Dolphins stocking up for next year’s draft, Colts adding players now


The Miami Dolphins are making the moves of a team that doesn’t expect to win this year. The Indianapolis Colts are making the moves of a team that wants to win right now.

The trade that sent cornerback Vontae Davis from Miami to Indianapolis in exchange for the Colts’ 2013 second-round draft pick gives the Dolphins five picks in the first three rounds of next year’s draft: Miami already had its own picks, plus the Bears’ third-round pick in the Brandon Marshall trade.

The Colts, on the other hand, are already down at least two, and possibly four, picks in next year’s draft. In addition to the second-round pick for Davis, the Colts have shipped their fifth-round pick to San Francisco, as part of this year’s draft-day trade that allowed the Colts to move up and pick receiver T.Y. Hilton. And the Colts could lose both their sixth-round pick (conditionally a part of the Davis trade) and their seventh-round pick (conditionally a part of their trade earlier this month with the Eagles).

Trading away picks for players who can help the team win now is a surprisingly aggressive strategy for the Colts, who had the worst record in the league last year. Deciding to build for the future is an understandable strategy for the Dolphins, who weren’t much better. The biggest question in Miami is whether the man making those trades for the future, G.M. Jeff Ireland, will be around to use those picks he’s acquiring.

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  1. It’s not just picks that Miami is stockpiling. Take a look at their expiring contracts as of the end of this season. They are going to have a metric ton of cap space. Full-on rebuild.

  2. Ireland isn’t going anywhere. He’s doing exactly what he should be doing. Most GMs would be compounding the mistake by now and not admitting a mistake.

  3. What good are trading picks when the person in charge of making the picks has failed for 5 years already?!?!

    This is the definition of insanity.

  4. I guess we’re looking at the next 0-16 team. Doesn’t matter how many picks they get, they still don’t know how to draft. The phones could of had Russell Wilson but they chose tannehill who one was a QB for one year in college.

  5. Nobody is more in favor of stocking up draft picks than me. And I’m also glad to see that the front office isn’t delusional in thinking that the Dolphins are “close”, a-la the Wannie years.

    But here’s what worries me. Since 2006, the Dolphins have traded away contributing veterans for second round picks and each time, the Dolphins used the 2nd rounder they acquired on a dud.

    2006- Traded Wes Welker, used pick to take Samson Satele.

    2007- Traded Chris Chambers, used pick to take Chad Henne

    2009- Traded Jason Taylor, used pick to take Pat White.

    Just like the Vontae trade, at the time of all 3 trades, each was totally defensible (even the Welker trade, although trading him to NE was not the smartest move).

    I can’t blame Ireland for the Satele pick (thank you Cam & Randy), but he was involved in the Henne and White picks (thank you Bill Parcells).

    And lets’s face it, there’s a 30 year stink hovering over the Dolphins draft room.

    So while trading Vontae was a move I like a lot (trading a back-up who won’t be re-signed next year, for a mid to high 2nd is definitely getting good value and shows there thinking long), and the draft just became much more exciting (plus it’ll be a lot of fun cheering against the Colts this year); I am extremely concerned about the guys making the very valuable pick we just got.

  6. I think we could all learn a lot from the hopeless optimism of off-season Dolphins fans. Yes, of course trading your first round pick from 3 years ago for a 2nd round pick is a great move. I don’t know why more GMs don’t consider trading their young talent for depreciated draft picks.

  7. I think the trend is clear, now! Philbin isn’t making allot of money. Neither is his staff. We have cut two players with football talent who have big salaries. Our contract status is one where we can walk away from half the team next year. The “sellout seating capacity” was reduced so that the team doesn’t have to pay as much when they buy back seats so that they can broadcast the games. The Dolphins are a team who can make a profit without huge attendance.

    The team has made the draft pick of Tannehill to energize some of the naive fans. They have hired radio hosts and ex-Dolphins to pump up the weekly marketing scheme. Next. we will see them market packages to our fans and the fans from the opposing teams. It is always good to see your team win on the road in Miami during the cold part of the year. This will be a 5 and 11 season with a high draft pick that compliments the picks we have stocked up on, so don’t be surprised if we trade down for more picks because we draft cheap players not good ones.

    It is all about making money – not winning!

  8. Patskrieg- that is called Value! V. Davis was demoted to non-starter Nickelback. Tell me… What are the Pats getting for all their bust draft picks? Especially on Defense. EVERY person who knows football says this was a great move for the Fins.. Stockpiles of Cap money and Early Draft picks helps the rebuilding cause.. We will own the AFCE in just 2 years and battle it out with the Bills. The Pats have 1 year left of easy ride ( may not be so easy with Brady in the turf) after that the freefall begins! See you on the way up. Go Fins

  9. It’s not necessarily the move itself that has people disgusted. On the surface it makes sense because Davis is simply not a dominant player. However, Ireland’s track record is garbage. The Dolphins have the second worse salary cap situation in the NFL and the team has virtually ZERO talent, so it’s more than reasonable to expect his draft picks will continue to be worthless. He’s also a weasel and people know it. It’s obvious to everyone on earth that the Dolphins are rebuilding, yet he continues to say they’re playing for now. That just makes him disingenuous. They’re not selling tickets now, so why not tell your fans the truth. Wouldn’t that take the pressure off? If you tell people you’re trying to win now and continue to field a team that’s not even competitive, you’re either a liar, incompetent or both. Does anyone watching Hard Knocks or their three pre-season games think this team is competing this year? They’ll be lucky to win four games.

    This team is doomed as long as Ross owns it and Ireland is GM.

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