T-Jack deal not final yet, with salary a sticking point

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The trade that will send veteran quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to Buffalo isn’t done yet, a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFT.

The sticking point at this point is the compensation Jackson will receive from the Bills.  Jackson currently is due to receive a base salary of $4 million in 2012, the last year of his current deal.

Per the source, it’s believed the deal will be finalized, soon.

It’s unknown whether the Bills would keep either Tylor Thigpen or Vince Young if they land Jackson.  There’s a chance they’ll keep neither; Jackson’s eventual contract could shed significant light on whether one or both of the incumbent backups will stick around.

The compensation that the Bills will be sending to Seattle isn’t known, either.  Early speculation has settled on a 2013 draft pick in the fifth-to-sixth-round range.

47 responses to “T-Jack deal not final yet, with salary a sticking point

  1. If it’s a 5th or even a 6th, either way it’s a huge win for the Seahawks, who would have likely ended up just cutting him. Instead they pick up a draft pick and clear 4 mil. in cap space? Sounds good, the way carrol and the FO find late-round talent.

  2. I’m a T-Jack fan but not sure he does anything for the Bills. He has skills but cant ever show them bc he gets hurt anytime he gets field time. Do they really need a backup who can’t stay healthy?

  3. Tjack has the heart of a champion!!! From all of us hawk fans out there THANK YOU TAVARIS!!! The guy has a rocket arm and really won over the team!! Buffalo is getting a real solid guy and if he could improve on third down he just might give Fitzpatrick a run for his money!!!

  4. Well Vince…you owe a large sum for an ill-advised loan and why would you have taken it if you had not lost your FORTUNE from a short number of years ago, when high draft-pick QBs were paid king’s ransoms. Just when you might think things couldn’t worsen, T-Jack shows up. I imagine you will be able to use your UT degree in uh, what was it again?

  5. I watched Jackson a little in Minn and he didn’t do much for me…I’m curious to know what Seattle fans think of tjack…

  6. ele, Seattle probably doesn’t need compensation because a free Tarvaris Jackson would be a nice thank you for the Marshawn Lynch trade.

  7. I really can’t believe the Bills watched film of this guy and think he’s any good. He’s terrible and every time he gets a hang nail, he cries on the bench.

    I guess the Bills simply won’t learn.

  8. Pete Carrol is an idiot.

    Funny, this time last year, he came out and said how Minnesota mis used him and jerked him around and called him Captain Composure…

    One year later, funny, Seattle goes and jerks him around by signing Matt Flynn to a ridiclous offer sheet (who can’t play anyways) and drafts Russell Wilson.

    All of this sounds too familiar, Minnesota signed Brett Favre to a ridicilous contract and drafted Joe Webb. At least in Minnesota’s defense, Joe Webb wasn’t drafted as a QB, he’s just a WR who can’t catch.

  9. I don’t actually see how the Bills benefit from this.

    I don’t see what Tavaris Jackson is going to provide for that team that’s THAT much better than Thigpen or Vince Young.

  10. Brad Smith to Receiver/Special Teams, Vince Young to backup Fitzpatrick and run Wildbill plays and Jackson as the third QB. Thigpen will be cut by tomorrow.

  11. Not a fan of his, but he’ll be an upgrade over VY in the 2 spot…
    Smarter, better game manager.

  12. “I’m curious to know what Seattle fans think of tjack…”


    We knew he wasn’t the long term answer when he got here; he was a stop-gap because of no offseason and our new O-Coordinator was his O-coordinator so it made sense in order to not have the team take a step back from the previous year, even though most fans knew it wasn’t a step forward either.

    Tjack can throw the ball as far as anyone, and he can be fairly accurate on most throws. His biggest issue at least from my fan’s perspective is that he is indecisive when he’s under pressure and hesitates too long to commit to a decision which leads to a lot of negative plays.

    Overall as a hawks fan I thought he was a decent stop-gap and I admired the fact that he gutted out the season through injury. I think he’s a sold back-up but will never likely be a starting NFL-caliber Qb.

  13. Have to love the Seattle’s 12th man, the same lot of them who thought this guy(T-Jack) was the answer last year, now think a 5 foot 9 inch QB is going to be good in the NFL. Lucky you are in a crappy division!

  14. I don’t think anyone in Seattle thought that TJack was the answer including the front office. It’s been slim pickings the last couple years in free agency at the QB position and Seattle had to go with someone. We did t pay TJack an insane amount of money and we probably got our money’s worth out of him. I think he’s a solid back up. I hope he does well.

  15. Yeah, Pete Carroll is a complete idiot. He had an offensive line that could not protect anyone at the beginning of last year and is now better than average. He brought in a quarterback who was able to take a pounding and played slightly below average. He brought in a free agent and a third round darft pick and upgraded the quarterback position.

    Anyone who thought Jackson was brought in as the long term solution is the idiot and can’t see further than later today. Carroll and Schneider have turned over the roster and put together a young team that is still missing just one or two pieces. They will complete this team in the next draft after competing for the playoffs this year.

  16. Buddy Nix, what are you doing?? This does not improve your team, especially at $4m/year.

    Sorry Bills fans, another 6-10 season upcoming with moves like this.

  17. I love the TJax supporters. They are sticking with him from MN, to Seattle, to Buffalo, even though not one single post could explain why. For those of you keeping count, this will now be what, 6 years and 3 teams that don’t know how to use him properly? At BEST, he is a mediocre back-up that will win a few games here and there, but will never, ever, lead your team to the playoffs, or to a Superbowl. Never! Thigpen, V. Young, or TJax. It doesn’t matter. If any of those three actually see playing time, it means your season is over.

  18. @seattlereign – I think you should go back and read these messages from last summer. There were more than a few Seattle fans and your coach saying that T-Jack didn’t get a fair shot, and would be able to win in Seattle.

  19. Three points:

    1) Jackson is an upgrade over Young. Jackson takes too many sacks, but he doesn’t throw those backbreaking pick sixes that Young can’t seem to stop throwing. Jackson won’t win you many games…but he won’t lose you many, either.

    2) As others have noted, Jackson was never a long-term option. He was given a relatively cheap two-year deal and got an extended tryout.

    3) Seattle is going to gain an asset. They signed him as a free agent, and are now trading him for a pick. Same with Barrett Ruud, they signed him earlier this summer as insurance, then traded him when younger players proved they were ready to play. That’s getting something for nothing, and that’s a good way to run a team.

  20. Amazing, he will more then likely make more in one year sitting on the bench then I will make in a lifetime working 50 hours a week as a licensed electrician. Why god why, did I decide to work for a living! Lol

  21. 1) Jackson is an upgrade over Young. Jackson takes too many sacks, but he doesn’t throw those backbreaking pick sixes that Young can’t seem to stop throwing. Jackson won’t win you many games…but he won’t lose you many, either.

    You might want to google or youtube Tavaris Jackson and Asante Samuel in the same sentance…

  22. Thigpen was supposed to be an upgrade at the backup QB spot, 2011 proved he was not, Vince Young was supposed to be an upgrade to Thigpen, so far this preseason he has proven he isn’t, so on to the next guy, enter TJax, we shall see.

  23. Ya know, I don’t Tavaris Jackson got a fair shake is Seattle..err Minnesota.

    Yours Truly,
    Pete Carrol

  24. If Buffalo pays anything over 700,000 and gives up more than a 7th round they are nuts.

    Currently the Vikings # 4 guy man of many names is better than TJ

  25. Not happy about this. He’s worth league minimum in salary (plus $500K because it’s the QB position) and maybe a 6th rounder in trade. I hope this makes some sense to Chan and Buddy because from a fans point of view; Thigpen, Young and/or Smith are all better options.

  26. As a Seahawks fan I appreciated T-Jacks efforts last season (especially playing through injury). He wasn’t ever the long term solution though…couldn’t finish games the way he needed to. I like the upside of Russell Wilson and what he can do in the future, but not sold on him starting this season. I think that Flynn hasn’t been given enough opportunity to show how experience (yes even as a backup) will help him be the better quarterback this year. Not sure Wilson will be able to read defenses as well as Flynn when they are not so vanilla. I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not, hope that it doesn’t take us until October to bring Flynn in. Go Hawks, lot’s to be excited about this year!

  27. Wow … I thought the Bills were on the rise this year … I guess some things never change.
    Seriously trading a draft pick to the Seahawks for a player who was going to be cut.

  28. Now Vikings fans have 2 teams to laugh at because no one in their right mind should WANT T-Jack on their team let alone give up draft picks to get him.

  29. jrmehle | Aug 27, 2012, 5:06 AM PDT
    “Now Vikings fans have 2 teams to laugh at because no one in their right mind should WANT T-Jack on their team let alone give up draft picks to get him.”

    Do the pathetic Vikings really have reason to laugh at any team? Viking fans have way more to worry about than T-Jack and trying to find some vindication that he is not a great QB. Who cares. Move on.

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