all Hawks!! If your think Wilson is the next Brees or Brady your have a rude awakening when Wilson is bench. Only reason Carrol is naming him starter for right now is bc he knows how to play politics, and right now Wilson is the fans’ favorite and darling of Seattle.
    You heard it here first, there’s a very short short leash for Wilson and as soon as he struggles against a REAL NFL teal in the regular season his ass is as good as gone! Don’t give me the he had the “it” factor bc Tebow has that and look where that got him. When he starts dissecting first team def then I’ll start to look him differently till then he’s nothing but a fading fad.

  37. I don’t get surprised at the disapproval on my stance about the QBs. Dominant athletes aren’t usually appreciated until it’s way too late. The select few who detect and embrace greatness early on just enjoy what’s to come for however long it’s meant to be for. RedskinNation is truly blessed.

  38. It’s hilarious how people are drinking the cool aid here over a couple of preseason performances. Colt McCoy looked great last year in the preseason.

    Wilson has some skills, but reality will set in soon.

  39. I Think that Russell being in a less pressure situation allowed him to play with less pressure and play more naturally. He has showed much upside and he has a pretty decent team around him.
    Good luck Russell

  40. But it was against a chiefs D that made the rams look like the payriot offense, and before that he played against 2nd n 3rdthe stringers

  41. I have high expectations for Wilson, He was great at UW, and unfortunetly two hail marys knocked the Badgers out of a potential national championship bid.

    He could be one of the best playmakers at QB in that division, maybe Bradford. I would pick him over Kolb, Skelton, and a game manager Alex Smith. Unfortunetly it takes more than QBs to win.

    I am not saying, Wilson is a top 10 qb yet, I wouldn’t be surpised if he is in 2-3 seasons if he is in the conversation.

  42. I am sure flynn is just devastated by this news. How will he ever get over losing the starting job? Oh yea he has 10 million reasons to help him deal with it. His contract is why I have no sympathy for hold outs or people whining about contracts not being guaranteed. He got 10 million to sign his name!

  43. “Schneider MUST GO!!

    What a waste of a GM!!!

    spends $10M on a back-up, now gets a 3rd rounder to play QB”

    lol with the money he saved on browner,write,shermen,baldwin,kam,the whole oline(including depth) just to name a few. u can say flynn and maybe carpenter is a wash.
    we have a top 5 running(im thinking top2) pass will be top 15(might jump to 10) and a could be special 5 for sure. pete and john has built this thing brick bye brick to last and they even reward there own talent. hating pete for knowing what every top school is/was doing is ridiculous.

    can u blame him on clipboard Jesus? he looks like the answer. t choke was a band-aid and with another year under our belt he could have had a 9 win season. flynn was the only sure thing and they had to act. 10 mill was a steal at the time. they at least have a plan B. A 3 rd qb is not breaking the bank.

    Wilson has been special EVERY place he has been and this should be fun to watch.. i say about week 4 some of the so called experts will be changing there tune. its too bad they wont eat some crow on TV.
    my point is that it took 2 years for john and pete to turn over a roster 98% to what your going to see this season. There under cap for years to come and they had plan. They are playing chess and some of u are seeing checkers.

    done with my rant that comment really got my blood going.

  44. as a hawks fan i couldnt be happier right now. Nobody’s ever come into this town and taken the starting spot like this guy has. 100% 12th man behind you, Russell!

  45. Flynn was poised to be an upgrade over Matt Hasselbeck, but Wilson is simply that phenomenal. He doesn’t play like any rookie I’ve ever seen.

    10-6 minimum for Seattle this year, and I’m glad I got 40-1 on them for winning the Super Bowl.

  46. He do u know when career is over? When your the only one talking but it by TO don’t let door hit you in the ass, welcome to the real world

  47. Shaggy simmer down he has not played 1 game yet and you got him in top 5 I’d be surprised if you weren’t a Seahawks fan have some perspective

  48. Congrats to Wilson! I watched him at NC State & Wisconsin & thought he was pretty good!!

    But, lets keep it all in perspective folks!! Everyone is playing VANILLA across the board!! Last seasons pre season leaders at QB were Steven Mcgee of Dallas, Chase Daniels of New Orleans & Ron Bartell of Arizona!!!

    Just weeks ago half these people were singing Flynn’s praises & now some of these clowns are saying Wilson is “Special” & ” Future HOF” RELAX it’s not even week#1 !!!!!

  49. I think the Hawks should have kept Jackson and traded Flynn. Jackson is good enough to be a backup and his style seems to match Wilson’s better than Flynn’s does. They probably could have gotten more for Flynn than Jackson too.

  50. It seems to me that Wislon is the rare type of athlete that embraces pressure and performs at a higher level when the pressure is on. I can’t wait to see him against an elite NFL defense.

  51. “Russell Wilson will be very good, but like Barkley/Malone etc. in MJ’s era…just not enough in the face of Robert’s absolute greatness. Case closed.”


    Did you watch a different rg3 play this preseason? I’m not saying he won’t be good but it’s WAY too early to crown him as the MVP.

  52. So, when Seattle starts 2-4 and Wilson doesn’t look like a god in regular season, what’s the plan? Wilson better be utterly amazing or the Seahawks really screwed this situation up.

  53. Hey Voice…. Don’t be mad that my hawks have torched your Redskins every time they played each other… Wilson’s the real deal. I’ll be reading about your crying the next 2 drafts lame ass.

  54. “Russell Wilson will start against the Raiders (in the preseason finale) and will start the first week of the regular season. He is so prepared, he does not seem like a first-year quarterback.” Pete Carroll
    Carroll’s ego strikes again. Yes, he’s SO prepared because it was YOU that prepared him.

    We get it, Pete.

  55. kid sure looks like the real deal, but lets wait for the reg season . should get a gift win from cards in weeek one , after that we’ll see. gotta win when it counts before he gets any mvp’s.

  56. I can’t get too disappointed for Matt Flynn. As was pointed out earlier, he’s going to make a lot of money, and there’s nothing horribly bad about being a reliable backup in the NFL.

    One of life’s hard realities is that while some of us are first-stringers, the rest of us are career backups. We’re successful, and good enough at what we do to keep our jobs, but not the rock stars who get the promotions. I like Matt Flynn, but Russell Wilson has the superior talent and that’s just the way it goes.

  57. In a division with 2 #1 overall picks at QB, Wilson a third round pick looks far and away the best.

    Just goes to show you how inept the 9ers and Rams are at drafting talent.

  58. I’m glad they had the guts to start the guy they thought was best and not the guy they were paying the most.

    That said, the Flynn signing has to be seen as a mistake. It’s not horribly crippling long term or anything, but $10 million at least is nothing to ignore either.

    This team really reminds me of the 49ers a few years ago (which I’m sure Seahawk fans will LOVE to hear). But they are really hit and miss on talent evaluation, solid D, good run game.

    How they handle the QB situation going forward is what can make the difference for Carroll between being Singletary or making his own legacy. Singletary and Nolan before him built a solid defense that had holes but talent, but they couldn’t give any consistency to the offense during a season. Harbaugh was able to do that, and if Carroll can do that in Seattle he’ll be around a long time.

  59. With Flynn’s high salary and Wilson’s low salary you have two QB’s for the price of one. Pretty good set up.

  60. When the defenses puts some scheming color in their vanilla and do things Wilson has never seen before at that speed and he suddenly falters badly Flynn will get the starting job he desired when he left the Packers,he already got the cash,who pays a backup 10 million bucks to hold a clipboard anyways,not a GM with a sense of fiscal responsibility to his team.

  61. ROFL at the Seahawks fans crowning / anointing Wilson after a couple of preseason games. Wait till teams really bring the heat, then we’ll see what he’s got. Bowman, Smith, and Willis gonna break him in half.

  62. Matt Flynn is still holding a clipboard, but he’s not freezing his azz off in Green Bay. And he’s making a lot more money. The guy still improved his life quite a bit over the last year.

  63. jaginmi says:
    Aug 26, 2012 10:52 PM
    Additionally this kind of points to the skill level of the ‘big 10′. Their best traditional qb had to be recruited from the ACC. The one who will replace him in that role will have been recruited from…the ACC. If they just based their recruitment on getting players from the ACC they save money and may be able to become significant again.

    Perhaps it is more of a reflection on the poor state of ACC coaching that Wilson was basically run out of NC State because he played baseball too?

    That looks like a pretty stupid-ass move if you ask me.

  64. Kudos to Pete Carroll for putting the guy who he thought was the best QB, and not letting payroll determine the starter.

    As for Flynn failing to “wow”, just more proof that the GB Packers offense is a system offense, and clearly one of the best systems in NFL history, where you can go from throwing 600 yards and 6 TD’s to backing up a 3rd round drafted rookie in less than a year.

  65. @thefirstweaponofchoice if you actually read the comments you would see that voiceofreason was complementing Wilson and said nothing remotely bad about the Seahawks. “Lame ass”. But voice DID say Wilson and RGIII are the only good QBs in this class, which makes him an idiot. Although he still sounds smarter than the fool who said RGIII is closer to Tebow than Newton. How can he be compared to either? He’s a pocket passer who can run really fast when all else fails, like (I know he’s not black, so try to wrap your head around this comparison) Steve Young. Newton is a freak who has no comparison. Tebow is a FB who can throw a little bit. Wilson does remind me of Brees and so far is making Carroll look even smarter than when he bolted USC just in time.

  66. “Additionally this kind of points to the skill level of the ‘big 10′. Their best traditional qb had to be recruited from the ACC. The one who will replace him in that role will have been recruited from…the ACC. If they just based their recruitment on getting players from the ACC they save money and may be able to become significant again.”

    Last I checked, the Big 10 hasn’t had a problem with skill positions. Perhaps these QBs are transferring from the ACC schools, because they want to play for a successful program that produces a ton of talent for the NFL.

  67. Did someone really comment that at 5’11 & 200 pounds, he won’t last long? Um, Drew Bree’s is 1 inch taller and the same weight, he seem’s to be ok. All this hate towards Wilson is pretty funny. Most of you haters probably have never seen the kid play. While he may not be the next Montana/Brady, he is a major upgrade over Tavaris Jackson. If he can simply play better during the last 2 minutes of each half and end of the game, Seattle could easily be 10-6 this season. They have what could be a top 5 defense, strong running game with Lynch and Turbin, and now, a pretty solid looking QB. I wouldn’t sleep on this team! As for RGIII being the “Jordan” of this QB class, C’MON MAN!!! If we are simply going off college stats or this per-season, you might want to look up the numbers. Wilson, hands down has been better.

  68. Tuned in for the chiefs game and thought, who the hell is this guy!
    He made it look easy.
    He was dishing it to all the receivers and they were playing for him and that doomed Owens. Who needs him when the offense is working like that?
    Or they were queuing on Owens and they will miss him?
    But that QB looked awesome. If he can play anything like that for a few years it will be very exciting in Seattle

  69. Sweet Jesus on a Pogo Stick! This is a great move for Seattle. Wilson was the very best QB in that draft IMO. And I say that with no disrespect for Mssrs Luck and RG3, who I also think are great. But if Wilson was 6’4″ and did what he did in college, he would have been the #1,2, or 3 pick in that draft. Remember, he is pro mindset ready because he already played Pro Baseball! I believe that is why his leadership and maturity is so off the charts.

    The only thing that separated Wilson from an undefeated college season and Heisman Trophy last year was 3 confusing and very poor end of game head coaching decisions that all produced last second losses for Wisconsin. And they were defensive losses. Two of the losses were on consecutive weeks by the same play. A MSU & OSU Hail Mary crap shot enabled by a confused Badger coaching sideline in the last minute of play. And everyone saw the Oregon loss where Bielema wasted all of his timeouts early. Wilson and his offense were left stranded 16 yards from victory with no time left on the clock. He had zoomed the Badgers down the field in 3 plays from their own 20 yard line with 36 seconds left to pkay! I know this because being an ex Badger myself, I watched every single Wisconsin game last year. This kid was one of the best QBs I had ever seen on any team! As a player and a fan. Coach Bielema wasn’t ready for prime time. Wilson was . And Seattle will benefit mightily from it.

    In fact, I hope history shows this was the best QB class in the last 20 years! They were all special. Even the one that didn’t get drafted. Meaning Kellen Moore from Boise. Along with the QB class from last year, we are witnessing an exciting new era in the NFL. Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford and Colin Kaepernich (SF 49ers) are young studs too!

  70. Quick note for those asking why Pete Carroll is disliked. He cheated his way to a winning program which wouldn’t be enough to have him hated since most people believe “they all cheat”. The issue is he tucked his tail between his legs and fled the second they started getting investigated and avoided any punishment. I don’t like the Pac 10 let alone USC, but the guy is a coward and a below .500 NFL coach, so not sure why anyone outside of die hard Seahawk fans would like him.

  71. Agreed Wilson has looked great. He earned job fair and square. But keep in mind the defenses in preseason are vanilla. He will struggle at times during the season once it gets complex. Lets hope for the kids sake the coach won’t have a quick hook cause he is going to be something special.

  72. Let’s see Grossman outplayed RG3 last game and Cousins outplayed RG3 the game before that … Does that mean the Redskins should trade or cut RG3 … No its preseason folks.
    I can’t wait for the Seahawks first game … Losing to the Cards who still don’t know who their starting qb is going to be funny after hearing all these people building up the next great HOF qb in Wilson.
    I read the same things about JaMarcus and Vince Young … Where are they now.

  73. Lets see what happens when the real defenses show up on starting day. Flynn will be the starter by week 2 or 3 as Wilson will have trouble adjusting to the many defensive shemes that show up in the real time. Still think Flynn will be starter by week 2-3 because he can read defenses and takes care of the ball.

  74. voiceofreasonsays says:
    Aug 26, 2012 10:07 PM
    Only RGIII and Wilson will find success in the NFL from the QB class of 2012. Good move Carroll.

    Congrats, you have officially lost all credibility on this site.

    Ever hear of Andrew Luck? He’s pretty good, you know.

  75. it makes no sense to start a rookie QB if you dont absolutly have to – which the Seahawks didn’t. Carrol has placed his job on the line with this decision.

    Flynn should have started, as he had a wonderful camp and preseason.

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