Stewart hauled off; Injuries piling up in Panthers-Jets game


The Panthers and Jets aren’t exactly playing a thriller.

But the worst part for both teams has been seeing key contributors helped off the field.

In the first half, the Jets have lost tight ends Dustin Keller (hamstring) and Josh Baker (right knee), along with linebacker David Harris (ankle). Baker’s looked the worst, after he took a shot from Panthers rookie corner Josh Norman, who appeared to be falling into him.

Then, just before the break, Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart was hauled off on a cart with a right ankle injury.

As deep as they are, the Panthers are running short in the backfield, with fullback Mike Tolbert on the sideline with a bag of ice on his right knee.

8 responses to “Stewart hauled off; Injuries piling up in Panthers-Jets game

  1. Why do the Jets get so many primetime games? Okay, they’ve won a good amount of games over the last three seasons but they have to be one of the most btoring teams to watch. Isn’tprimetime supposed to be for the fans to watch an entertaining game?. The Jets just don’t bring primetime entertainment o
    my opinion.

  2. time to shorten the pre season to 2 games.

    The owners will fight it, but I bet the players union will be far more likely to agree to an 18 game season if it happens.

  3. Goodell has got to be the most unreasonable and stubborn commissioner my eyes has ever seen…He says player safety is most important, but his actions show otherwise, why would any sane person believe scab refs are just as good as professional and qualified nfl officials…disagree with Goodell and you’re done…he is power struck, this guy has the nerve to push for a 18-game season with scab refs…player injuries will continue to rise out of control cause Godell believes he is right about everything…knucklehead commissioner!

  4. Well, what do we have here. Goodell was the man just as long has he’s disassembling the best team in the NFC South. Finally, now his stupid decisions are affecting some of other teams. Can’t wait until he starts suspending people for playing football.

  5. Hey, Panthers – Goddell is not your hero anymore, now that one of your soft running backs got hurt? He certainly could walk on water when he was unjustly punishing the Saints….what a bunch of hillbillies in NC….Scam is a joke and you have NO chance to beat the Saints or win a SB….fact….Saints win it all…stay classy….

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