Sunday night wrap: Jets offense simply offensive

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Jets fans were booing.

And they had every right. After paying full fare for tickets, and parking, and (hopefully) beer, they were forced to watch the Jets offense.

But at least the Jets are consistent.

Even after getting a turnover and a short field (taking over at the Panthers 12-yard line), the Jets starting offense continued to pitch a shutout in the preseason, failing to get into the end zone.

If you’re scoring at home (and they’re not, or on the road either), that’s 15 possessions for the starters in the preseason, and no touchdowns. The backups haven’t scored either, leaving no hope that personnel changes are going to fix things.

While it’s easy to rail on quarterback Mark Sanchez, it’s misguided as well, as he suffered through several dropped passes. They actually looked competent early in the game running no-huddle, but that didn’t last long.

But Sanchez was unnecessarily glib on the sidelines, joking with Michelle Tafoya that they were saving all their touchdowns for the regular season.

For it to have been funny, there would have to be an expectation this wasn’t actually what they are.

The good news is the Jets defense was strong.

It better be.

Here are some other things we learned on Sunday Night Football.

1. There were cheers when Tim Tebow took the field.

I’m not sure anymore if they were sarcastic or sincere.

Of course, when he got a few plays under his belt, they were booing him too. Those were sincere.

The Jets night in a nutshell was when he jumped up to celebrate a surprising first-down scramble, and a few plays later, threw an ugly pick.

End well, this will not.

2. Cam Newton can make plays even without a gaudy stat line.

He was a positively Tebowian 6-of-15 passing for 60 yards and a touchdown, and ran twice for 16 yards.

But he makes the Panthers offense move.

They don’t want him to run as much on purpose this year, but the threat of him making a decision on a zone read is enough to freeze opponents for a second and buy time for him to do something else with it.

3. There should have been more cheers for Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, playing his first preseason game since his surgery to repair his third torn ACL.

Davis has incredible gifts, or had them before his knee was shredded. He can still run well, and the Panthers are going to spot him in rather than try to ask him to play every snap.

As a blitzer and a guy who can drop back and cover tight ends, he’s still good.

But they’ll probably never stop holding their breath every time he hits the ground.

4. The Jets offense has problems, but they are not without players on that side. Problem is, they’re all getting hurt.

Tight end Dustin Keller left the game early with a hamstring problem, and then backup Josh Baker was take off with a right knee injury.

Whether it’s Sanchez or Tebow, the Jets need safe passes. And without a solid tight end out there (or even his backup), they have issues.

They should sign Jeremy Shockey, for comic relief if nothing else.

5. Not a banner night for the Panthers highly paid stable of running backs.

DeAngelo Williams fumbled twice, Jonathan Stewart was hauled off on a cart with an ankle injury, and Mike Tolbert was on the bench with a bag of ice on his knee.

Armond Smith and Josh Vaughan are up for contract extensions next.

6. The Jets got consistent pressure up front from their starting defense.

Quinton Coples and Muhammad Wilkerson in particular got a good push on a Panthers line that’s at least above average and may be very good.

They’re going to be asked to carry a team, and they may be able to.

7. The Panthers have apparently elected to go with slow and steady over athletic ability at free safety.

Former Ravens backup Haruki Nakamura (who was stuck behind some guy named Ed Reed) got the start and took all the work with the first offense.

Former second-round pick Sherrod Martin, who unlike Nakamura has range, is now a bench warmer.

This was initially a competition, but it appears the Panthers have made their decision. Martin’s such a better athlete it’s comical, but he had a series of gaffes in coverage last year that even had the owner cracking on him.

Basically, they’re electing to go with a limitation they can plan on rather than guessing where the more talented Martin will be.

8. The Panthers offense wasn’t very good either. But unlike the Jets, they had a reason.

Without wide receiver Steve Smith, the Panthers offense is completely different. He’s the vertical threat that makes everything else work.

The good news is, he’s going to be OK after dealing with an infection in his foot.

40 responses to “Sunday night wrap: Jets offense simply offensive

  1. Jet fans are living the Dolphins fan’s (2009-2011) hell.

    Can’t win the Sparano/Parcells offensive philosophy anymore. The Jets play us twice a year. They saw first-hand how horrible we were under Sparano.

    They should have known better, and they deserve what they get.

  2. I’d chortle a bit more but the Patriots have their own challenges on the OL…

    In fact a lot of teams are having a tough time

    You gotta wonder if the end of two a days and general cut back on practices is impacting the quality of the game, especially early in the season.

  3. Last year I told everybody that Tebow would not be a starting QB anywhere this year, and I was right.

    This year I am telling you that Tebow will not be in the NFL next year, and I will be right again.

  4. Cam and the Panthers played ugly tonight but in a since that’s a good thing because it shows the team is learning how to win ugly. Last season when Cam played ugly the entire team went south.

    Last season it was how good of a QB can Cam be. This season it’s winning by any means possible as a team. The Jets defense gave Cam hell but managed to turn a bad outing into a TD when it mattered.

    Now we know why the Broncos has been so silent since Tim left. They know what the Jets are now learning. Everyone has figured out Tim Tebow. He’s now simply comic relief for the Jets.

  5. Saintsfan wrong Tebow will be starting for the Jets by week ten.

    Also howard looked fine as long as he was getting help. His feet ate horrible

  6. I think all Jet fans got a look at what they’ll be seeing all season long, and it’s going to be a looooong season.

  7. Seriously? Way to push a narrative. Sanchez was not offensive in the least. He was accurate, made good decisions and was unafraid to air it out. If not for drops that should have been routine catches, he would have completed at least 4 more passes and would have at least 1 less interception. Even still, he completed 68% of his passes.

    That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of bad play, Sanchez needs to make that pass in the endzone, and be able to get that deep ball to Holmes, the O-Line got no push in the run game and that needs to change, Shonn Greene looked poor which is very scary and TE depth is getting thin, and not being able to score touchdowns is concerning especially when you have obnoxious Dolphins fans in your ear about Sparano. However, this is the first game the brand new Jets offense has actually had time to do anything now that Hunter was benched. When he did play, he was getting destroyed by 3rd stringers. And let’s not forget- it’s still preseason.

  8. The Jets offense is hard to watch. The running game does not exist. Tebow cannot throw accurately and Sanchez has no one to throw too so if the Jets go 8-8 then they should consider this a good year. Unfortunately, I can easily see them going 5-11.

  9. Does anyone know the longest streak, during the regular season + playoffs, for no touchdowns? Say since 1980. Longest winning streak without touchdowns?

  10. “I’m not sure anymore if they were sarcastic or sincere.”

    No one cares what you are or are not sure of. Stick to cutting and pasting, apparently that’s enough trouble as is.

  11. Tom Brady is going to take some hits this year. The Bills DL is one of the best, and capable of getting pressure up the middle without blitzing.

    The Jets look like they struck gold with Wilkerson and Coples. Plus Aaron Maybin as a situational speed rusher.

    The Dolphins can bring it with Cameron Wake and a healthy Odrick.

    On the plus side for the Pats, they may only have to score 10 points to beat any of their division opponents.

  12. Well its year 4…you’d hope Sanchez os comfortable “airing it out” to Patrick Turner (why isnt this guy in the CFL yet) 10 yards downfield.

    Problem is, Sanchez isnt a deep passer. Hes a 3-step & throw QB. When asked to, he usually sails any pass over 15 yards. Only time he’d complete any is with Braylon Edwards’ assistance.

  13. the NFL has proven repeatedly that they will hire people who don’t perform, so I believe that Tebow will have a job next year….

    what’s shocking is that somewhere in the Jets back office, they looked at 103 yards per game and 0.73 TDs per game and said: “we gotta have this guy!”

  14. Here’s how important preseason games are: Teams often don’t form an identity until about four to six weeks into the REGULAR SEASON.
    I’m not suggesting that preseason games ought not be discussed, but let’s try to keep things in proper perspective: Preseason games are expensive PRACTICE games. They don’t count, but they do matter. They matter to those who were drafted after the third round, and to those who weren’t drafted at all.
    Preseason games matter to aging veterans, who are trying to sell their abilities. They matter to over-priced placekickers and punters.
    This site ought to be pointing out that the Steelers have a couple veteran quarterbacks who have performed very well in the preseason. Byron Leftwich, who hasn’t played much the past couple of seasons, has had an outstanding preseason. He looks like a quarterback who is now healthy and still able to be a starter somewhere.
    Preseason is not the place to be hyping unproven rookie quarterbacks. The legacies of Andy and Bob should not nor will be established in any preseason.
    Let’s all get a grip.

  15. roastmeforbeingacardsfan–

    I watched some of the playoffs from Buenos Aires last year. I really enjoyed listening to the Spanish language announcers. They would point out a nice play by an o-lineman just as readily as they would praise a quarterback or running back for making a play.

    I think we must grow up learning that linemen are the big dumb guys, and that stereotype sticks with us. They don’t have that in South America, fans there see linemen as no different than any other player, line play as no less boring or incomprehensible than any other position.

  16. @sd1024

    Except no. The first two offensive plays were 20+ yard plays to Dustin Keller and Turner, the next drive had a deep pass to Holmes that was literally only a step ahead of him, and the drive after that had 32 yarder to Hill. If you don’t understand why the Jets offense going deep is a big deal, you don’t have the knowledge to be in this discussion in the first place.

    Also funny you should mention Braylon Edwards. Can you please name the deep threat that Mark Sanchez has had besides him? Hardly fair to criticize a QB for not going deep when he doesn’t actually have a wide receiver capable of doing that. I mean, it’s not like short yardage passes were the name of the game when Brian Schottenheimer was the offensive coordinator, or anything.

  17. randomguy9999 says:
    Aug 27, 2012 2:39 AM
    the NFL has proven repeatedly that they will hire people who don’t perform, so I believe that Tebow will have a job next year….

    what’s shocking is that somewhere in the Jets back office, they looked at 103 yards per game and 0.73 TDs per game and said: “we gotta have this guy!”


    Say what you will about Tebow’s QB play (and it is bad) but he has made the Jet’s millions and millions of dollars without even setting foot on the field.

    The media exposure for the Jets has been off the charts. Tebow has gotten more press this summer than any other QB in the league.

    You know his fans are buying merchandize left and right.

    Financially, Tebow is a home run for the Jets. Also, the media is fawning over him to the extent that they aren’t asking the Jets the tough questions regarding their offense, etc.

  18. Given that I am an old fart and have earned the right, I will continue to refer to these games as ‘exhibition’ games, if for not other reason except for the fact that the bean counters insist on calling them ‘preseason’ games.

    If one actually gets paid for writing such as this – where do I sign up?

    The jets are funny. In a weird kind of way they remind me of the red sox. If the jets’ d is as good as people say they’re gonna get a lot of time to prove it, because their o don’t seem too special, as in stay on the field for more than a few series and then kick.

  19. i joked last week…but I’m serious this week…Jets vs Bills week one…first ever NFL game to end in a tie 0/0…both offenses hardly capable of sustaining a drive…let alone scoring a touchdown…both defenses capable of pounding the snot out of opposing O lines…Pats fans should worry too, give the sorry Olines fielded to date…this could be the season of the Defenses in the AFC East….

  20. ALL that whining about Schottenheimer and now this! Guess that shows what us Jets fans know, huh? Apparently, he wasn’t the problem.

    It’s clear there are many OCs in the stands who would do this job on an elite level, unfortunately, they have real jobs.

  21. I love how people keep referring to a Rex Ryan circus this year, when the only circus has actually been the Tebow coverage.

  22. Honestly, with how bad the Jets looked last night, I would not be even slightly surprised if Rex Ryan wasn’t the head coach for the first game of the season. That was pathetic. Tebow still has that awkward throwing motion, Jets receivers couldn’t catch a ball that was handed to them and the o-line was not good. Could be a loooong season Jets fans.

  23. I thought Sanchez looked good last night. At the start of the game the OC allowed him some big throws in a hurry-up and he was accurate. Then they decided to go back to the ground and pound and short passes and once again the offense stalled.
    The one interception by Sanchez was a very accurate pass to a wide open receiver who would have picked up the first down, but instead allowed the ball to bounce off his numbers and in to an interception. Not Sanchez’s fault.
    Another drive was stalled on a personal foul penalty (which should have been negated by another player on Carolina taking off his helmet, but…replacement refs…).
    Sanchez is accurate when he has time, and that was shown last night. Great job by the new RT.
    Just allow Sanchez to be an NFL quarterback and things will happen. Stop with this ground and pound, short passes only crap. You need to protect the quarterback and allow him to throw for more than just 5 yard passes. When they do that, the Jets offense looks pretty good.

  24. eaglesfan

    Say what you will about Tebow’s QB play (and it is bad) but he has made the Jet’s millions and millions of dollars without even setting foot on the field.


    you are very right, Tebow is hype and merchandising that serves as a great distraction from the reality about the team and takes up one of the most valuable slots on the team…..

    and one day Sanchez will go down or deserve a benching and the Jets will pay back that money and temporary distraction by 300%

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