DeCastro to have surgery later this week


As the Steelers move toward preparations for their Week One showdown with the Broncos, their first-round pick is preparing for knee surgery.

A source with knowledge of the situation tell PFT that DeCastro will have surgery later this week to repair a knee that was injured during Saturday night’s preseason game against the Bills.

DeCastro has a torn MCL, a dislocated kneecap, and an injury to the patellar tendon.  He is expected to miss three-to-five months.

The Steelers will have to decide whether to place DeCastro on injured reserve or keep him on the active roster after Friday’s deadline for dropping to 53 players.  If the NFL and NFLPA had reached an agreement regarding  a change in the injured reserve rules, DeCastro could have been placed on injured reserve for six weeks, with the ability to return later in the season.

In 1995, the Steelers held a roster spot for cornerback Rod Woodson for the entire season, and he eventually played in Super Bowl XXX.

16 responses to “DeCastro to have surgery later this week

  1. Love what decastro may be able provide to the steelers, but a roster spot for an injured rookie who may or may not play this season is a dicey call.

  2. Sucks to see that. Hope he gets well soon. I think it’d be smart, on the Steelers part, to keep him out this season. He’s a young guy. No need to rush him back out there. Let him come back next season text book ready and healthy.

  3. Please let that be the only time you mention Rod Woodson and DeCastro in the same article.

  4. I’m not a Steelers fan by any means, but that decision to keep Rod Woodson off IR and have him play in the Super Bowl is one awesome story. While it’s not quite Ronnie Lott level of epic-ness, I still admire the no-quit attitude.

  5. It’s just not worth rushing the kid back. Put him IR and get him ready for training camp next year. Bad break; however, it’s next man up!

    Good news, bad news day.


  6. as young as he is, he will heal quickly.

    Best Wishes on a speedy recovery David.

  7. Get well soon David.

    Hate to see this for a promising young player. I am a Ravens fan who would rather see both teams at full power each time – only enhancing a great rivalry and one of many examples in the league of how the game should be played.

  8. Life in the NFL is unpredictable..WOW! Things change within a blink of an eye..I think he’ll bounce back but think about the hype that was created by the media about how good this kid was going to be..but booom! now he will have a slow start.Sorry!

  9. denisob said:
    Can’t they just put him on the PUP list?
    no. a player cant be put on pup if they have practiced at all. decastro has, so he is inelligble. also, pup is a max of six weeks, i think

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