Charles Woodson sees “a lot of bad officiating”


Packers defensive back Charles Woodson says that if the NFL’s lockout of the officials doesn’t end soon, things could get ugly.

Woodson says the replacement officials have struggled during the preseason, and with less than two weeks to get them ready for the regular season, there’s no way they’re going to be up to speed in time.

They haven’t been very good,” Woodson told USA Today. “That’s the honest opinion. Before preseason started, I think you’re optimistic. But it’s almost like a young guy coming into the NFL. The game goes too fast for them. Now, could they go through a season and get better? Sure. But there’s going to be a lot of bad officiating going on until they catch up to the speed of the game.”

Woodson indicated that a player like himself might actually be able to benefit from the absence of the regular officials, because he could get away with pass interference. But he’d rather not see it come to that.

“There will be some things you normally wouldn’t get away with,” Woodson said. “It’s not that you’d be trying to get away with them, but you will because the official didn’t see it or he didn’t know to make the call. We need the [regular officials] back.”

Despite more and more players like Woodson coming forward to say the NFL needs the regular officials, it’s looking less and less likely that they’ll get the regular officials before the regular season starts.

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  1. it’s legitimately funny to me how much the league doesn’t care if they’re any good or not. “they don’t know what they’re doing? fine, we’ll give them earpieces and tell them what to do. all we need is warm bodies in striped shirts who aren’t unionized; the fans will still pay money for tickets regardless and that’s all that matters”

  2. they video reveiw everything anyway. games will soon be 4 1/2 hours long! god forbib it goes to OT… ref flips the coin … then spends 10 minutes under the hood determining if it’s heads or tails. they had it perfecr with the 3 challenge system imo.

  3. It’s only fair that the league should allow each head coach more challenges. These replacement refs are going to cost team’s wins if the number of challenges stays at 3.

  4. Woodson is going to get away with murder regardless if the scabs or regular refs are out there. Guy never gets flagged and he mugs WRs more than anyone.

  5. As long as the owners KNOW FOR SURE that the fans would still show up and fork out their money no matter who or what is doing the officiating, does anyone out there really think that the owners are going to budge?

    The damn muppetts could be out there in stripes and people would show up – Kermit, Miss Piggy, The Swedish Chef (my favorite) – the whole gang.

  6. Dear Charles,

    Was the “Tuck Rule” the result of great officiating? I want the real refs back but c’mon they all make big time mistakes.

  7. Yeah, it’s easy to sit here and judge all this bad officiating….no….I mean it’s easy, they suck.

  8. Bad officiating didn’t begin this year. The regular officials miss huge calls every week. The difference is they’re not under the microscope like these guys.

    When the regular guys come back I expect them to never miss a call again after all the piling on they’re doing.

  9. The regular Refs get $8k per game..I guess that’s not enough for them, so I guess whenever the league decides to pay them a lil more we shall see them return,otherwise fans, be prepared to see the replacements get more time..

  10. This is something coming from a guy who wasn’t thrown out of a game after landing a punch to a Saint’s midsection.

  11. I guess I’m not quite sure what he is talking about. Doesn’t he get away with pass interference on every down as it is?

  12. Thats rich considering last year his team benefited twice from atrociously called games against the Giants.

  13. Glad to finally hear one of the star NFL players finally comment on this topic. Take a look at the 2 late hits Tamba Hali got called for on Russell Wilson of the Seahawks. What an absolute joke. He just barely grazed Wilson and got flagged twice for a late hit. Disgusting calls by the refs.

  14. When the regular officials were out there we also griped about “seeing a lot of bad officiating out there.” These guys are definitely worse.

    In preseason there have been hundreds of camera shots of head coaches shaking their heads and grimacing over ridiculous calls. Can you imagine what these same coaches are going to do when the games count and their jobs are on the line?

  15. Funny how in this battle between the league and the officials, it seems the guys catching the most flak are the replacement officials. Bizarre.

  16. Two things:

    First off, read the reactions to this article opposed to the article on Kluwe’s comments about the officiating. The tone in the comments is considerably different. I guess punters dont have eyes and a brain…

    Secondly, I agree with both Woodson and Kluwe. I truly do not understand the take “well the regular officials make mistakes too” – – No one is saying they dont. By that logic we could have ANYONE officiate. Ya they will make mistakes. “But the replacement officials make mistakes too” Errors in officiating are inherent, they are human. It’s the type and frequency of the replacement officials mistakes that are generating these comments from players

  17. The Refereelers are nervous. Replacement refs might not help them win games like the “real refs” did. Will hurt them even worse if they somehow make it back to the Super Bowl where the refs helped them in their last two Super Bowl “wins”.

  18. Players and coaches have no confidence and no faith in replacement refs. That’s a problem. League needs to address this and stop burying their head in the sand.

  19. i dont think they are that bad. and the NFL has a ton of leverage over the locked out refs.

    in watching all the preseason games (1-2 quarters till the starters come out) i dont even notice a difference? unless one the the announcers mention it which happens every 5min for some reason.

  20. Look. Are the replacement refs perfect? Hell no. But are the real refs perfect? Hell no. Calls are gonna be missed. Bad calls are gonna be made regardless of who is officiating the games. To think that this is only what the 3rd game they have officiated. Now I am not saying that they are better than the other officials and I am sure there will be calls that end up detrimental to the game but enough is enough already. People piss and moan when the real refs screw up a game and people piss and moan when the replacement refs screw up a game.

  21. I’m honestly sick and tired of hearing about the replacement refs. They are doing the best that they can do. It is not THEIR fault that they are in this situation. Most of them never reffed the NFL, CFL, AFL, whateverFL, some probably haven’t even reffed in college.

    It’s like the regular officials were so perfect and never made mistakes…. People just need something to complain about.

  22. “oh no, he said something about the refs… wait i can remember this one time there was a bad call”
    C’mon now. yes the real refs made some big mistakes, but that’s going to be nothing compared to the scabs this season

  23. I saw a lot of bad officiating too. Every time Charles Woodson wasn’t called for PI and illegal contact.

  24. Nick Perry got an unsportsmanlike penalty for flexing after a sac! Just shows the replacements suck! They have made horrible calls like this all preseason. they better get it straight when the regular season kicks off or we are all in for a frustrating year!

  25. I see no difference between the replacement officials and the original guys—- Calls are missed by all of them,

    Difference: The media isn’t afraid to be hyper-critical of the replacement guys. If they treated the regular officials the same way, the credibility of the game would be in jeopardy.

    It is what it is.

  26. Regular refs are worse on my oppinion. May not miss as many calls, but they MISS A LOT, and have NO excuse. They make 2000$ an hour to watch a game. Goodell should lower thier pay. You get a raise when you do your job correctly, not because someone could be worse.

  27. Guys mentioning Woodson mugging WRs must be playing madden or something…. Woodson usually spends his time in Zone near the box where he’s allowed to jump passes and blitz the Qb… He’s basically a super athletic Linebacker at this point.

  28. The worst trend in the NFL over the past 18 months? Don’t bother to work things out, go after LEVERAGE.

  29. Thats Woodson making up excuses
    before the season starts cause he knows the packers are WEAK an they have a hard schedule right from the start

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