Jake Long leaves Dolphins practice with leg injury

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As if the Dolphins didn’t have enough problems, one of their best players left practice with an undisclosed leg injury.

Left tackle Jake Long was pass-protecting when he went down in a heap. He stayed on the turf for a few minutes, before trainers moved him to a cart, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

They also took the brace off Long’s right knee, and worked on his right leg. He eventually walked into the team facility under his own power.

Long’s made four Pro Bowls in five years, and it’s easy to make the case he’s the best player they have. With rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill set to start, protecting him is at a premium, and taking Long out for any time makes that difficult at a time when they have holes in other spots along the line.

If he was out any amount of time, they’d likely shift rookie Jonathan Martin from right tackle to left, and he’s had an up and down camp as well.

6 responses to “Jake Long leaves Dolphins practice with leg injury

  1. Maybe the Dolphins can trade Jake for a 1st Round draft pick. Long can follow Vontae Davis to the Colts, or maybe go to the Redskins or Lions. He needs to go to a team that actually has a future. Floundering around in Miami is not gonna result in anything positive.

    I’m a lifelong Dolphins fan, but they are a joke. It’s so hard to root for them sometimes.

  2. True fans don’t flounder no matter how long their team has struggled. Ask Pittsburgh Pirates’ fans or Cleveland about true fandom.

    Get well soon Jake! Let’s Go Miami!!!

  3. I think Jake’s strengths don’t match up with what the Phins are trying to do with the ZBS. He’s a mauler, without much mobility. Miami should think about trading Jake if they get a good offer for him (2nd rounder or higher).

  4. Jake Long has made 5 pro bowls. He missed the game last year due to injury and was replaced on the squad. What is with the general distain for the Dolphons on this site???

  5. not the end of the world dolphin fans.. should be excited..marshall/ carroll will void your CB worses. plus you guyes are stacked at o line.. if Long is healthy.. Reggie, Daniel Thomas, and Von Miller will literally carry you guyes to the playoffs

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