Eric Decker moves toward a breakout year

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With quarterback Peyton Manning throwing the passes and cornerback Champ Bailey providing the in-practice coverage, third-year receiver Eric Decker is poised to have a breakout season.

He joined PFT Live a day after catching two touchdown passes from Manning in the first quarter of Sunday’s preseason game against the 49ers.

For Decker’s views on the improvement of Peyton Manning, the performance of replacement officials, and whether he’d prefer a hit to the head or a hit to the knee (like the one he got against the Steelers in the playoffs), hit the triangle inside the square.

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15 responses to “Eric Decker moves toward a breakout year

  1. Eric Decker should be one of the top receivers in the NFL this year assuming both he and Manning stay healthy. He was a stud at the University of MN and has been very good as a pro. Now is his time with a little help from Manning. The paydirt will now be known as PayDeck, and a lot of it at that!

  2. Its possible he could have as good of a year as Jordy Nelson did last year. That defined breakout for me.

  3. He’s going to be lost after week 8, the inevitable time period where Manning’s throws/arm/neck/knee start to act up and bother him.

    Manning will have more INTs than TDs this year. Get ready CBs, jump them routes and you’ll have his number until it’s retired in the HoF.

  4. for some reason, university of minnesota games were always televised in the philadelphia area. this guy dominated every game i watched. he played well last year with tebow and with peyton manning now throwing him the ball hes going to be a top tier wr. ill put money on it

  5. Decker is gonna have a ton of catches as long as Manning stays healthy…in Indy Manning loved Collie over the middle and thats what Decker can do run the short to medium routes as well as anyone…i say D. Thomas will be the deep threat as long as Manning can throw it that deep

  6. Demaryius Thomas gets all the hype so it’s good to see Decker finally getting some notice.

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