Albert McClellan faces domestic violence charges


To win a starting job in the NFL, it makes sense to act the part.

But not completely.

Linebacker Albert McClellan faces domestic violence charges in Florida, following a previously unreported arrest.  According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, McClellan was arrested on June 30 in Lakeland, Florida on charges of battery and simple assault with threat or intent to do violence.

The charges, both misdemeanors, may not be pending much longer.  The alleged victim, a former girlfriend of the player’s, has failed a waiver to not prosecute.

McClellan’s agent, Glenn Lansky, told Wilson that the Ravens are aware of the charges.

“The alleged victim has already filed a request not to prosecute, and we are confident that when all the facts are brought to light Albert’s good, clean name will be restored,” Lansky told Wilson.  “Albert has always shown himself to be honest and forthcoming and we truly believe that any and all allegations will be disposed of favorably for Albert.  Because this is a pending case, Albert will have no comment at this time.”

McClellan is expected to replace Terrell Suggs in the starting lineup this season, as Suggs recovers from a partially torn Achilles tendon.

17 responses to “Albert McClellan faces domestic violence charges

  1. The arrest counter here on PFT will never cross the 22 day record it held at one point. Stupid NFL meatheads. Can’t realize how good they have it until it’s all taken away.

  2. They will be fine without Suggs thou right?? Lets see Ravens fans talk their way out of this one. Fact of the matter is theres another POS in Baltimore surprise, surprise.

    And before you start the “Steelers fans in a Ravens article” bull, go find a Steelers article and look at the first comment. You can thank Ravenator for this.

  3. How is assaulting a woman somehow portrayed as acting the part of an NFL linebacker in a more “complete” sense than failing to assault a woman? Sometimes these punchlines have no common sense behind them.

  4. No need to talk our way out of it, the Ravens will move on without Suggs until he’s healthy to play again. Every team has players that get charged with something every season, the fact that you take time out of the day to point it out because it’s a Ravens player and you’re a Steelers fan means nothing.

    “Ravenator” is not every Ravens fan, just like Steelers fans are glad that you don’t represent them on a daily basis. You’re just one guy, NFL players are human beings with the same faults as anyone else, time to get over it.

    That being said, innocent until proven guilty.

  5. Ravens slowly getting their wings clipped. NICE!!!!!!!!! Will love this free-fall as the Browns ascend. 9/27 is going to be a holiday Thursday night!!!

  6. lucky for him he is a Raven…Goodell won’t suspend him but any other team he would be looking at a game or two.

  7. I will refer to deb for comment. Clearly the facts have not come to light but leave it to Steeler fans to chime in on subjects they have no clue about.

  8. I’m pretty sure Ravenator is the only numbskull I see on this site misrepresenting the true Raven fans on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the article the other day talking about Flacco’s contract featured 3 different Steeler trolls misrepresenting their franchise in the first 4 comments. You’re argument carries no weight against facts Steely.

    As to this article, doubt there was some “fat settlement” because McClellan as a 3rd year undrafted free agent is making peanuts compared to many players, certainly not enough to completely rescind an assault charge with a settlement. Considering that, and the fact that the victim isn’t prosecuting leads me to believe it was some misunderstanding between the couple. Not making excuses and I certainly don’t condone the behavior, just the way I’m putting together what is known. We’ll find out soon enough I’m sure.

  9. How am I misrepresenting raven fans I’ve been a season ticket holder since 96 and I get field passes. If anything I’m a diehard fan, numbskull

  10. It’s funny how quickly Ratbird fans love to jump on Roethelisberger for something an official inquiry found there was no basis for, yet are even quicker to scream “let’s wait for the facts!” when their own players are involved.

    I agree, I assume McClellan is innocent until found to be otherwise but can we just stop with the hypocrisy?

  11. Typical loser Raven LB – if they aren’t stabbing someone they are beating their girlfriend….

  12. 4 game suspension minimum, regardless of charges being pressed. If a star qb can be suspended without any charges, so can an unknown loser lb on a team located in the armpit of america.

  13. Come on Steeler fans…Let’s not go there with the talk of arrests and alleged domestic incidents. Just wait until Ashley Roethlisberger starts speaking up…

  14. and the nest crumbles….can’t wait to see every running back blowing huge holes in that wet-paper-bag the Ravens now call a defense.
    Sounds like Ray Lewis is mentoring the young guys very well in the purple armpit.

  15. Maybe he can get Rayray to teach him how to destroy evidence and intimidate witnesses to avoid prosecution…..

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