Cardinals probably won’t play Kevin Kolb or John Skelton on Thursday night


Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt knew what everyone wanted to know when he took the podium for a press conference on Monday, but he wasn’t about to give up the identity of the team’s starting quarterback.

“We’ll let you know as soon as we make that decision,” Whisenhunt said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website.

Kevin Kolb and John Skelton have been battling for the job in Arizona throughout the offseason without any resolution as we reach the final week of preseason games. So, naturally, rookie Ryan Lindley will be starting the preseason finale against the Broncos. Coach Ken Whisenhunt made the announcement on Monday, but was quick to caution that Lindley won’t be starting the regular season opener and that the evaluation of Kolb and Skelton will continue. He didn’t expressly rule out Kolb or Skelton playing, but it seems unlikely that they’d play with second and third stringers.

The Cardinals have two more practices and a walk-through left before Thursday puts a lid on the preseason. It’s hard to believe that there’s anything either man could do to change the minds of the Cardinals decision-makers in those sessions after so much exposure to both of them dating back to last season, especially when Lindley and Richard Bartel will need reps to prepare for playing in the game.

If you had to guess about the starter, Skelton would be the best bet since he started the last preseason game. Neither player has done enough to win the job outright, though, and that’s a pretty sizable problem for the only NFL team without a starting quarterback as they look forward to the regular season.

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  1. As a Cards fan, I would say Skelton. I am certainly not alone with that thought here in AZ. But, I suspect it may be Kolb. Only because they have to see what they have one last time before cutting him (which if he does not do well, I expect they will).

    If that happens, I hope they only try him for 2-3 games at most. Maybe even just two. I don’t want to wait for 0-4 or 0-5 before making a change. Skelton has shown that he can win games, and if he doesn’t start, I don’t want him coming in with a 0-4 or 0-5 record to start the season.

  2. I understand this decision is probably in the interest of protecting both QB’s from injury, BUT….

    What a gutless move by Whisenhunt.

  3. Worse case scenario is he goes back to that two QB system he implemented with Leinart and Warner back in 07. smh at the Cards as an organization for allowing this to happen…

  4. Troy Smith, Vince Young, Dennis Dixon, Culpepper, a trade for Leftwich, a trade for Matt Moore, a trade for Flynn, even trade for David Carr at this point.

  5. This is the perfect example of why hype can make you like or dislike a guy. Tebow and Skelton both didn’t put up great numbers last year and led a good amount of comebacks, but since ESPN and Ol Skip Bayless didn’t jump on the Skelton bandwagon, no one really cares for the guy one way or the other but a lot of people don’t like Tebow. Neither of them are that good at this point. Skelton completed more passes but he had a worse TD/INT ratio. And he doesn’t run the ball. I’m not here to make you like either one of these guys but have perspective. It’s not Tebow you don’t like, it’s the hype and coverage. Honestly, what has he done that caused all this angst against him? And I apologize for bringing Tebow into this non Tebow story, it is a little hypocritical.

  6. It is becoming more and more obvious that Whisenhunt, who convinced the Bidwills to spend $60 on Kolb, is going to name Kolb the starter. How would you like to convince your boss to spend $60 on a project, and then tell him it failed?
    Here is what Whisenhunt will say:
    Kolb has been the starter all along. He never LOST his job last year — he was never BENCHED. He was INJURED. Since Whiz keeps saying that Skelton has not proven to be better than Kolb this preseason (I guess Skelton’s winning ways last year don’t count), then Kolb will REMAIN the Cards’ starting QB.

  7. So the best way to choose a starting QB is ……… not to play either of them?

    This situation is so crazy it actually makes sense.

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing new head coach Ray Horton next year! He should have a pretty solid draft position to work with, as long as Whiz and Rod Graves don’t trade them all for Colt McCoy.

  9. A word of warning: if the Eagles are willing to part ways with what seems to be a very good QB, like McNabb or Kolb stay the heck away.

  10. As your division rival Seahawks rabid fan, I also hope Lindley lights it up, and that Skelton gets the start if you don’t sign another veteran. (Or Lindley, if he pulls somewhat of a Russell Wilson on you.)

    Not only do I want us to beat you guys when you are at full strength and it’s an accomplishment to defeat you, but I want all four of us NFC West teams to finally fight our way out of the cellar. I’m sick of being the weakest division in the league!

  11. Arizonajust posted a job opening for “starting QB” on their site. No experience necessary. Announcement closes Friday.

  12. @Tfoz5150 Arizona would win more games with Donovan! Its all about the right situation. Fitz and Floyd are big targets and 5 throws a great deep ball with a low turnover % its a no brainer really. Cheap, experienced, class guy who might have some magic left. Its not like Arizona has anything to lose by trying.

  13. Did you see him practicing in those waves at the beach a few months ago? I’m afraid he still has nothing left. You’re better off trading for Vick at this point.

  14. I am looking forward to week three because I think that’s about when Kolb will get crushed behind a non existent O-line and good ol Red Skelton will get the starts from there. He’s a big tough dude and u think has the ability to lead the team, but there is way too much money invested not to let Kolb die trying. At least Kolb won’t be a Card next year.

  15. The Cardinals would be in the SuperBowl if Kurt Warner came out of retirement, THAT is how bad these jokers are. Only slightly kidding.

  16. Westclaims:

    …If that happens, I hope they only try him for 2-3 games at most. Maybe even just two. I don’t want to wait for 0-4 or 0-5 before making a change. Skelton has shown that he can win games, and if he doesn’t start, I don’t want him coming in with a 0-4 or 0-5 record to start the season

    This is dumb. You HAVE to give the starting QB more than a few games. For what you’re paying Kolb, you need to give him some time in the system. Remember, he got injured in Philly after two quarters, then got traded and had no offseason with a new team the next year. The bottom line? The man STILL has not had a chance. I think you guys will regret pulling him after just a few games. Give it half the season…then you’ll know.

  17. The guy holding the cardboard sign made from the inside of a greasy Little Ceaser’s pizza box that says “Unemployed Vet. Anything helps. God bless!” in front of Walmart has more job security than Whisenhunt.

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