Dez Bryant is paying for his security detail


As it turns out, Dez Bryant will be picking up the tab for his babysitters.

The Rules of 88 require Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant to, among other things, have round-the-clock security, via a three-man rotating crew.  As we pointed out earlier today, the arrangement could violate the labor deal in two ways.  As it relates to the league, the arrangement could run afoul of the salary cap.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that, if the Cowboys are paying for the security detail, it would indeed be a problem.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Cowboys aren’t paying.  Instead, Dez will be footing the bill.

While the approach insulates the Cowboys from scrutiny under the cap rules (they’ve already been down that road this year), it highlights the possibility that the arrangement infringes on the player’s rights under the labor deal.  Not only are the Cowboys imposing rules that go beyond the limits of the CBA, but they also are forcing Bryant to foot the bill for it.

Yes, Bryant could have said no.  But the point is that he arguably never should have been forced to answer the question at all.

It remains to be seen whether the NFLPA pursues the issue on behalf of Bryant.  Owner Jerry Jones ultimately may not care.  The goal is to get Dez in line.  If the NFLPA fights the Cowboys on this point, the union will come off trying to excuse or enable a guy whose behavior arguably justifies special measures to keep him in line.

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  1. Isn’t it kinda of sad that an adult male can’t behave himself ? Handing him a boatload of money isn’t exactly going to help the situation either, it enables it.

    Grow up man, this is your life calling.

  2. Hm, thats pretty cool, I do things just like NFL players.

    We both pay for our babysitters…..granted the one I pay for is for a 2 year old….but its cool we have something in common.

  3. This is almost like enslavement or kidnapping for Pete’s sake. I see that he’s agreeing to it, but we don’t even treat college kids like this. Around the clock supervision? IMO they should have just decided to cut him or keep him. This situation is just going to eventually alienate him and he’ll fire the “chaperons” then the Cowboys will have to react to that etc. etc.

    This is no way to treat grown men. It’s de facto house arrest.

  4. I praise Jerry Jones for wanting to help this guy out because he needs some guidance.

    But his “security” can’t protect him from Family problems. Or if he has to speak to his mom behind closed doors. Those are the people that will really influence Dez Bryant in the end.

    This method has a high failure rate. Here’s to him overcoming his demons and breaking out into the star he should be now.

  5. Why do I get the feeling what Bryant will pay for his security detail will be nominal, and Jerry is going to be handing out some extra fat Christmas bonuses to certain security department employees?

  6. Dez may have ridiculous talent, but is it really worth this much effort and headache? There are other receivers in the league with just as much talent but a lot more maturity.

  7. I like PFT, but there are times when I just get disgusted with it. They’re like the tattle tales. Stop trying to be an investigator, which you are not, and just report the real news.

    Leave teams alone when it comes to trying to protect their players. If Dez had a problem with this deal, he wouldn’t have agreed to it…

    Not only that, but there’s NOTHING in the CBA that says this cannot occur.

    Maybe if this occurred more often, you wouldn’t have to reset your “DAYS WITHOUT AN ARREST” ticker every 20 days.

  8. Mara still is looking for a way this arrangement can be used to strip money from the cowboys…. once he has rationalized it he believes penalties will also apply to the redskins because they beat his team twice last year.

  9. Right… he gets to hire who he wants to hire now. Not only that, but he just tell his boys “keep yer mouth shut or you’re not getting paid”.

  10. Why is Profootballtalk trying so hard to stir up trouble? This process has the opportunity of saving Bryant from himself and you’re doing your best to undermine things. I like Profootballtalk very much, but this is one where honestly you should just be ashamed of yourself.

  11. Let him screw himself out of a job. Seriously. I understand the Cowboys want to keep him around, but he’s a grown man. Don’t babysit him.

  12. No chance in heck that Bryant complains about this and without that happening the NFLPA wont touch it either and nor should they Bryant gave up his right to complain about extra rules by acting like a putz.

  13. The most important thing to do when you have any problem, is to admit it is a problem. This may be the best thing Dez will ever do for himself. I hope some of his teammates step up to the plate and be good mentors.

  14. So the union might dispute something put in place to keep one of its members from clowning himself out of the league? Yep, that sounds about right!

  15. This is like Pacman II, an embarasssment for everybody – the team and a troubled player who has never been taught how to behave like a man.
    The NFL, especially Dallas, isn’t the place for adult training. Too much scrutiny, and social media now has made it even worse.
    His next offense, the nature of which runs the gamut of a limitless imagination, will be on Twitter/Facebook within minutes.

    It’s amazing how a savvy business tycoon like Jerry Jones (egomania clouding one’s judgement?) keeps making the same mistakes with hiring troubled players.
    It never works: Quincy Carter, Pacman, and now this yahoo.

  16. Seems about right. If I want someone to manage my money, I’ll foot the bill for an accountant. If I’m having emotional issues, I’ll foot the bill for a therapist. If I’m looking for personal protection, then I’ll foot the bill for a personal security guard. If I’m too dumb to realize what it takes to be a professional athlete, then I’d welcome my job telling me to get it together, or else I’d be gone. Protect your investment in yourself, and your job will protect their investment in you.

  17. There’s no magical age when a human being is mature enough to handle responsibilities and decision making. Some are ready sooner than others. The law says it’s 18 years old. With Dez’s background it’s amazing the kid’s made it as far as he has.

    The truly sad part of Dez’s situation is that there too many of America’s youth in his shoes, and more to come. But they won’t be afforded the same opportunity as Dez because they’re not physically gifted to play a professional sport. And that’s a shame. A person shouldn’t have to have a special talent in order to get the help and guidance they need.

    If there’s a downside to being talented like Dez, it’s that too many times adults (teachers, family members, etc.) allow a kid to make mistakes/bad decisions and not hold him/her accountable. Thus reinforcing their attitude and feeling of entitlement and hindering their maturity.

    Just because it hasn’t worked for someone else, doesn’t mean you don’t try to help the next one. Although it wouldn’t hurt for Dez to be made aware that how he chooses to respond to his treatment might influence if anybody will help the next kid who comes along and needs it.

    So, Dez, for your sake and for the sakes of others who follow, embrace this opportunity you’ve been given and make the most of it.

    And for the record, I’m not a Cowboys fan.

  18. New spin maybe Dez asked Jerry for all of this to stay out of trouble. Way to take the bullet Jerry!!!!!

  19. chc4 says:
    Aug 27, 2012 2:31 PM
    So the union might dispute something put in place to keep one of its members from clowning himself out of the league? Yep, that sounds about right!


    Why should the union care. They kknow if he loses his job, his compensation will be paid to another and they will still collect their dues.

  20. I’m sure Jerry told Dez that if he gets in line and produces like he should(potential beast) then he will get paid big time. So you foot the bill and do what you have too.

  21. Like all players nowdays, the security detail will demand re-negotation of their contract after a few months claiming that they out performed their initial contract by keeping Dez from hurting himself/ others. They’ll hold out and refuse to babysit Dez until they get a new contract.

  22. I am actually embarrassed for him, hope he gets the help he needs, but these guys make boat loads of money and they all should have a financial adviser assigned to them , it should be included in every contract, it gets tedious after a while reading about these idiots mismanaging their lives

  23. This will not bode well. Anywhere he goes outside (and maybe sometime inside) TX, there could be fans that will chide him unmercifully about having “babysitters”.

    From the stadium, to going out for dinner. He had better grow a thick skin quick!

  24. The fact that they have to do this says that Dez has issues that are very serious.

    This kind of approach, round the clock security doing adult babysitting, is standard for wealthy people who are trying to fight addiction. Sometimes the addict finds ways to fool the security guards and keep using — the outcome of those stories is always bad.

    Whatever happens from here is all up to Dez. I hope it all works out well for him.

  25. JJ is doing this to help himself. Bryant is the only game changer on the roster and Jones would sell his own mother into prostitution if it meant a few more wins for the Cowboys. Jones hand picked a bad dude while a lot of smart teams passed him over because he just isn’t worth the trouble.

  26. Let’s say I did not trust myself to the point that I wanted to personally hire people to make sure I behaved myself, and pay for them.

    Would I want these guys reporting any slip-ups of mine to my bosses?

    Hell no.

    No one would volunteer to do that not under duress.

    No, this is not something that will be upheld.

  27. “There are other receivers in the league with just as much talent but a lot more maturity.”

    Who is available?

  28. Assuming he’s paying them minimum wage, 24 hour babysitting would cost him just north of $63,000 a year.

    Not a lot of money for a millionaire athlete. But still a hefty price tag to pay simply because your unable to be responsible and avoid doing stupid stuff.

  29. “It’s amazing how a savvy business tycoon like Jerry Jones (egomania clouding one’s judgement?) keeps making the same mistakes with hiring troubled players.
    It never works: Quincy Carter, Pacman, and now this yahoo.”

    Cris Carter, Brett Favre, Charles Haley, Plaxico Burress, among a long list of others, might disagree.

  30. “Some of the restrictions Bryant must adhere to are conditions that HE ASKED to be put in place for him, according to a source with knowledge of the guidelines.” -Dallas Morning News

    Since he asked for some of them and is paying for all of them, I think he has a good chance for success.

  31. Personally, I think the restrictions and the fact that Dez is paying for it himself is the right way to do things.

    Having said that, I think it is a violation of the CBA.

    The NFLPA should stop wasting time and money on Vilma – who refused to participate in the appeal process as specified in the CBA – and pay attention to ACTUAL CBA violations…

  32. JJ is several years too late. He should have provided a strongly structured program involving counseling, supervision and clearly defined and reinforced behavior/conduct expectations immediately upon drafting. He should have informed Dez about the above plans during the interview process prior to the draft. These kinds of behaviors and a long history of being a poor teammate were in place when he was at OSU and PRIOR to his time at OSU. At this point his destructive behaviors are that more entrenched. Though part of this program is clearly self-serving, I applaud the Cowboys for attempting to assist this man child, however it is up to the MAN to stop being such a CHILD!!

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