Jets likely will have Jason Smith for one year only

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How disappointed were the Jets in right tackle Wayne Hunter?  Sufficiently disappointed to send him to St. Louis for an equally disappointing second overall pick in the draft, who also plays tackle.

By swapping Hunter for Jason Smith, the Jets actually will shell out more money.  Smith reworked his rookie deal earlier this year to reduce his salary to $4 million, fully guaranteed.  Hunter, on the other hand, is due to make only $2.45 million, also fully guaranteed.

But while the Rams can keep Hunter around for 2013 (and 2015) if he overachieves in his new surroundings, the Jets have Smith for only one season, barring an extension.

Smith is due to receive a roster bonus of $11.25 million on the first day of the league year.  The entire 2013 year voids if he participates in 31 percent of the snaps.  As a source with knowledge of the contract explained the deal to PFT, the 2013 year will be gone one way or another, and the franchise tag can’t be used on Smith next season.

So if he plays well, he’ll hit the open market.  If he doesn’t, the Jets won’t want to keep him around.

They definitely didn’t want to keep Hunter around.  The fact that they finally moved him now underscores their failure to have a better plan at the right tackle position in the offseason.

11 responses to “Jets likely will have Jason Smith for one year only

  1. This is amusing. Get rid of one failure, and bring in yet another. Only thing is, this one will cost them even more. Lol, 11 million roster bonus? Too funny, WTG J-E-T-S!!!! Lmao

  2. I haven’t said this in a while but Kudos to Tannenbaum. I know its like trading in one old car for another, but Hunter was not only useless he was a distinct liability for the Jets.

    The fact that MT got ANYTHING more than a bag of footballs for him is highway robbery.

  3. Jets apologists: “they aren’t showing there hand, they are saving the playbook for the regular season, etc…” Doesn’t look good – I mean, will this team even make 8 wins?

  4. Does anyone else remember how this guy was suppose to be a lock to start for the next ten years when he was drafted? Safest pick in the draft the experts said. Yet shirtless Andre Smith was said to be a guaranteed bust! Andre got his act together and he’s weight down last year and has turned into the first round pick the bengals where expecting. So much for draft experts!

  5. Many years ago, the Dolphins traded RB, Sammy Smith to the Broncos for RB, Bobby Humphrey. Some beatwriter claimed that the trade was like trading, “The Mumps for the Measels”, well this trade smells of the very same thing.

  6. So you’re saying the Jets traded one terrible player for an equally terrible player at the same position, only it will cost them 10 times more than the first terrible player did? Mike Tannenbaum really knows his stuff huh

  7. To the people thinking that he’s going to get the $11 million dollar roster bonus next year-

    Please read the whole article. He’s never gonna see any of that money. All you guys see is “OMG! $11 Mil roster bonus. ROFL. Lemme think of a witty comment to insert.”

    NFL contracts are never what they seem

  8. People need to stop being so quick to criticize the Jets… Check your facts about the trade people. The Rams made up the difference in the salaries of Hunter and Smith by paying up 1.55 mil. And anyone who sees that upcoming 11 mil signing bonus for next year and thinks the Jets are going to pay that is an idiot, you clearly didn’t read this article correctly them.. He’s going to be cut long before that happens, hence the title of the article. Dogman9 is exactly right, its a miracle the Jets got anything in return for Wayne Huntet. Get a clue people…

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