Bills GM Buddy Nix is through talking about Vince Young


The Bills thought Vince Young was going to be their insurance policy at quarterback.

But then they realized he wasn’t, and traded for Tarvaris Jackson, and Bills General Manager Buddy Nix didn’t want to talk about the former first-rounder any longer.

“I don’t want to get into what he can do and can’t do,” Nix said of Young, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “It just didn’t work out.

“Vince did everything that he could. He worked hard at it. He did everything that we asked him to do. It just didn’t work. So we’re going another route.”

When pressed as to why it didn’t work, Nix said: “Why do we keep talking about Vince’s problems? Vince is gone.”

But his answer to questions about why Jackson was brought in speaks volumes about what they thought of Young.

“We spent a lot of money in the offseason,” Nix said. “We put a lot of money in this football team, and we think we’ve got good players and a chance to be competitive.

“I wouldn’t want one guy to get hurt and couldn’t play and everybody else be helpless to get it done. So it’s a protection.”

Young has fallen far, and fast. It’s not like the Bills traded for a guy with a long history of winning football (Jackson has a 17-17 career record as a starter), so for Young to have been deemed so deficient that Jackson’s a no-brainer upgrade should tell you what you need to know about his prospects for future employment.

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  1. “I wouldn’t want one guy to get hurt and couldn’t play and everybody else be helpless to get it done. So it’s a protection.”


    Did Buddy Nix think he was signing some other guy named Tarvaris Jackson than the one who played in Minne and Seattle?

  2. You can bet that he won’t be going back to Philadelphia unless some big injuries happen. At this point it looks like Foles is #2 there and #3 is up in the air with Edwards and Kafka.

  3. Was VY really that bad in his brief time in Buffalo? I actually thought he’d distanced himself from Thigpen and was gonna make this team.
    Wow. No two ways about it now, just a colossal bust.

  4. I’m sorry, but if these schools are going make millions off kids and pass them along in classes who really aren’t college students they should pay them like hired pro athletes and not act like they’re student athletes. I’m convinced Jamarcuss Russell hadthe same similar retention problems of Young.

    Young is one of the lucky ones. He made it to the pros. Most of these athletes end up back in they’re old neighborhood with no education, no skill and no money.

  5. The wrap on Young isn’t that he is talented or that he can keep a play alive……………he can. The problem is that he for lack of a better word isn’t book smart enough to learn a playbook.

  6. Buddy Nix must think a lot of Tarvaris Jackson, because this is a bold move switching QB’s so late in pre-season. Week 1 against the Jets is right around the corner, Jackson better learn fast if he is to take on the #2 position. Maybe Nix is going to keep Thigpen around until Jackson feels comfortable with Gailey’s complicated Offense. Brad Smith will not be going anywhere, he is way to valuable of a back-up at QB, WR and ST/KR. My guess is that for the next two weeks it will be Fitzpatrick, Thigpen, Jackson, Smith. If Buffalo decides to keep Thigpen into the regular season, they could always move Brad Smith to a full time Receiver, he has enough speed to play opposite Stevie Johnson and could split reps with Donald Jones or Derek Hagan. Whatever they decide to do I’m sure it will pan out, Buddy Nix is a smart GM.

  7. Nobody wants him as a backup because you don’t go molding your offense around your backup QB. The backup is supposed to learn the existing offense and be able to run it at a moment’s notice. He’s not known for being a quick study, so the role doesn’t fit.

    Nobody wants him as a starter to build an offense around because of he way he handled (mishandled) that role in TN. That’s his own fault.

  8. I like this approach. He isn’t throwing Vince under the bus and he isn’t dwelling on it. There is no drama to it. He was signed, it didn’t work out and was released, like any other player would of been. The team picked up T-Jack as his replacement and are moving forward. There is no reason to try and find the exact reason Young was let go and Nix knows it.

    Kudos to him!

  9. Ten-cent brain, and few, if any employment skills…and he won’t find a job in football EITHER!

  10. At least Vince can now be at peace, the Peace Bridge so he can go to his next step into his future…Canada!!!

    Yeah, and Buffalo (the team, city, and the peope) still sucks.

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