Jets not interested in T.O.


Now that Terrell Owens is back on the market, the question becomes whether he’ll find a new home.

On one hand, the only team that was willing to put Owens on the 90-man roster didn’t want to make him one of the final 75.

On the other hand, Owens has shown that he can still get separation.

For now, no one seems interested.   The Dolphins apparently aren’t.  And the Jets aren’t either, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

It’s not a surprise.  The Ringling Bros. Ryan & Tebow Circus already has more than three rings.  Owens would simply add another.

Still, with injuries and ineffectiveness on multiple teams, shouldn’t T.O. at least draw some interest based on the tape he created in Seattle?

For more, here’s a snippet from today’s PFT Live.

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23 responses to “Jets not interested in T.O.

  1. They ought to be trying to sign any REAL WR that they can. Holmes is just a guy at this point, and Hill is rawer than most sushi right now. Jets fans CAN’T be pinning their hopes on that kid anytime soon.

  2. Why would the Jets want to sign a receiver that could help them? TO is better than any receiver they have now. And I am no big TO fan.

  3. the jets don’t need a receiver. I am a Jets fan, and I am hoping for a better quarterback situation. Right now it is silly to think of a receiver when you don’t have someone to throw them the ball. I mean come on, did you see Tebow throw that ball to that wide open receiver yesterday? it did hit him right in the chest. Unfortunately it was a man that paid for his seat in the stands.

  4. I had the misfortune of wasting time last night watching the Jets pathetic offense and if Mike Tannebum and Rex Ryan are too stupid to resign Plaxico Burress or sign any veteran wide receiver who can help the Jets win this season then after this 4-12 season they both should be fired. If they think the Jets are a playoff team with that garbage I saw last night then neither deserve to get a check.

  5. He just needs to knock off a little rust, the guy is a beast. Didnt care for him in Seattle and I dont believe that Jets aren’t interested, they’ve got NOBODY! And Sanchez needs a target like T.O, still waiting on this one

  6. Simple.

    The upside of unknown now outweighs the best case scenario you can get out of a guy like T.O. and there are zero opportunities left for these bums.

    Basically anyone under the age of 25 that you’re scouting department feels has room to grow is better than hoping a former star is mediocre or just below and doesn’t cause a problem.

  7. Simple…IF anyone is interested in TO (or any other veteran) why sign them now? Wait until after Week 1 and their salary is not guaranteed.

  8. teams know what TO is and what he can do. they dont need to use a roster spot on him going in to the last week of the preseason when they are still evaluating their second stringers. look for interest to materialize after final cuts, or possibly after week one when they would no longer need to guarantee his salary if he becomes a locker room cancer. no interest for this week, and possibly for another week.

  9. The Jets need a WR. I’m sure it wouldn’t cost them a lot of money to sign TO. He would be just another WR that Tebow won’t be completing a pass to anyway. Sanchez will be replaced by week 3!!!

  10. T.O. made a complete recovery from his AC injury. He still has the big time after burners to run deep and get free. Plus he goes over the middle better than most. He dropped passes due to rust and not enough reps. He still has the tools, if he doesn’t act like a tool he makes a team in week 2. Most teams need a solid 3 guy now, he’s one new team injury from making a roster. Pass the duct tape for his mouth.

  11. Badintent its not rust , TO has been one of the worst offenders for dropped passes for years. I can only guess but aside from his dropped passes his mouth was just as much to blame for him being cut as it has been in all his other stops.

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